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has anyone ever made the spamburger from the front of the can? I've always thought it was so bizarre to use that as marketing material when most people just fry up a few slices.

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Maybe I'll do it later, no promises

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first time i ever had spam was that sandwich version on the can. my buddy brought some spam camping when we were in scouts and made everyone some. was awesome

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I just remembered more to this story. So when I got home I told my parents to get some spam from the store and when I made it, it just wasn't as good. Didn't eat it again for maybe 10 years but I always have a can now.
Food always tastes better when you're out camping

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Huh. I buy this stuff a lot but that never occurred to me actually
Will try it

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it looks fried in that picture. people make fried spam sandwhiches all the time.

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Bet that wasn't the only meat your buddy gave you during that scout camping trip.

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Pacific islanders, that's who makes something like that. They can't get enough of it

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I just eat it from the can. For whatever reason I find it doesn't taste as good when I try to make it into something.

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its simple food really

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i dont get it

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your mom does, nightly
>captcha related

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Having never lived through wartime rationing, famine nor any other form of societical collapse, I've never eaten anything that purports to be meat which was contained in a tin can.

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Spam, saltines, and cheese tastes like a slightly better lunchable for those seeking a nostalgia snack.

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one meat came out of a can, the other meat came in a can

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Spurgers are too fucking salty
When i make one, it's got to be the reduced sodium variety, no cheese
They are best done on a ridged cast iron griddle

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spurgers syndrome

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no, it was the scoutmaster that had his way with me

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you never have had canned tuna?

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>spam literally invented as a cheap and shelf-stable substitute for fresh meat
>check prices
>same cost as ground beef or turkey per ounce
What's the point?

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Storage, I would assume.
Also, it isn't spam, but I like corned beef in a can because I can slice it up and make super easy and lazy hamburgers. I like to slice up half of a can of spam and cook those pieces as an alternative to bacon or sausage, and with the other half, I make a bunch of little cubes and toss it into a big ass omelet. I also like to add shredded cheese because it tastes good and I'm pretty sure the sawdust makes it more filling.

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It used to be real cheap like ramen, until faggy millennials made them trendy

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the corned beef in a can costs half as much as spam and as long as you cook it till crispy is nice eating

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It's all the Koreans that moved here and eat it unironically almost daily because they grew up eating it. They realized they could gouge the slants and they would pay anyway.

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yeah it's clear the only meat you eat is tubesteak with cream of sum yunggai

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>you never have had canned tuna?
No, why would I? Canned food is for emergencies, feeding refugees and boy scout camp-outs.

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The only way I eat spam is sliced with a little color on it from a skillet for breakfast. I don't even salt my eggs when I eat this. I have thought about making the spamburger, but it seems like it would be way too salty. I know there is a way that Koreabros and Hawaiibros marinate it to pull salt out of it; a spamburger would probably be good after that process.

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OK, so that's wrong

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Nothing's wrong. Hence not eating survival foods!

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Canning is a form of cooking that happens to have a long shelf life
You're saying you don't eat a whole style of cooking because you're not in panic mode
That's pretty fucking dumb

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Prosessed food is muck, it has its uses in emergencies but it's basically poison. No reason whatsoever to eat it in a functional society.

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canned doesn't mean processed
Why would survival food be poisonous?

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Canned does mean processed, by definition and all processed food is shit. The shops are open every day and full of good quality fresh food. Only a literal fuckwit would eat muck from a tin when actual food is everywhere.

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I can and do can my own food, Anon
It's not processed at all

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you call it processing, i call it cooking
you have no leg to stand on, i am right, you are wrong

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Never seen that gem, only on this board, I don't think it's for sale in my country.

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I was gonna say, spam burgers are a staple in Hawaii.

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I recently learned you can boil it to reduce sodium.

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there aren't many foods that make my poos smell exactly like the food but when i eat spam the next day i always do at least one poo that smells exactly like spam and it makes me not want to eat spam but then i do

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yes. it's delicious.

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I kinda have but spam is gross when it's cut that thick so I just make a bunch of real thin slices and fry them.

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please identify the poison on this ingredient list

>inb4 Sodium Nitrate
If you genuinely think Sodium Nitrate is a poison at any reasonable level of consumption, you're a fucking retard and your opinion is invalid.

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>three uses of the spam logo in one image
yeah we get it, Spam shill

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>Prosessed food is muck
>it's basically poison
What do you mean by "processed" and "poison"?
Go back to facebook, there you can be around people who think like you

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>yeah we get it, Spam shill
To be fair, he is making more of an effort than most shills, and this IS /ck/ after all... and this thread is more than on-topic for his shilling...
And it's probably the weed talking, but a PB and Spam sounds pretty good right now. (It is legal where I live. The PB&S and the weed.)

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I put a can of spam on a pizza once. It was really good but I fuckin' felt it afterwards.

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