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What is the best beer

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Beer which triggers chuds

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whole milk

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40 OZ

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That's Jorge shultzheimerbergstein
The lips of Paris
The sucker of 5000 men

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I've got a green and purple mad dog 20/20. Let's ride around on the train drinking them and harassing white people.

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For me it's the Taddy Porter

Simple as

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>This nigga out here cracking open a bear

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This is the discovery reserve and it a throw back to the '69 recipe. It was really good like exactly what you expect at a bbq in your mind. Not the way you spit out your first sip of todays beer. Like it seemed like it wasn't an acquired taste. The freedom reserve is a george washington recipe but i never tried it.

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I've always wanted sip on a cold bear with my boys

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The one you have with you.

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This is pretty good. I also like their organic apple cider.

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Anything Sam Smith is pretty aces desu. I like their chocolate stout better than Young's

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I haven't tried their chocolate stout yet, but I have some at home waiting. Sam Smith is one of the few British breweries that actually exports to the USA. We can't get stuff like Doom Bar or Spitfire Ale here afaik.

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Czech. Hands down.

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You're in for a good time. If you like the fruity stuff too they got a great apricot ale. Strawberry is good too.

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This is actually the best. I don't care about what low iq republicans think or theorise about. I've had a lot of european imports crafts from all over the us and asian stuff if i'm even just sticking with the style to pick a favorite and i'm not. And yeah this is something really important. Tastes like a perfect fourth of july you've never had or something you thought beer was when you were a little kid with your parents at a bar.

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The strawberry ale is refreshing as fuck on a hot day

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pint of bear cheers guv

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Bud Light is the drink of choice for pedophiles and castratos alike

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>I don't care about what low iq republicans think or theorise about
>Tastes like a perfect fourth of july you've never had
>when you were a little kid with your parents at a bar

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I feel like you have have no idea what you're doing boycotting fuck AnBusch. So many autists are going to upgrade to whiskey and from there it's handles of vodka with work the next day and by then you'll be have wet dreams with trannies thinking well shit...

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You are mentally deficient.

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Olde English 800

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Ciders taste better.
Never met a beer that tastes good. I suppose sours aren't boring.

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You seem to enjoy wine. You could try hunting down a "barley wine". Good on you for not liking hops I don't know what people were thinking.

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coors banquet
>meanwhile in romania
based malt liquor/fortified wine enjoyers

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whatever gets me drunk the fastest haha

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