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I've got some to try tonight. Any tips to make it better? I've got some fresh kimchi that I'll add to it.

Also, instant noodle general.

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this one is better

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It's nice, but there are some better kimchi ones (from korean companies)

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Can you show me which ones?

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I really liked pic rel, they included a bag with actual kimchi

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For me its instant yakisoba.

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My favorite ramen. And the best kimchi flavored ramen i tested so far. Bonus points because it had some dried vegetables in it which YumYum and Nissin didnt. Nissin was good too but i cant find it anymore in stores or internet.

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my favorite nongshim flavor
neat, but at that price point why not just buy a small jar of kimchi to throw into any old noodles many more times?

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