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This thread is for discussing teas, tisanes, and other herbal infusions.
info: types of tea, where to get tea, how to brew tea
Previous thread: >>19273598

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Thanks for making a new thread but please wait untill the previous thread hits bump limit (308 posts) making new thread early and then the old one getting bumped tends to make the mods delete the threads

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ok I'll wait next time. thanks for bumping previous thread

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Are thr fucking Japanese senchas up for sale yet? The standard ones? Also when will yunnansourcing.us get spring looseleaf teas in?

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o-cha has a lot in stock already. they're under "shincha", but some of them are just their usual sencha stock

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>they're under "shincha", but some of them are just their usual sencha stock
Oh nice, that's why i could find any, thanks

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how do you guys clean this part?

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Get a soft bristle bottle brush, asl long as its not raw clay you can fill the teapot with 50/50 white vinegar and boiling water and let it soak for a few hours or overnight and then rise thoroughly

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>tea lore
lesbians love puer and it makes them violent.

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I got the expensive ceremonial matcha from o-cha.

Tips on doing koicha matcha?

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Any questions on this order?

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Let us know what you think of the samples

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Mang Fei Mountain Ripe Pu-erh Tea Mini Tuo: Has been the "brightest" so far. after four 6+ minute steepings there are still no hints of bitterness/ astringency at all.(i have no problem bitterness/astringency") thick liquor. Rich tasting. deep profile, not one dimensional. (this one stands out the most so far, because of the lack of astringency)

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Also, very sweet, and smooth.

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2022 Yunnan Sourcing "suan Zao shu" old arbor black tea: It is tasty. Deep full profile. Lots of bitterness/astringency after a 4+ minute steep. It is fine if you drink it with milk/ evaportated milk like i do or a la HK style milk tea. But compared to the typical HK tea blends or 100% ceylon tea, it is a lot more flavorful.

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drinking super concentrated for 20+ plus years with milk and/or grandpa style, i have no idea how its possible to drink tea with 1 minute steeps.

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milk is gross

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This is true.

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It is not.

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it is.

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>my favorite tea is out of stock permanently

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just finished my V93 tuo
how would a 7572 compare to this? thinking of finally ordering a cake

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>drink half a litre of yerba mate to wake up for boxing match
>they rob my boy Lomachenko
damn I'm angry now

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Fresh mint getting out of the soil in the garden already, using my cheap gunpowder tea with it it's nice.

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What's your favorite tea?

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You don't need to "clean" your teapot just hot water and a straw brush is enough if something is stuck in the holes.

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I've been drinking shincha from o-cha, I ordered-
Shizuoka Mio (medium steamed)
Shizuoka Sayamakaori (medium steamed)
Uji Aoi (light steamed)
Kagoshima Yutaka Midori (deep steamed)
I'm drinking the Sayamakaori right now, they've all been pretty good and are frankly decently close in terms of enjoyment, I would happily buy all of these teas again. The Sayamakaori is fairly roughly processed, and I think part of that comes through in the cup, it lacks the sweetness of the other medium steamed tea, the Mio from Shizuoka. So far I prefer both to the deeper steamed tea, but the recurring theme is that these teas respond strongly to very small changes in brewing parameters. To really give a detailed review, I would want to brew each of these much more than I have so far. I've had 1-3 pots of each, and I really think the Yutaka Midori and the Aoi would benefit a lot from being dialed in. Initial opinions for brewing is that water quality is critical, find a source of high quality water or don't bother. In my personal experience these teas all benefit from slightly harder water than puerh, they're more at a risk of developing unpleasant "leafy" notes which overwhelm the tea than losing some fragrance from using water that's too hard. I don't really know how to describe the taste of tea that's been brewed with water that's too soft, but it's unpleasant and fairly consistent across teas. One of these brewed with straight distilled water would be a good benchmark if you want to learn to recognize that flavor. Temperature is also fairly crucial here, I feel comfortable skipping a preheat step with puerh if I'm feeling lazy, but here it's a mistake to start with a cold teapot, especially if it's fairly thick walled. You really want to be within a few degrees of your ideal brew temperature for at least the first pot, 75-80 degrees is a noticeable change. The third brew I don't feel too strongly about, I've had good luck anywhere from 70-100 degrees.

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One of the things I will try next pushing the first brew temperature cooler, I started brewing with o-cha's included notes which I thought were actually pretty good, I'm used to ignoring brewing advice from vendors. So far if I had to buy only one of these, the Shizuoka Mio is the one that I'm enjoying the most. I'll try to remember to post more detailed notes as I drink through these, usually I write them down and then forget about them. I would tentatively not recommend 80 degrees as the general pastebin sencha brewing temperature, I think you run more risk of brewing too hot and too long than too short and too cool. I might drop it to 75, but I'm not certain of this yet.

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what book?

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Just a glossary

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nice, do post the reviews once you try them more. I have an order of Saemidori, Yutaka Midori and Chiran Sencha. only tried the Saemidori so far, it's nice, a thick unripe banana and spinach smoothie kind of experience
I do find that sencha can be a little finnicky to brew as well, I like to start with 70 degrees in the first two brews just to be safe and ramp it up for the next two

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I've been on a deep dive into Amazon Puerh to see if anything of decent quality.

People are saying TaeTea is one of the few on Amazon of decent quality for the price.

Anyone have any experience with this company?

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neat, thanks

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>just finished my V93 tuo

How did it taste?

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>does anyone have any experience with TaeTea/Dayi, the most well known puerh tea factory in china?
yeah 7572 is great, here is the same cake but cheaper from fullchea if you want to check if shipping is cheaper: https://www.fullchea-tea.com/2012-yr-menghai-dayi-classic-7572-ripe-puerh-100-quality-guarantee-taetea-chinese-puer-tea-for-gift-packing-150g-pc37-aged-puerh-best-organic-tea-p0140.html
it dosent mention the age in the pic you posted also so it might be less aged

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I wish there was a curated list of reliably sourced Puerh teas on Amazon that we can trust.

The puerh business just seems kinda sketchy since it's fairly a niche market for westerners.

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theres a curated list of stores that are reliable, stop using amazon for fucks sake

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>orders from China
>$10 shipping
>takes a month to arrive

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you pay a gushu cake a year for "free" shipping

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yeah they're one of the manufacturers that created ripe pu-erh in the 1970s, so they know what they're doing. anything you buy from them should be at least decent
a bit more roasty than I personally prefer, but its nice if I brew it a bit lighter. very doughy flavor, a little creamy-vanilla, a little woody. good aroma. not my favorite ripe, but well worth a try if you see it under 10$, it's a fun little tuo and a great reference point because of its popularity. I had the 2018 version

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>People are saying TaeTea is one of the few on Amazon of decent quality for the price.
I think this is a little inaccurate. They're just official and first party retailing on Amazon. There are lots of other retailers on Amazon, but because they aren't a massive factory putting their name on the line, theyre much harder to trust. They might be nobodies. They might be just sketchy opportunists. They might be genuine small-scale puerh farmers. It's hard to be certain. Maybe they're selling the cheapest, shittiest product they can find and selling it as moderately expensive Ban Zhang, which might feel like a steal with Prime shipping.
Honestly DaYi is a bit overpriced, but what you pay for (on Amazon via TaeTea) is peace of mind that you're buying a genuine article, or at least a very high likelihood you are.
It's sketchy and somewhat niche in China, too. It's a difficult market to navigate. This is sometimes referred to as the jianghu of tea.
This is honestly the best advice.

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I spotted a percolator teapot while looking for puerh videos. It's neat. I'm 99% sure this is shou puerh. I'm not sure what percolating would benefit over a regular ol' teapot. It certainly looked nice.

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On second thought, I forgot that boiling various hei cha is a pretty common thing. I imagine this is used for that.

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Any recommendations for stores in the Netherlands?

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https://togo.moychay.nl/ and hotsoup are the main ones, though i think moychay has more interesting and better priced teas than hotsoup
a little jealous that you have good physical teastores there

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It definitely looks very pretty.

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Yeah i wouldnt use amazon. they probably just leave the tea cake lying around randomly

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Found on a video about brewing black tea.

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a link would be nice

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Turn your volume down and prepare to be disappointed.

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I found an extremely cursed video about pu-erh in my native language. well, rather it lumps in pu-erh with oolong in one category as "red tea" for some reason. it's a 2000s broadcast from some tv station, featuring a fairly well known jazz musician and some guy from Ahmad Tea for some reason (I'm pretty sure they make neither pu-erh nor oolong)

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i can smell your brown skin a mile away
(not to say milk is good in tea, but thats a completely different conversation)

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Sounds good

>> No.19298686

7572 is more caramel and less of that burnt Belgian waffle vibe

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kek amazing

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>read brewing guide in pasta
>>Add some hot water to your teapot or mug to pre heat it. Dump the water out after a few seconds.
do you guys really do this? does this really matter?

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Yeah i do it, it makes a difference with big heavy mugs, heat em up first and they stay warmer longer and brew the tea at a higher temperature. You don't have to do it and i usually just use an inch or two of water and leave it for 10 seconds wile i grab the tea to pour.

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I have many different sized soft bottle brushes.

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its pretty good. theres definitely a big flavor. definitely great for gong fu style or milk tea.

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blessed krishna, mayor of ireland is brown, UK PM is brown, london mayor is brown. maybe its time you start adding yogurt to your tea

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I'm not the anon you're responding to but thanks for making me almost spit my drink out.

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i have soft bristle brushes but the channel to get to the side of the wall facing the exterior is not completely straight, so i can't really get to any grime that has accumulated there. i will try the vinegar thing though

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If you use an electric tea kettle you may as well descale it at the same time.

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Thread theme

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That's not mongolian throat singing, anon!

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I live and work in a college town with a famous womens school, needless to say there are a lot of lesbians around. Recently a tea shop opened up downtown that has an wide selection of Chinese teas, including puer.... The effects on the lesbian community have been devastating. Police have been called to deal with domestic violence issues at the college weekly since the tea shop opened, and that's just in the dorms. The surrounding student apartments are apparently having several calls a week. I have a friend who works as a mental heath councilor at the school and she is beside herself, she says she has never seen anything like this in over a deade of counciling. Again and again, those involved were drinking puer tea. She had a student come in yesterday, looking disheveled, she just looked at her and asked "puer?" The student nodded her head and they cried together.
Something must be done about this.

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What are they putting in the tea?

>> No.19299387

> Recently a tea shop opened up downtown that has an wide selection of Chinese teas
Immersion breaking

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I made some cheap milk oolong in my porcelain teapot and now it reeks of the fake milk flavor. Everything I brew in it tastes like milk oolong now matter how many times I scrub it out with soap and water. What's the best way to get the smell out?

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just throw it away, it's fucking over

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it probably doesnt actually smell or taste like that. i sometimes start hallucinating tastes in my tea whenever i pair it with another taste i dont like and ive done this multiple times and it takes forever for me to stop hallucinating this taste. the worst time was when it happened with parsley because i was eating soup with parsley in it while drinking my ceylon and it was so bad i just had to stop drinking tea for like a week until i stopped hallucinating the taste. im not schizophrenic by the way. so maybe just wait a little while and see if it goes away is what i am saying.

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another time it happened with this specific brand of oatmeal cookies and you see i used to eat just one occasionally with my tea from time to time but one day i felt like eating two but that one extra was too much for me and made me feel incredibly sick and that weird buttery taste i could not stop tasting in my tea for a very long time and it just made me sick everytime i tasted my tea

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i havent eaten those cookies since im just letting you know and i dont suggest you try them they used to be pretty good before that incident but i dont want that to happen to anyone else because it was very awful and ruined not only my day but my week.

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Sodium hypochlorite

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Is this supposed to taste bad

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yeah you want the authentic chinese ones with sugar

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>this picture is image

>> No.19300418

You want to test it? 100c for 15 minutes if it's bitter it's shit have fun trying.
Matcha? chinese? Anon...

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low quality matcha in teabags? Yeah I can't imagine it tastes gooe

>> No.19300457

Thanks, that does sound more like something I'd enjoy. A bit like Haiwan 9978

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Which part is confusing you?

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You had me for a second lol.

I applaud you for the effort you put into this.

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What kind of tea is this?

>> No.19300732

More than likely some kind of black. Is that Zelensky? If it is, he'd likely have terrible taste in tea considering he was 15 when east slavic tea culture went to shit from the crop failures in georgia combined with those countries really losing buying power. It might even be some lipton crap.

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Citric acid soak, 50/50 water and viegar soak, dilute bleach solution soak (do not use scented or thickened bleach)

>> No.19300875

I just tried my 7572 that arrived yesterday and it reminded me of a grocery store bought gunpowder tea. Am I doing it wrong?

It's not bad, just not exactly what I was expecting

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>> No.19300900

how did you brew it? maybe let it rest for a week or 2 also

>> No.19300925

Broke a small piece off, into gaiwan ~95c quick rinse and then steeped for maybe 1 min. 2nd steep 30s or so

>> No.19300926

I mean yeah you are gonna get some hints of smoke, maybe a bit of gunpowder roughness, but you should be getting a lot more tea flavor as well, play around with brewing parameters a bit, raw usually steeps for much less time then ripes, last 7542 i had was pretty sweet with dried plum notes

>> No.19300934

Cut those brews down, 15-20 second quick rinse, then brew for 20 seconds, then brew for 25 seconds, then add longer perids of time when you notice it getting weaker

>> No.19300972

Even 20 seconds is probably too long, start out with 10 seconds abd adjust upward to taste. .5g of tea per 10ml of gaiwan, actually measure your gaiwan if you have a small measuring cup, don't go by the size it was sold as.
Also with raw when the tea is in a big hard chunk it brews slowly but then when the chunk opens up it brews much faster, as you drink more you will get a feel for how dense different teas are, and get used to keeping an eye on the chunk so when it opens up you can keep that brew real short.
So say you are brewing one hard chunk of tea, that first brew might go 20-30 seconds, say you are brewing some very loose tea that falls apart just putting it in the giwan or the secind you add hot water, the first brew for that might only be 5 seconds.

>> No.19301005

Thanks for the tips /tea/m, I'll report back in a few days

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for the past few months I've been keeping my tea in a cupboard and the humidity ranges from around 68-78 and the temp has been ~65f - 55f. I don't really care about "aging" my tea, does anyone know if these storage conditions fine for maintianing my tea, or is it likely to fuck up and get moldy or something. I usually keep some windows open in my house that might help with airflow?

>> No.19301101

>humidity ranges from around 68-78 and the temp has been ~65f - 55f.
Yeah that works fine

>> No.19301146

Consider me a little skeptical of your indoor RH being around 68-78. How are you measuring?
Those values are very high for those low temps, there must be significant mold risk.

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File: 937 KB, 3468x4624, tmep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cool, thanks
sometimes it get lower, down to 60 at a min id say. If I boil pasta it might get up to like 85/ It seems like it really depends on the weather too, I don't have AC or anything like that/
My measuring methods arent the best ill say, I just have a cheap hydrometer in the cupboard and periodically check it/take a pic. I have a few more around the house too and they all seem to be within a similar range. I was contemplating making a spreadsheet and recording the temp and RH a little more consistently, if it is a mold risk maybe ill do that and keep better notes

>> No.19301264

As long as it mostly stays above 50% and below 85% is fine, the only thing you have to look out for is wide temperature swings between day and night causing the tea to hit the dewpoint and get wet, it's pretty unlikely to happen in a regular living space.

>> No.19301563

ok cool thanks, I dont get any of that dew point stuff so I wont worry abojt it too much

>> No.19301630

Yeah that's typically only an issue if you store yoyr tea in a weird place like an unfinished basement or an attic or something, which you probably shouldn't do anyway

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would buying this orange ripe from Awazon be a good idea?

>> No.19302144

Looks like it's mixed with milk so it doesn't really matter. It's probably any generic bongistani style black tea.

>> No.19302196

Absolutely. Do it and report back.

>> No.19302499

Yeah fuck it its cheap enough, just dont blind buy a kilo of them

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File: 2.34 MB, 2056x1542, 537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What am I in for?

>> No.19303411

About to learn where the bar lies on ripes
If anything is worse than it, it's subpar, if anything is better than it, it's quality.

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File: 1.29 MB, 1058x1411, 1684820577644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Drink more liubao

>> No.19303775

I've seen someone say that 7692 is his favorite big leaf Dayi ripe, so hopefully you're in for a good time

>> No.19304188

My FarmerLeaf order will be home in the coming days i can't wait. About 2 weeks to arrive pretty average it's nice.

>> No.19304359

Supposedly TaeTea is the only truly decent puerh tea company on Amazon.

I just ordered me some 7572 cake last night.

>> No.19304380


Their quality better be good because they are very expensive for how little you get.

>> No.19304388

Which tea do you think is really expensive for the quantity you get?

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File: 2.83 MB, 3072x4080, PXL_20230523_135359678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Went to the Asian market in Jersey City and picked up this jar of Yingde black. I thought I had to go online for good tea but honestly this shit is pretty gourmet.

>> No.19304414

How much did you pay? Picture of the tea soup?

>> No.19304436

Is that the contrainer you bought the tea in?

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File: 1.02 MB, 968x1287, Floating Mountain Tea House, Manhattan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's hope guys.

There's hope for a future where a place like this is at your local hangout spot, and you will find your future wife there waiting for you at a table.

>> No.19304457

We are an underground society.

We live in~between the fabric of society.

We are alchemists of the elements of nature.

>> No.19304474

No that isn't accurate either. It's just the only official storefront from a reputable tea factory and not some Chang's Back Alley Discount Tea Best Pu Erh Health Organic China Tea. It is very likely there is another good seller out there, but who they are and where they source their materials is unverifiable through Amazon itself. Don't conflate that with quality.

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File: 156 KB, 750x695, image0 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2021 harvest of a rock oolong is my favorite tea I've ever tried
>store runs out of it
>blind buy 250g of 2022 harvest
>nowhere near as roasty and fruity
>tastes green and spinach-y
>crushing disappointment
>leave it for like 3 months
>decide to try it again on a whim
>fruity and pretty good now
what the fug

>> No.19304492
File: 2.17 MB, 3072x4080, PXL_20230523_143039925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah it came in a nice glass jar, it was $13 for 100g

>> No.19304508
File: 1.98 MB, 3072x4080, PXL_20230523_143442513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nectar of dark burgundy color. It's really sweet, low astringency, thick liquid that coats the tongue. It's giving bold, malty, roasty, and dried fruits. It reminds me of raisins, good tobacco, dried apricots.

>> No.19304513

That's a very unique cup. I kinda like it.

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File: 373 KB, 665x887, 1684854017356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have plastic bommt dispenser thing
>convenient for gong fu or western
>starts forming discoloration that dishwasher can't kill
Why do they still make these in plastic? Can I nuke it with something corrosive or is it gonna be kill?

>> No.19304611

many people say wuyi oolongs taste better after at least a year from roasting. some people even age them for many years

>> No.19304630


>> No.19304719

I've learned to live with it, having never learned to get it spotless. I also dedicate mine exclusively to shou puerh. That said, I still really like mine.

>> No.19304767

If it's a surface you can reach, use a dry paper towel with toothpaste on it. Scrub until it disappears.

This is what I use to clean all my porcelain from stains every month.

>> No.19305120

Its not as common as it should be but look for deep roasted dancongs. A good one will be a super fruit bomb

>> No.19305128

Citric acid, or 50/50 vinegar and boiling water, soak for a few hours or overnight.
You can find some of those that can be fully disassembled for cleaning but they aren't as common as they should be.

>> No.19305133

Those magic erasers work great for that too

>> No.19305671

Is citric acid safe for plastic?

>> No.19305684

So long as the tea does not grow mold that that should be fine. The humidity peaks and temperature swings may be a bit high but I think that it should be fine for tea that is not sealed up. However, for people who store their tea in mylar bags or airtight containers those numbers would be a bit concerning. Dew point matters much less for non sealed tea as well. Do you live by the ocean in the north or something? Or do you just not heat your house much? A bit unusual to see such high indoor humidity at a low temperature.

Also nice to see a fellow liuan enjoyer. Where did you get your basket?

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Hey anon, have you ever tried cha gao? They have it on YS and Fullchea. I'm going to buy a bit and see what I think. It's been a curiosity for a long time.

>> No.19305703

>Is citric acid safe for plastic?
Is boiling water safe for plastic?

>> No.19305707

TaeTea (Pronounced Dayi in Chinese) are literally the original founders of the modern day ripened Puerh Tea technique that most people drink.

They revolutionized the method in 1973. They are legit and know what they are doing.

>> No.19305708

Never tried it, seems interesting. Im interested to hear some feeback on it

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>Got an electric sugar grinder
>Grinds the sugar into a fine powder in 5 seconds

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File: 39 KB, 602x302, main-qimg-071ff89f27f46d71de75b101e1172430-pjlq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Is citric acid safe for plastic?
Yes, all of the most common plastics used in food containers are compatible with citric acid under normal circumstances. Remember citric acid is one of the main acids in citrus fruit. Have you ever seen lemon juice melt plastic?

>> No.19305783

Do matcha experiments with it.

>> No.19305971


>> No.19305982
File: 56 KB, 1024x1024, 1684884280973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

... it's ok.

>> No.19306152
File: 1.34 MB, 1450x963, 1682108531942739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More cha gao. I wouldn't bring this on an airline.

>> No.19306161
File: 158 KB, 260x280, 1606424752421.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So it seems the only 2 sources of puerh tea that is stored in United States warehouses is Yunnan Sourcing, and Crimson Lotus.

Everything else seems like it's over in China where the wait is 4-6 weeks of "it might show up if you're lucky" shipping policies.

>> No.19306172

There are at least a dozen shops in the US that sell puer.
Anyway stop being a fag and order tea from china, it takes two fucking weeks to arrive and in years of posting in this general ive never seen someone report a lost order.

>> No.19306182

>Do you live by the ocean in the north or something? Or do you just not heat your house much? A bit unusual to see such high indoor humidity at a low temperature.

I don't really heat my house at all anymore. It never really gets lower than ~42f inside, so I just bundle up on those days. I used to get condensation on my windows at night when I did heat my house, but now it doesnt seem to be a problem anymore.

>Also nice to see a fellow liuan enjoyer. Where did you get your basket?

I got the cheaper option from purple cloud, think a few other anons have the same basket. I think theres another shop that might have it for cheaper

>> No.19306198

Purple cloud and chawangshop have some baskets from the same batch, chawang shop also has some newer more premium offerings. Puerhshop used to have some cheap old baskets of questionable provenance but they got snapped up because they were surprisingly good.

>> No.19306235

really? i was going to buy the black and pu erh of this brand but wasnt sure.

>> No.19306269
File: 560 KB, 1757x1319, IMG_20230523_185257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So, bought two oolongs from the local chinks. One went for 40 mexican pesos(2 dollars) for 100g and the other 95$(4.25 realmoney) for a little bit more 120g.
120g (henceforth referred as B) had a stronger, slightly citrusy smell. 100g(from now on named A) smelt slightly chocolatey
No real differences when stepped in water, though B did seem to have more roots. Fast immersion of around 1 minute at water below boiling point(no centigrades, what am I a thermometer?)
Chocolatey .3, grassy .2, maybe sweet .1? No "root spirit" taste to note. Though B did seem to have a bit of a grapey aftertaste, i guess umami .15? Not sure if that is worth the 200% price increase, especially since I mixed the two to make masala chai
>clean your shit you dumb spic
Fuck Your

>> No.19306284

I mean I could mix a bit of lemon on this shit, we aren't yet at 40 peje coins for a fucking lemon

>> No.19306380 [DELETED] 

There are more than a few out there. And one more here soon.
I've been posting about my long transport time, but I'm definitely not the average case. Anons usually reply to me how quickly they get their shipments. I'm just an outlier and squeaky wheel.
Here's hoping!

>> No.19306389
File: 5 KB, 565x89, 1662029419122696.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are more than a few out there. And one more here soon.
I've been posting about my long transport time, but I'm definitely not the average case. Anons usually reply to me how quickly they get their shipments. I'm just an outlier and squeaky wheel.
Here's hoping!

>> No.19306394

you are 60 iq, are u sure u r able to taste the full flavor spectrum?

>> No.19306407
File: 484 KB, 1358x833, Ching Chong Wang Pang Ping Pong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am literally edging myself to buy from the Jinglong Tea Factory.

Should I do it?

>> No.19306416
File: 249 KB, 961x753, 1663798817410754.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This just popped up on KTM :\

>> No.19306431

It's incredibly stupid how these companies, who are founded by United States citizens, are having all their tea stored at Chinese warehouses instead of here in the United States.

>> No.19306445

I've had a caffeine sensitivity issue for many years, so I usually just drank CO2 decaf loose leaf tea but it seems that I've recently found out a method both from reading and trying it myself where if I brew caffeinated tea, wait a minute, drain out the excess water, then pour in hot water again for a second brew I seem to be fine without convulsions or insomnia, does anyone have any info on this particular method or whether it really works or not other than my own anecdotal examples?

>> No.19306447

>I've had a caffeine sensitivity issue for many years

Are you a woman?

>> No.19306456

Even if Amazon was a decent place to get some tea, they take such a haircut that it's hard to want to support them by purchasing agricultural product. A bit soulless. If you want high quality product in the West, you have to pay the right people to curate well, especially in its adoption infancy. IMHO, don't purchase from Amazon. It's a vote cast in favor of quality over convenience.

>> No.19306460

>Are you a woman?
Uh no, I didn't really get it until a couple of years ago, from drinking tea like all the time, even before bed, it gave me a serious migraine and my body hasn't really liked caffeine since then. In fact I recall being able to drink alcohol way more than anything with a decent amount caffeine in it.

>> No.19306491
File: 3.77 MB, 498x364, huh-confused.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Could it be possible that you were just drinking too much tea on any given day? How much were you drinking on average?

>> No.19306499
File: 251 KB, 1280x1280, 1660015423712642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you talking about my man "John"? I'm not sure he's from the US. Besides, tea storage is an ordeal here. Scott at YS has the right idea having a warehouse in Texas, but going even a little further north is too dry and cool to store tea well. I wish I knew the specifics of that and Crimson Lotus' operation in Seattle.

>> No.19306507

Yeah that sucks anon, seems like shits brewing again, it was just starting to get back to normal post covid.
Oh fuck me, im sick of this shit.
I have to actually look into what's going on but it kina sounds like china is slowing mail down intentionally probably because of some politics shit i have been completely ignoring

>> No.19306528

>Could it be possible that you were just drinking too much tea on any given day? How much were you drinking on average?
Back then I drank tea pretty much around the clock, it's what brought this whole thing on. I think from that point on my brain did not like caffeine because of that whole incident, so it'd give me headaches/convulsions and insomnia.

Recently though, I've been able to do things like brew a cup of regular tea, but if I then drain off the excess and then brew the same leaves a second time I seem to not have any problems with it, I think the reason is because most of the caffeine from tea itself may be infused with the first pour, otherwise I kind of stick to decaf for most of the time.

>> No.19306533

Well at least you identified your issue which is simply drinking too much tea. That much caffeine is good for humans, we're not supposed to ingest that much tea.

>> No.19306540

ur a woman lol

>> No.19306555

Well, it went from drinking too much tea in the first place, to then if I had any normal, non-decaffeinated tea at all, my nervous system would throw a shitfit and I wouldn't be able to sleep or would have to take a sedative to stop the tremors.

Cutting caffeine out stopped that, but it of course took away fun things like have a specific garden, estate, or grower that I'd drink regularly. There aren't really any single origin decafs because frankly it doesn't have that much flavor, but I do in fact have some teas from certain gardens that I like to cut with my decaf or use the drain and resteep method to have once in a while.

>> No.19306567
File: 738 KB, 200x200, john-c-reilly-shocked.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>but I do in fact have some teas from certain gardens

What does this mean?

>> No.19306588

decaffeinated gardens

>> No.19306602

>What does this mean?
If you drink teas grown in different regions and know your stuff over time you tend to get a taste for a specific grower in that style and/or region. With me in particular I like Darjeeling black teas, teas grown in a certain region of China, say Phoenix Mountain, and some varieties and growers of Japanese teas, Gyokuro, Sun Rouge.

>> No.19306615

Are you fucking retarded or something, do you have a developmental disorder?

>> No.19306697

hes got all the flavors nigga

>> No.19306708

i think you are just imagining this effect because that does literally nothing besides allow the leaves to open up more and add more caffeine to your tea.

>> No.19306713

i'm half-caf :(

>> No.19306721

I'm probably even more retarded since I'm something like 20% caf.

>> No.19306947

if you like cheap factory shou sure. The stuff on Amazon does not look particularly fancy but Jinglong Tea Factory has been around since the late 1990s so in theory they have experience.

>> No.19306967

Warehousing costs are much greater in the US. Vendors having their warehouse closer to the markets where they buy their teas is also an advantage for them.

>> No.19307000

Just my luck, right after my first KTM order too. The shipping is way too expensive to be this slow. I am not as bad off as the other anon but it has been almost month since the last shipping update on my pakage.

>> No.19307088

I think I'll make some tea.

>> No.19307140

Didn't think there'd be that much crossover between tea and combat sports.

>favorite tea
>favorite fighter
post 'em

Also I would heem everyone here

>> No.19307315

Decided to brew some failcorp. I've had too many little samples taking up space in the pumi so its high time to whittle them down.

>> No.19307440
File: 2.50 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20230524_101101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No importation fee thank you William. I'm going to try the Nuo gu wan small trees first.

>> No.19307484
File: 2.90 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20230524_104615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nuo gu wan small trees
Pleasant fresh smell, gentle flowery and sugary aroma, light biterness on the palate but not agressive. Pretty decent for the price and my first time brewing it.

>> No.19307571

I only really watch boxing. might branch out to MMA at some point
>favorite tea
ripe pu-erh, japanese greens. stocked up on sencha from o-cha right now, might make a ripe order soon
>favorite fighter
from the ones active right now? I think I'll go with Beterbiev, he's really fun to watch. I hope he'll duke it out with Bivol sometime soon, now that would be a fight worth watching

>> No.19308323

no importation fee to the EU? big if true
kind of wanted to put in an order myself when there was the sale, but decided I don't really need more sheng anyway and that's mostly what they specialise in

>> No.19308345

Farmer Leaf is such a good operation. I have a profound respect for what William is doing. I'll be putting in a decent order when 2023 cakes drop.

>> No.19308396

What's so special about that vendor versus others?

>> No.19308442

I thought it was pretty standard practice that Chinese vendors understate the value of the goods on imports so you don’t have to pay customs.

>> No.19308447

Fuck, I did this huge write up then lost it.
Short angry version: He's the real deal. A genuine tea farmer in Yunnan with a penchant for high quality, hand made teas. He's unafraid to go against the grain on topics like Chinese manufacturing quality and environmentalism. He discusses nuances of farming and tea trading probably better than anyone else can due to his skills in English. His Youtube videos are outstanding. He's an excellent orator and genuine intellectual.
The world could use more Williams and Farmer Leafs.

>> No.19308468

Man i love this guy

>> No.19308499

understate yes, but in the EU you have to pay VAT on everything nowadays

>> No.19308520

Shame, here in Canada you don’t pay as long as the value is under 20 CAD, which is approximately 100 CAD after Chinese understating.

>> No.19308649

Yes i'm from eu (france) and paid zero taxes of entry.
"Simple" farmer living in yunnan posting about every step of his production trying to sell the best quality he can produce.

>> No.19308661

I bought a lot of nice cakes last year
The farmer leaf fall lao man E was my best cake of the year. Beating out cakes that i paid 2x as much for.

>> No.19308669

Have you ever actuated bought something from overseas? Euros seem to be totally terrified of it for reasons i cant understand. You know you also pay 30% VAT on everything you buy locally in stores too right?

>> No.19308672

They’ve been in you probably missed them. I just unboxed mine today.

>> No.19308698

I buy from overseas all the time. Just wanted to know if Farmerleaf has found a way to dodge VAT, that's all

>> No.19308802

Depending on your country the "trick" is lowering the value of the shipment so the customs don't care/check/ push the taxes on it.

>> No.19309123

Just had the "2020 Yunnan Sourcing "Yong De Blue Label" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Mini Cakes." Over steeped it, but its good. thick creamy liquor. Plum cherry flavor. A little astringency. not that complex, but full flavor profile.

>> No.19309172

Nice, i love ripes with those dried fruit/cherry flavors

>> No.19309211

dont all ripes have this flavor?

>> No.19309215

i thought like plum/cherry is like a base flavor in ripe pu erh

>> No.19309220

>dont all ripes have this flavor?
Sort of, sometimes i get once that really emphasize those flavors, sometimes i get ones that are more woody, chocolate, bitter that sort or thing.

>> No.19309221

it's common, but I definitely wouldn't say it's in all of them. some don't have this fruitiness

>> No.19309229

>some don't have this fruitiness
alright then. this one is very strong plum cherry. but defintely dont over steep lol

>> No.19309262

describe. now.

>> No.19309363
File: 1.63 MB, 3468x2020, PXL_20230524_215255576.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sweet, deep red liquor.

Mossy and enjoyable.

No funk whatsoever.

Smooth mouth feeling.

Tea flavor goes deeply into throat.

Totally an easily acceptable tea.

Liquidproust would make some shit up and call it Trust #69. $3/g

>> No.19309396

which approach to tea descriptions is the best?

>Farmerleaf AKA "this tea is from here, this is how it was made, this is the guy who made it, this is his village. you can watch me roast it for half an hour while talking about cultural differences between the Chinese and Westerners"
>white2tea AKA "this is what this tea tastes like. not telling you anything else, sorry"
>kingteamall AKA "smooth mouth feeling, clear and deep taste. bitterness exists, maybe. totally an easily acceptable tea."

>> No.19309411

KTM hasn't been wrong yet
W2T drives me crazy with his bs
Farmer leaf is maybe too honest, to the point where he has scared me off from buying some of his teas due to his modesty (or honesty) about the quality of some of them

>> No.19309461

Two of those three talk about the taste. One is trying to sell you a story.
>We assemble a blend of several ancient tea gardens from Jingmai Mountain to achieve a balance between fragrance, mouthfeel and aftertaste.
I'd say 99% of the teas I drink achieve a balance between fragrance, mouthfeel, and aftertaste.

>> No.19309483

Those are pretty good paraphrases lol. They're all good for their own reasons. Farmer Leaf can produce such detail since he either produced it himself or is personal friends with the man who did. If KTM or W2T started making descriptions that kind of detail, I would be skeptical. In that way Farmer Leaf and to a lesser degree Yunnan Sourcing, are special.
White2Tea has a great style and brand identity. I admire that. They know the jianghu of tea means it's very hard to trust exactly what they source. Despite that, they have great taste and great variety. I like when they draw comparisons or contrast against their other lineup.
KTM is a little fresh off the boat in their descriptions, but they put in a lot more effort than Fullchea or Awazon.
I like having the variety of approaches available to me as a Western collector.
>KTM hasn't been wrong yet
Because they're generally so broad. They basically can't be wrong.
At the end of the day, all that matters is what you like in your cup.

>> No.19309519

>Because they're generally so broad. They basically can't be wrong.
I get the complaints about ktm but he tell you if the tea is bitter or mild, how sweet it is, if its smokey, the mouthful itf its entry level or a more premium offering, what the storage is like, if it's covered in bug shit that's really all i need to know

>> No.19309541

>The soup behaves light in the mouth, like gasoline. It flows down the throat easily and leaves a trail of freshness in its path. Strong overall profile and good endurance.

>> No.19309550

>Shilling W2T's mystery re-wraped cake
>Hating on LP for selling mystery tea
Its the same thing mate. The W2T cake is cheaper because it is shou from the puerh bubble and LP's "trust" series is generally pre-2000 aged teas. I would not expect them to be priced similarly regardless of where you got it from. Those really old teas go up exponentially in price are generally impossible to 100% verify authenticity without some trust unless you aged them yourself. Not sure why LP lives rent free in your head. He is a bit of an annoying soy hipster but then W2T caters to the same audience as well. For the the record I have ordered from both of them and intend to again.

>> No.19309559

is this from KTM? it's not bad honestly. I think his ripe descriptions tend to be the least useful... it's a ripe, no shit it has "smooth mouth feeling" and "mellow flavor".

>> No.19309563

Don't get that guy started, he spent years saying he got ripped off by that puer beginner pack thing then finally admitted he got a sample of some expensive tea but said it was shit anyway because he couldn't buy more.

>> No.19309566

What do you expect somone to say abput ripe? its mostly the same shit

>> No.19309577

I was asked for a description. Didn't give an opinion on whether or not someone else should purchase it. Its not like I wait patiently to peddle blind samplers here yearly.

>> No.19309613

Nah its a farmerleaf raw.
>some expensive tea but said it was shit anyway
Funny, because I haven't touched that eot yiwu yet. My complaints with him were from me getting questions from everyone else who I baited into buying a pack. Kind of hard to recommend teas when all you have to go on is
>The only ones I liked were "nannuo 09" and "ak47" what else should I try?
Somehow none of the three beginners I sent his way have ordered any more puer, from any shop. Tried to track down ak47, its a random taobao cake LP knows nothing about and bought because he liked the label. Pretty sure grumpyeuronon was sperging out around that time about people buying w2t cakes based on the label.

>> No.19309656

I just want vendors to give me what information they can and not outright lie to me. I realize not all vendors can or have time to give the same level of detail and I am completely fine with it. More details are always nice when available but I don't find the descriptions of major vendors to generally be problematic when shopping. Over analyzing vendors descriptions is a beginners trap. Its foolish to think you can find your favorite or "the best" tea solely by window shopping all the different vendors descriptions. You also need experience and ultimately need to actually try teas for yourself.

If you are picky enough that you need an exact taste you are just going to have to buy samples. Personally I tend to find most good quality teas to taste good and I enjoy the experience of trying new teas to find out what they are like. Don't let worrying about the tea you want to find get in the way of enjoying the tea you already have. Life is to short to cheat yourself out of enjoyment with unnecessary disappointment.

Back to the original question here are some things vendors say that do annoy me:
Intentionally hiding the source of teas when they are know to the vendor (especially if they are are doing it to hide markup).
Hyping up tea as collectable or an investment.
Overstating the rarity or scarcity of teas. A lot of non specialty tea vendors like to describe every other traditional tea as "rare"
Overly selling the tea based on the location or age of the tea plants or "tea master" instead of the tea itself.
Describing the tea like it is magical or a spiritual experience.

>> No.19309728

M8 you spent like two years saying you got ripped off and didn't get anything good for the $30 you sent him. Then suddenly you mentioned that he gave you a sample of some $500 cake that nobody else got (because nobody else sent him $30).

>> No.19309735

ease up on the pu-erh sisters, you're being awfully angry today.

>> No.19309778

>Over analyzing vendors descriptions is a beginners trap.
Needed to be said.

>> No.19309779

>KTM hasn't been wrong yet
Quintessence of the christian John at ktm
The price of the tea is the price with shipping. Get over it. Try to find the same cake elsewhere cheaper with shipping anywhere in the world and and share your findings.

Pretty much yeah and subtle variations if Im concerned. I categorize them as bitter vs. sweet leaning. Plus cha tou which again can be bitter mollases or sweet syrup leaning tea, but in the form of compressed nuggets which open during the session quite differently. I get what John yunnansourcing tries to do with his yearly shou with tou blends but it never truly works to me. id rather mix them to my taste and from radically different piles if I can. His sheng with shu blend on the other hand came out magnificent. He didn't repeat.

That brings my question. Did anybody try w2t brandy blends? Curious about those and they seem reasonably priced for a thing like reserva

>> No.19309801

I wish i had grabbed that raw ripe blend. I was scared off at the time because i read somewhere about factories trying that before and people said they had to age for years before they were drinkable. Now i know that has more to do with the shu being nasty or not than having anything to do with it being a ripe raw blend.

>> No.19309809

I've spent two years saying its a shitty "beginners package" that doesn't actually help beginners and is posted first in a tea autist discord/reddit.
>Then suddenly you mentioned
I posted the picture the hour it arrived. I paid retail for 16g of the $640 cake and he threw in a couple pieces of trash for $30. Everyone else just got a couple pieces of trash his discord donated/didn't want. Not really helpful for beginners. If a "beginner" got the eot, they'd drink it, balk at the price and never touch puer again because its not "worth" it to them. Nothing else would be able to be tracked down since he doesn't sell it. The random puween and haiwan samples from nie qun were better than anything else he sent, but maybe I'll drink this sample tonight and start shilling eot.

>> No.19309828

I can't decide how i feel about EOT, had pretty decent luck with some of the puers they were selling that werent their productions. Had good luck buying expensive ass oolong from them. Bought their house liubao for like 45¢ per g and it's fine but nothing remarkable, ive had better for less. They seem to be really anal about the puer cakes they make but i haven't tried any of their productions, so i guess im saying i like their marketing but im not totally convincied that they live up to it.

>> No.19310158
File: 1.37 MB, 1722x2288, PXL_20230525_034659658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright let me try to take this shit seriously. 8g/100ml. Preheated my cups and gaiwan. Got my sniffing cup out. 10s rinse at 95c, 15s steeps.

>> No.19310245

>subtle variations if Im concerned.
subtle variations yes. theres definitely a "pu erh" or puritant foundation.

>> No.19310265

So, he's honest? Neat.
Okay, thank you anons! I'll check his youtube channel out. I like seeing how stuff is made etc.

>> No.19310269
File: 1.41 MB, 1639x2177, PXL_20230525_045152611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>15s+5 steeps
Very very mildly vegetal. Its a bit drying with an occasional hint of some sweetness. Its not a punchy green at all, very mellow and easy to sip. Rather than an immediate blast of green, it spreads and coats your mouth before revealing itself. Tiny bit of hui gan. The cha qi flows easily. I'm not getting anything too specific in the flavor other than waves of a wet grassiness. The leaves and my gaiwan lid oddly smell of valerian root but its not coming through into the cup. Maybe in 15 years it'll be fantastic. I wouldn't pay $1.60 a gram again though. I'll keep these steeps parked at 45s and see if anything opens up further.

>> No.19310278

Such is the nature of tea mean girls.

>> No.19310346

Thanks for posting notes on it. I haven't dug into yiwu puers yet so im not really sure what you should expect out of yiwu tea. I swear i remember the yiwu tea buyer video having somone talking about its remarkable blandness

>> No.19310400

I remember liking the yiwus from w2t club so I was hoping I'd enjoy this a bit more. I'll dig a piece of one of them out tomorrow. Maybe it just needs a few more years, but yeah, bland is a good word. Slightly more descriptive than "smooth", but with a worse connotation. Maybe some people really place a premium on that super mild tea high. Back to the bottom of the pumi it goes for another year I guess.

>> No.19310410

Do you collect the stamps? Do people just like reading about food wrappers from 50 years ago? Are people drinking this tea from 50 years ago? Wouldn't it be super easy to mimic and fake tea with such a low budget shitty stamp?

>> No.19310420

>Are people drinking this tea from 50 years ago?
>Wouldn't it be super easy to mimic and fake tea with such a low budget shitty stamp?

>> No.19310453

Oh wow. Cool. Thanks. Do modern teas have better security precautions?

>> No.19310466

>yiwu puers
For ripes, I like them as much as lao man e.

>> No.19310477
File: 45 KB, 736x566, 561d4c1788f2e376f13f7f9d09d4411b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

some of them have factory codes you can check online or additional tickets signifing that the wrapper has never been opened
these 1970s teas are often very expensive collector items os it makes sense to have a book like this

>> No.19310607
File: 757 KB, 3200x1600, FakeDayi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

An example for you anon. Right is the reak one of course

>> No.19310667

I like the mild effect of green tea but dislike it's mild taste. Black tea has glorious taste but I get jittery when drinking too much. What do you recommend /tea/?

>> No.19310680

Sleeping for only 5 hours so you can consume all the black tea you want

>> No.19310750

Ripe pu-erh tends to be milder in effects than most teas AFAIK and it's flavor is more bold and dark than green tea. You could try it
Honestly though green tea is often high in caffeine as well, so you sure this isn't autosuggestion, that you feel the effect is milder because the taste is milder?

>> No.19310772

Buy better green tea. Get a decent quality fresh sencha and you certainly won't think it tastes mild.
Make sure to switch to the cheaper shipping option before deciding its too expensive
Also look up the instructions for brewing Japanese green tea.
If it's gotta be teabags these ship from within the US

>> No.19310817

honestly I often drink sencha in the morning instead of coffee. I find it can have quite the kick. and yeah, the flavor is more intense than chinese greens as well

>> No.19310819

Anyone explored some of the other haiwan ripes other than 9978?
these are pretty interesting:
also does anyone know how haiwan 7578 compares to dayi's 7574?

>> No.19310824

I remember someone saying that 908 was really good. Haven't had it myself though.
I'll probably buy their lao cha tou block at some point.
And with how much 9978 impressed me, I'll definitely buy more of their ripes in the future.

>> No.19310829

I had the 2010 Badashan The Second batch and wouldn't recommend it, it was pretty fermentation funky, i should have seen it coming, the cake looks muddy in the product photos.
I bet all the ones you linked are pretty good. I keep meaning to buy that remote mountain ripe you linked. The brick looks pretty nice too

>> No.19310833

Also this is xiaguan but if you are into bitter ripes this sounds good, at least according to the russians.

>> No.19310834

>you sure this isn't autosuggestion
Using about the same weight of black and green tea, black gave me jitters, green did not. Black had a much more noticeable onset as well.
>If it's gotta be teabags

Thanks for the recs both of you

>> No.19310838

I haven't tried it, but TeaDB reviewed the "remote mountain, old tree" ripe on their chanel, favorably from what I remember.

>> No.19310871

here it is:

I think it also did fine in the blind tasting panel they did

>> No.19311184

Collectors like wine, in that they'll eventually be consumed, yeah?

Oh wow, cool. Advanced tea stamping.

>> No.19311195
File: 2.98 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20230525_172422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trying the Spring 2023 Jingmai Sun-dried Black from farmer-leaf for the first time

>> No.19311262

And how was it?

>> No.19311265

I'm still drinking it, not an average dian hong at all it has a more malty taste and strong character, thick tea soup and color from the first steeping too. Less floral but better mouth feel imo

>> No.19311304

>Collectors like wine, in that they'll eventually be consumed, yeah?
exactly, they're like wine collectors but the "rich asian" version

>> No.19311338

>Do you collect the stamps?
I haven't once thrown away a wrapper or nei fei.
>dian hong
I thought that was a factory in Sichuan

>> No.19311440

It's "yunnan red tea"

>> No.19311538

Interesting. Here's what I was going off of

>> No.19311567

what did you drink today, anons?
for me it was:
>yerba mate in the morning (Indega brand, classic deep and smoky Paraguayan flavor)
>ripe pu-erh in the afternoon
>hong shui oolong now in the evening (a bit underrated nowadays, a nice roasted, fruity and honeyed daily drinker)

>> No.19311569

"Yunnan Dianhong Black Tea" means "Yunnan Yunnan red black tea" They just take local names a lot so for non native speakers it's a little confusing.

>> No.19311647

I decided to try some USA grown teas. Expensive shit. They got delivered on a windy day and who the fuck knows where they are now. I also had my w2t stolen like a month ago. I'm fucking BURNED on fucking tea my dudes FUCK

>> No.19311682

>He doesn’t steal pu’er and age it for decades until it becomes a collectible

>> No.19311716
File: 108 KB, 1280x720, 1532725659288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my beloved

>> No.19311730

Dumb esl poster

>> No.19311759

Try again you twat

>> No.19311770

Can't you just make a claim with whoever shipped it? Sucks. Lol I bet whoever stole your tea was disappointed af.

>> No.19311835

Does anyone here age their puerh teas at home? I bought a bunch of young cakes from farmerleaf, and they're all very bitter right now, so they can use some aging

>> No.19311852

which cakes did you buy?

>> No.19311912

spring22 Jingmai Miyun, Jingmai Gulan and Wen Shan Ding
Later is least bitter of the 3 but still too bitter for me. First two, holy moly I feel like I'm drinking freshly cut grass

>> No.19311913

If they are 2023 cakes they will ease off a little bit fairly quickly. Teas can be a bit feisty when freshly pressed.

>> No.19311914

Do you use humidor or something, or do you just stash them somewhere at the cupboard?

>> No.19311929

interesting, I thought the Miyun was supposed to be kind of mild for a young raw
I guess it's good that I didn't blind buy a cake then lmao

>> No.19311940

puer wont really age properly in a pumidor, it will just kind of stay the same, you need to get a heated pumi setup if you want to age puer properly but then you really risk the cakes getting moldy, did you just get the cakes?

>> No.19311941

>I bought a bunch of young cakes from farmerleaf, and they're all very bitter right now,
this is why i wud never buy a young cake or tea.

>> No.19311944

They're 2022 cakes
I just got it from mail, well couple of days ago. I usually just drink already aged stuff from Yunnan sourcing and store them in an airtight container with boveda 62%.
Yeah... they do smell phenomenally right now, I can see them aging beautifully in the future

>> No.19311968 [DELETED] 

ive heard it said that if you do not like a tea now, aging will not make you like it. aging will just enhance good qualities of the tea.a "good candidate" for aging is a tea you already enjoy. this is just what ive heard though and not something i can vouch for with experience

>> No.19311972

>airtight container with boveda 62%.
why? i have like bags of tea and cake that i just opened that has been sitting around for 20 plus years. i dont think u need a boveda.

>> No.19312000

Yeah I got them recently. I was thinking of buying some aged cakes and sandwiching the young cakes between in a pumidor.
I ventured into young cakes because of the sale recently but yeah... lessons learned I guess. I'm gonna try cold brewing them
you don't need it but for 20 bucks it's a good backup. Simply 1 less thing to worry about.

>> No.19312001

I bet they're nowhere near as bad as that CS Puerh sample I got some time ago after some kind soul posted that nice sample deal ITT
now that was a punch in the face. still not sure if I should drink the other sample or wait a few years for it to chill out a bit. I don't even have a pumidor, but I just want it to be drinkable

>> No.19312013

yeah definitely see if they change after resting in the pumi, what were your brewing parameters? i dont remember those being that bitter from the samples i got but i enjoy bitter puer so maybe im biased

>> No.19312017

Can i ask your settings for the brewing if you have them in mind? (cakes or samples?)

>> No.19312073

Damn sucks to hear that. I hope we can figure something out
Just your standard method in a gaiwan. I did 5g, 200f short infusion and added 10s for each subsequent infusions. I also tried 195f, but still too bitter

>> No.19312138

If you want to try something: 90-95c water 15s rinse then 15s first brew 10s second brew and 5s third brew. Is is still too bitter for you with each brewing?

>> No.19312230

>Does anyone here age their puerh teas at home?
Yes, but you should not buy young sheng cakes cakes unless you like drinking them fresh or are patient enough to wait 10+ years. I get tea to age by buying more than I drink but I don't buy tea that I would not be willing to drink as it is now. Also uncles you live somewhere warm and humid or are willing to invest in heated storage you are not going to be able to make wet stored tea at home. Dry storage should be doable however if you are patient.

You may learn to like young sheng with time though. I though young sheng was too bitter at first but I like it now.

>> No.19312236
File: 837 KB, 3000x4000, IMG_20230525_143116090_HDR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck yeah I love tea, fermented to 16%

>> No.19312249
File: 1.24 MB, 1923x2048, 1685048543292.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was looking at this shipping update from king tea mall. This is only about slowboat packages, that shit has always taken forever, jesus you guys scared me, i thought it was about ems/airmail.

>> No.19312280
File: 82 KB, 1100x1100, 2023_b395bc85-43c1-442a-a429-6c72e37ff9d6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I bet they're nowhere near as bad as that CS Puerh sample I got some time ago after some kind soul posted that nice sample deal ITT
Interesting, I did not find it that harsh but I also will drink young laomane sheng so it could just be me.

While we on on the topic of Chen Sheng Hao I noticed they have released there own lao ban zhang style blend. Supposedly it is cheaper because they used LBZ area material instead of LBZ proper. I wonder if it is any good or if it is just made of material that did not make the cut for their more expensive cakes. It is kind of funny seeing the brand that is best known for having rights to most authentic LBZ tea production making their own LBZ imitation.


>> No.19312305

Airmail is screwy right now too. My KTM package has taken almost a month and still has not left china.

>> No.19312409

get 1lb of indian tea for $6 lol https://www.amazon.com/Ahmad-Tea-Aromatic-Loose-Ceylon/dp/B00136MKEO/

>> No.19312418

looks like amazon has another 40% off sale on tea/coffee maybe more https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006LXKK5U

>> No.19312422

I wouldn't feed that to my kombucha.

>> No.19312600

>strong chamomile infuse at night for the benefits
Nearly threw up this time.
I think it's time to switch to green tea.

>> No.19312791
File: 3.46 MB, 4160x2340, IMG_20230525_133639307.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got some oolong tea because I really like the Ito-en stuff (you can see it off to the side). I tried brewing some, but it was way darker. I just assume that I brew it like a cup of coffee in the coffee machine, right? How am I supposed to go about making it like the bottled stuff? Also is 9 dollars a fair price for this?

>> No.19312855

I think cakes usually come out in the Summer.
>puer wont really age properly in a pumidor
Is this really the case? I feel like this goes against what I've been reading thus far. Do you feel similarly about dry Kunming storage?
It's worthwhile in order to get a deeper understanding about teas.
If you're somewhere warm and humid, sometimes that's good enough. If you're not, you probably aren't get the most out of your cakes.
>sandwiching the young cakes between in a pumidor.
I think the classic tea storage wisdom is to keep like tea segregated as much as possible. However, the idea of deliberately intermixing old and young sheng in hopes that the young sheng acquires the essence of the other is interesting. I'm not sure I've ever heard of that before. I would suggest not doing it, but if you do definitely try to be critical and objective and report back. Or report it somewhere.
Wet stored tea at home sounds like such a bad idea.
I'm currently using some cheapo Ceylon to try to soak up the last of a faint little plasticy odors in a new pumidor I'm working on. Still testing, but I'm pretty sure it has been effective. I probably will shill cheap Indian in the future for this purpose.

>> No.19312885

i cant even tell if this is a shitpost

>> No.19312894
File: 244 KB, 900x900, 1685060770093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

King Tea mall added this
2007 YiPinTang "Yi Wu Zhi Chun" cake recently
Didn't YS used to have this cake? Or was that a 2009 version? I seem to remember buying one and one of the other poster here really liking it. Storage is probably different but it's $20 a cake

>> No.19312901

lol either a total noob or a dummy lol. u just brew it by steeping in water. 8.99 USD? yeah its about right. the bottled stuff you can look at the ingredients on the bottle.

>> No.19312907

>2007 YiPinTang "Yi Wu Zhi Chun"
Nice find!
It also ships from US for $5 more.

>> No.19313130
File: 716 KB, 180x180, 1b.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

May I kindly ask for a recommendation? I've been buying mostly from YS lately. I want to make Japanese curry for the first time in a long time and I really want to serve it with genmaicha. I haven't had genmaicha in maybe 7-8 years so I don't know where best to buy it. Does anyone have a favourite vendor for it?

>> No.19313242

These guys have a pretty wide selection, bwfore shipping scares you off see if they have a cheaper option then the default
If you want to buy domestically in the US give these guys a shot
Sorry no specific ones i can recommend

>> No.19313256

I can add im personally not a fan of ganmatcha that has match powder added to it. But that's a personal preference thing.

>> No.19313354

what if its a good powder?

>> No.19313394

Just buy the bagged one from your local Asian grocer. You know the one

>> No.19313399

I'm going to continue shilling Farmer Leaf. Here are two videos I like.
This first one represents what I like about William from a technical level. His genuine ability to be attentive and critical of this to his tea from fresh picking, to brewing. The whole video is on an experiment which he continued again this year. That tea was sold out in less than a week. If he isn't a master he will be.

This one has two characteristics I appreciate: One, it's just a regular old sha qing session. Something he's probably done 10,000 times. During these sessions he just sort of says what's on his mind. Usually he has a point to make a structure to his talk, but other times he just goes off on a tangent and really digs deep. This video On Elitism is the former, but both sha qing videos genres are good.
Both provide really interesting insights into how he operates. In most videos you can hear people in the background, children, roosters. Farm things. It gives a sense of sincerity I find very admirable. His teas are expensive, but he is worth supporting.

>> No.19313707

Anyone try Purple Cloud's lapsang souchong before? It's described as no smoke, but isn't lapsang usually smoked?

>> No.19313971

not really an expert, but as far as I know there is:
>cheap commodity lapsang - very smoky, not muchc more to it
>exprensive trve smoked lapsang - more complex, smoky
>expensive unsmoked lapsang - no idea what this tastes like

>> No.19314146

Lapsang souchong is not always smoked but when most people talk about it they refer to the smoked version. If you like good smoked tea japan has some, it's expensive but really good try to look for specific kind of wood. Old whisky barells, sakura tree, cedar wood etc.

>> No.19314157 [DELETED] 
File: 122 KB, 1080x1080, shibuya eichi teacup yunomi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread is for discussing teas, tisanes, and other herbal infusions.
info: types of tea, where to get tea, how to brew tea
Previous thread: >>19294427

>> No.19314167
File: 122 KB, 1080x1080, shibuya eichi teacup yunomi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dang that's one nice yunomi

>> No.19314170

New thread:

>> No.19314185

Too early.

>> No.19314199

right on bump limit actually

>> No.19314945

Haven't tried their lapsang but ive had really good experiences with purple cloud, i think they do a very good job of curating good teas

>> No.19315115

Never tried the pu erh. I've never tried puerh that didn't come in a brick or cake, but from that brand it's just loose in the jar. Seems weird to me.
I've tried both green teas from that brand, the label for both of them is identical just saying "green tea" but one is big leaves rolled into small balls, and the other is young leaves that aren't rolled. The latter you get less weight in the jar, I think it's about 30% more expensive per gram. They're both good but I like the balled one more because it has a stronger flavor.