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What's this guys problem?

>> No.19314072

>no signs
>no menu
>no cook
>no food

>> No.19314078

If he's cooking food, he's a cook.

>> No.19314094

>he's not a cook because...BECAUSE HE JUST ISN'T OK!!!!

>> No.19314102

Lmao imagine how cucked of a faggot you need to be to be lining up to that kind of place

>> No.19314103

If you watch the video he's only heating up the food, someone else does the cooking.

>> No.19314105


>Nooooo! Heating up food isn't cooking because...BECAUSE IT JUST ISNT OK!!!

>> No.19314150

It's all in the seasoning. The food itself is meh, but he has a secret spice, little blue crystals, and it's to die for.

>> No.19314162

oh my god how MYSTERIOUS now i really want to see the video!!!

>> No.19314168

yeah how can anyone eat food without there being epic advertising signs to keep my interest and remind me that I'm hungry, I would lose interest so fast and just go back to hunting pokemon

>> No.19314174

>No signs
>No menu
>Not even a cook
>Not even serving food
>People will wait in line for anything

>> No.19314193

100% this is a drug business and the cooking is a front which is why he just throws shit on the grill and serve it if anyone asks for food

>> No.19314276

Reheating pre-cooked food is not cooking, it's reheating.

>> No.19314287

> t. never worked in a kitchen
How do you think they serve you a slow cooked roast in 10 mins anon?

>> No.19314290


>it's not cooking because... BECAUSE IT JUST ISN'T OK!!!!!

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