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Well, I'd try it.

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why is this scary to me

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looks like some obvious plant parody lol

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I always thought amazon would be the kind of company to ban lorem ipsum for the internal graphic design. Either way its lazy and funny.

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>Phasellus malesuada facilisis dapibus.
>Nunc condimentum venenatis ante, sed ornare lectus porttitor a.
>Mauris iaculis euismod egestas.

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That's what you get for hiring Friday Next to make labels.

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How has graphic design not been solved at this point? It's literally just words fit in a given space, that sounds like the most formulaic shit imaginable.

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this person is more well respected than fucking you

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you mad?

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fuck that i want my mummies

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>How has "fit things into the given space" not been solved yet? It sounds easy.

It's a class of packing problem, which are relatively complex mathematically.

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nonummy nocry

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The fact that I can't see clearly into the box is really harshing my mellow

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Go post that on /gd/ I wanna see the pile on.

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I work in graphic design and you just wouldn't believe what a colossal pain in the ass it can be working with people who cannot make up their minds about their content or attempting to jam a wall of words onto a page only to say, "But this looks so plain. Can't we have some more graphics?" But truthfully I expect to be without a job in a few years and am planning accordingly. With all of the advances in AI all Adobe has to do is create some kind of brain dead interface a monkey could operate and nobody will need to hire a graphic designer anymore. They already provide templates and access to photos and such with their premium subscription.

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Good thing we have neural networks and excess computer time now so we can shortcut things like "solving" or "understanding" and we can just brute force it.