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What can i do with rye flour? Any desserts possible? What is your favourite rye bread to bake?

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>What can i do with rye flour?
Many things.
>Any desserts possible?

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Rye shortbreads are good

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> Rye shortbreads
I'm interested in this.
> Mammi
> Mustikkakukko
You just making up words.

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I'm curious too. I love rye bread and keep attempting to bake it, and it always comes out only okay. It's bread, but it's not particularly good. While white bread comes out above average consistently at this point.

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musta means black and kukko i guess cake? kalakukko fish cake?
t. have a finnish grandpa

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2 cups rye flour
2 cups wheat flour
2 cups butter
1 cup white sugar
Throw it all in a food processor, roll out until pretty thin, cut into circles or whatever desired. Brush top with egg white, generously sprinkle mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon, and cardamom on top. Bake at 400.
That’s how my mother did it, I can’t remember the particulars anymore.

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literally fish cock

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Maybe make some rye whisky?
That's enough of a dessert.

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Ham & cheese on rye is just right, especially if the ham is thinly cut, some creeps hink that thick cut crap from nigas oe russian soviet creep.

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Thicker fatty and salty/seasoned/palvi slices are ok but anything more healthy and supermarket-tier is better thinly cut for that added surface area. Imho.

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I guess you can think of kukko as a word for cake, but it's just Savonian way of baking things in rye bread shell.
Kalakukko is fish in a rye bread shell, but Mustikkakukko is mustikka, blueberries, in a (sweet) rye bread shell.

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I use it like you would all purpose flour. Its fine, just the end product wont be pearly white but a deep brown.

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What happens when you use rye flour with yeast? What's the difference when it rises compared to regular white flour?

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I dont know, i use sourdough bread and thats the only thing i make thats supposed to rise.

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yeah same. that's why i wondered about yeast, i hope someone else knows

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Rye doesn't have gluten, but it has a similar protein that just isn't as good as gluten at sticking together. Straight rye bread wont rise much, and you need to be very gentle with it. You will find most rye bread recipes use wheat as a base with rye for flavor. You can make crackers and crisp bread with yeast ed rye.

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It's good. Serve warm with a nice half-salted butter.

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I want to make winnipeg-style rye bread some time.

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Couldn't be arsed to translate it myself, so I just ran it through a translator:
Rugbrødslagkage (Layered Rye Bread cake)

5 eggs
100 g grated rye bread without seeds
100 g finely chopped hazelnuts
200 g of sugar
2 tsp. baking soda
2 tbsp. cocoa powder
2 tbsp. potato flour
½ l whipping cream
1 small glass of blackcurrant jam
Grated chocolate
Hazelnut flakes for decoration (optional)
Course of action
Divide the eggs into whites and yolks. Beat the yolks with sugar until they become light and airy, and now fold in the rye bread, hazelnuts, baking powder, cocoa powder and potato flour. Beat the egg whites until stiff, and carefully fold them into the batter in a few turns.
Put the dough in a greased spring form (approx. 24 cm) with baking paper at the bottom. Bake the bottoms at 180 degrees alm. oven/160 degrees hot air for approx. 45 minutes (the bases are ready when you can stick a meat skewer in the center of the cake and it comes out with no cake batter on it). Allow the kabebunden to cool before cutting them in half.
Whip the cream into whipped cream, place the bases together with blackcurrant jam at the bottom and half of the whipped cream. Put the second cake base on and spread the rest of the whipped cream over it. Finally, sprinkle with grated chocolate and possibly hazelnut flakes.

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Make garlic rye chips like these gardettos

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I use it for sourdough starter/feeding, start with 50:50 rye to strong bread, and then about 30:70 (rye flour is more expensive where I live)

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I just made Karelian pasties a few weeks ago. They're incredible.

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Same thing, when I started using rye flour my sourdough starter became much better

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QRD? Is it just dense bread or is there more to it?
Godtier with eggbutter

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Looks really nice, a good way to expand the possibilities of rye bread

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I'm sure anon was familiar with the concept of brown bread but the canned variety might be a bit more foreign to most people.

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Why canned?

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Because they can(not) resist these tins.