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And is there a reliable sniffer glass I can use for all digestifs, aperitifs, sherries, ports, etc.? I don't want to be uncultured and use the wrong glass but I don't want to buy a glass for every drink as well.

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> uncultured
you already lost anon

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Pour it through a pair of my fourteen year old sister's unwashed panties.

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A universal wine glass is fine. I rate Gabriel Glasses personally.

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no i am not a 62 year old british woman with an emotionally distant husband

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isaac asimov said the glass doesn't matter, don't you want to seem in the know?

that's px sherry though, avoid

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Sherry is a top tier drink to get into. You're thinking of low-tier cream sherry.

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It's current year, chud. We drink amontillado at the barcade after dropping off the furbabies at the doggy day care. Are there really this many fascists on /ck/? Jerez fortified wines don't owe you residual sugar!

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get a short glass with thin walls, you want the sherry to be warmed by your hand so you can really smell it. Unlike wine where you want it relatively cool and therefor drink from a long stemmed glass. Or some such bullshit, I made all that up.

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>you want the sherry to be warmed by your hand so you can really smell it

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Fairbanks Sherry, about $6-7 at your nearest Vons or other Safeway-related stores. I honestly don't know sherry but I did like this stuff. I've heard Bristol Cream is good.

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the sugar content is dense and is aided by being poured into a warm glass while the spirit is room temp. the alcohol will evaporate faster but you wont have to wait the better part of 3-4 hours for the whole thing to unravel with natural oxidation.

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>not drinking bio sherry

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