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is adding pasta water a meme? my pasta water is salted to cook my pasta, cheese is already salty enough. adding salty pasta water makes my pasta wayyyy too salty.

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The starchy water thickens or loosens the sauce depending how much you use.

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Yes, it's a meme. Just add starch or arrowroot to the sauce so you don't add even more salt and flavourless thin water.

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I don't know what you mean by "meme", but no.

Ingredients are not memes. Cooking tips are not memes. Recipes are not memes.

All of this has been going on for millennia and there's nothing new under the sun. Adding pasta water to sauces has been around for fucking EVER. So, NO, it's NOT a MEME!!

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just use less salt when boiling duh

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then pasta is not salted correctly

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So add less salt to the water???

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then pasta is not salted correctly

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You can do like a 50/50 pasta and regular water then.

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Put less salt in the sauce retard

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Nigger you're adding the pasta to the sauce. Adding less salt to the pasta water, then adding salty pasta water to the sauce, is the same as adding more salt to the pasta water and withholding the pasta water. And how salty is your fucking pasta water that it makes a noticeable difference in how salty your sauce is? Are you just retarded?

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It depends on what you're making. If you're just using canned marinara or a pre-made sauce, don't do it.

If you're not, then you probably should to help thicken whatever sauce you're making, unless you don't want to for some specific reason.

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when you boil pasta in salty water, the salt penetrates into the pasta along with the water.

if you undersalt your pasta, and add salty water later, then you have undersalted pasta.

Do you even know how to cook?

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how to make spaghetti:
boil water
put spaghetti in
when spaghetti is done, strain
put the noodles back in the pot
open a plastic jar of Ragu Old World Style
pour it on top of the noodles
zero pasta water required

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that means your sauce is too salty. what the fuck do you use?
also it's roughly 10 grams of salt per 1L of water to boil pasta

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And like 1 mg starch per liter. So just add some actual starch.

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The heat of the water cooks the sauce

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you get the starch from the bronze pasta. stop buying barilla, retard

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>Ingredients are not memes. Cooking tips are not memes. Recipes are not memes.
they literally are though. and you're falling for them.

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I get starch from the package that says starch. And the best part is that it comes without salt and water.

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If it's too salty when you add the water you're probably putting too much salt in the water in the first place

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i salt the water correctly to have pasta that's not bland. but its too salty to add to the sauce.

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Salty pasta water is a meme. I never salt my pasta water and it turns out fine.

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>being a literal tastelet

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I make my own pasta and add salt to the dough. Suck it, Italy.

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>comparing fresh pasta with dried

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If Italians knew how to make pasta we'd have salt in the dried pasta and OP wouldn't be stressing over salting his water.

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Technically those are memes, in the traditional sense

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Jesus Christ you dumb nigger, add less salt to the sauce and adjust at the end fucking hell how do people like you even survive

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