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How do i max out flavour when it comes to rye bread? I made a good batch lately but i was wondering if there are any obscure esoteric tricks to making them even better?

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did you use sourdough? what kind of oven did yo use? post recipe

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what is with the finnshit posting in /ck/?

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why do you have to get hostile for no reason, you sperg? either contribute to the thread or don't open it

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finnish food kino food

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I love rye bread but "genuine" rye bread is pretty fucking bland desu. Freshly baked with real butter on top is where it shines. Or just sweet rye breads. In other words, add a lot of unhealthy stuff in and on top of it.

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Liverwurst with onions on rye is mighty fine

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Yes, sourdough rye is fucking delicious freshly baked with a generous slab of butter, but turns into sawdust mixed with cardboard after a day. Still ok with a bunch of salt and fat on top though.

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Ostat sitä vaan kaupasta vitun homo

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If it's obscure and esoteric it's probably just a dogshit method that never gained popularity because it sucked?

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asia kunnossa

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