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>6am, in between bus transfers at the Indianapolis Greyhound station
>decide to grab a bite to eat at the “restaurant”
>looks like a typical deli
>unassuming chink lady behind the counter
>I ask the “polish sausage” for 5.99
>chink lady grabs a hot dog and bun out of the fridge and throws it in the microwave for 30 seconds
>mfw I just got fucking played hardcore

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thats what you get for being poor

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There’s no other food here other than vending machines, and I don’t take domestic flights anymore after having my bags rummaged through and valuable shit stolen by TSA niggers

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buy a car you bum

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>racist chud gets BTFO

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What “valuable shit”? My friend is flying multiple times a month with thousands of dollars in power tools and sometimes a game console, and he’s never had any issues. Also buy a car faggot.

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your father won't come back

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This is why you pack food for your trip beforehand

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you know you can just fly Spirit for about the same price, right? you might spend 12 hours in an airport on layover but it would still be faster than a fucking bus

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You had ample time to walk away but you didnt and now all the passerby watched you be totally diminished into a submissive beta male by an overworked deli counter woman at a bus station. You are sitting there and eating a hot dog that has been on heat rollers for 16 hours, and is, for all intents and purposes, mostly leather by now. You are the definition of a pushover and a broken man. Despite being in between transfers, ostensibly moving from place to place over long distances for work, no amount of grinding or money will ever raise you up to the level of normalcy that is not being a spineless blob of wasted flesh. Your parents and friends laugh at you behind your back, your colleagues scheme when you aren't around. Your very existence, by accepting that lazy excuse for a hot dog, much less polish sausage, is merit for immediate termination. All you had to do was walk away. Thats it.

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You are paying for access to hot food in at travel hub where there are no other options and It could have been 1:30AM instead of 6:00

$5.99 honestly isn't that bad. Yes I know you could buy an entire pack of hot dogs and buns for that price (which you will enjoy far more) but you're not at a grocery store and you don't have access to your own fridge and cooking implements

Nobody is making these judgements about other people at a Greyhound station. They are thinking "my ass hurts from sitting so much" and "god I cant wait to get there and go to bed"

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hot dog wrapped in a wet paper tower microwaved for 30 seconds is actually not bad.

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>go to store
>ask for a polish sausage
>guy behind the counter asks me if I’m polish
>tell him that’s racist
>I ask him him if I asked for potato salad would he ask me if I’m German?
>if I asked for a sushi roll would he ask if I’m Japanese?
>I asked him if I asked for a quesadilla would he ask me if I’m Mexican?
>if I asked for fish and chips would he ask me if I’m British?
>if I asked for a plate of poutine would he ask me if if I’m Canadian?
>I asked him if I asked for a bowl of wonton soup would he ask me if I’m Chinese?
>if I asked for borscht would he ask I’m Russian?
>he said no this is a hardware store

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I live with my parents and I financially manage the house or home.

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>Indianapolis Greyhound station
You deserve what you get.
You're lucky you didn't get rabies by getting bitten by a random drunk.
You have no business posting here, or anywhere.

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>LARPs as a sjw online
>I live with my parents
many such cases

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The restaurant at the Indianapolis Greyhound Station. Looks like anon is legitimate.

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How hard is it to check the account once a month to make sure the EBT and welfare deposit was made?

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>I live with my parents

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AA offered me a “free” check-in bag with my boarding pass and my carry on was bulky so I stuck it in there. It was a trick, when I arrived the TSA had opened all three of my bags, my $300 headphones were gone from one and two SSD hard drives from another. You do know that TSA steals shit all the time, right goy?
>Just drive yourself cross country for a 2 week trip
No lol, get fucked

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Based Norm Macdonald

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I do not know in what world taking the bus across the country is better than driving yourself. The greyhound stops like every hour at some shit hole small town then when it stops at a terminal in a major city you are there for an hour while all kinds of monkeys get off and on the bus. Then heaven help you when you need to make a transfer at a terminal because a bus terminal in any city is always in the shittiest part of town and the bus is always late as fuck, so you are lucky if you even make your connection.

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I ate pic related at a starbucks one time during a layover and they just unwrap a frozen sandwhich and toss it in the microwave. I've never been to starbucks before and will never go back.

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Drunk ass

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Does your mom buy your vegan tendies prepackaged or does she crumb them herself?
>tfw live right on the outskirts of my city with everything in close proximity next to a train station
feels good not having to pay registration, or for a license, or maintenance.

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>I live with my parents
Shut up faggotor 9000, this is an adult thread

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Never traveled by bus, but I did have a better experience with the train (DC to Boston and back).
Food was fucking awful though.

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>White Castle a block away

Your own fault for not using Google Maps.

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lmao get fucked dumbass

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Yeah man, I hate riding the dog. Shit sucks and it's the only place I use an N95. It's best practice to bring enough sardines and protein bars, along with canned seltzer to last the trip. I now pay the Scamtrak tax to travel and rent a motorcycle from there.

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Most passengers just bring Caribbean sloppa from a bodega hot bar into their coach class rail cars.

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>sardines and protein bars, along with canned seltzer
We don't share the same tastes.
Glad it works for you.

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I took the Amtrak from Schenectady, NY to Bryan, OH. It was like sitting on a washing machine for 12 hours surrounded by drug addicts, minorities, and crying children. Worst travel experience of my life. Never again.

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>eating canned fish on a bus
So incredibly cringe that it wraps back around to being based. Jesus Mary and Joseph.

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>Worst travel experience of my life.
...and then you wind up in Ohio.
FUCK, I'd rather kill myself.
>like sitting on a washing machine for 12 hours
A LOT of women would pay good money for that experience.

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its a black thing, you wouldnt understand with your racist ass mind.

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>spells Synecdoche as 'schenectady'
>complains about drug addictsvand children
>doesn't see himself as the problem

Ohh arrogant humanity.

>> No.19316924

>spells Synecdoche as 'schenectady'
>complains about drug addicts and children
>doesn't see himself as the problem

Ohh arrogant humanity.

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Nah, I'm enteral European. I just simply eat what fits my macros.

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Go fuck yourself, poorfag incel.

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