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>learn to cook to impress the women and get a gf
>women now call me faggot when they find out I know how to cook

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they were btfo and resort to recycled insults from middle school
continue to reject the convenience of buying fast food and like items

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>>women now call me faggot when they find out I know how to cook
they are flirting by bullying
they want you to overpower them (playfully)

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this literally never happened

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probably this
but on the plus side, now you know how to cook, now you won't have to shart yourself with fast "food"

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being the one who cooks in the relationship is top cucked. you're working hard trying to make a delicious dish while she's in the couch watching TV and asking is it ready yet?
soon you'll be assigned with cleaning, washing the plates, washing clothes, ironing and many other stuff

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>Do thing in life
>People criticize you for it, make you feel like your efforts and achievements were wrong and punish you for even doing them

Sounds about right, people take pleasure in other people's suffering.

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This doesnt happen. I braise something and then she want slow and sensual anal. I make a reduction I get the suction. I boil stock, she wants the cock. And so on

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