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I'm tired of drinking soda. Can /ck/ recommend me a cold refreshing drink that I can sip on all day that's not water or cum?

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Iced tea. lemonade. grape drink

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I’m fucking addicted to this shit, spics make the best drinks and snacks on the planet

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Ethylene Glycol on the rocks

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whiskey is optional

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Perrier. Best with lemon juice.

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Carbonated water and fruit juice

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Arizona iced tea. Cheap and tastes good as fuck, if you don't typically like tea just get the half and half

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Reddit meme

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try water, dipshit

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Gamer girl bath water with lemon.

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make tea and put in fridge for a couple hours
sparkling water
iced coffee

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reddit is formatting their images to match our color scheme?

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not a reddit meme
it's a discord tranny meme.
anti sex posters are absolutely deranged

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Sweet tea is best for sippin, it's good extra cold.

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gin and tonic

also g fuel is amazing for long term sips. lots of ice in a big shaker

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Unsweet iced tea

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I don't need your anime women

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The gamer energy drinks are what I switched to.

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Just transition to diet poison instead. There is literally nothing better, which is why people are still voluntarily hurting their health for it.

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oh, you're so stolid. you weren't like that before the beard

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>a cold refreshing drink that I can sip on all day that's not water
there is no other cold refreshing drink in the entire universe, anon.
all other drinks are food because they contain calories.

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>anti sex posters are absolutely deranged
other way around, anon.
nobody sane thinks about sex often enough to give a shit about posting porn.

women think about sex 24/7, they are all batshit.
trannies are hypersexual predators and are batshit.

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Diet makes people fat. It primes them for sugar that they never recieve leaving them despirately hungry.

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Tale the ayran pill anon

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Iced tea. Don't buy it, make it, it's not hard.

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>tranime coombrain cope
lmao, even

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guava flavor used to be great, until they added sucralose garbage

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If I start drinking that I eventually get up to 3 liters per day which is simply way too much salt.

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Yeah that would cause kidney stones probably

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I can tell you're not beerpilled and probably homeless (but in a lame way not a cool way)

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case in point.

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He said all day. I couldn't even drink coconut water all day.

Tomato juice with some ice cubes thrown in. Maybe a little carrot juice, but don't drink it all day unless you want discolored skin and toxicity.

Also trannies stop fucking up the board with your whining.

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you are a monster

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>not water

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Get loose leaf tea, I recommend this one but any green loose leaf will do, even bagged green or white tea works

Add two spoonfuls, or 4 tea bags, to a pint of room temperature water and leave it in the fridge for 4-6 hours or overnight. Refreshing, tasty, caffeinated, not bitter tasting at all unlike tea brewed hot and then put over ice.

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just made one bc of your post ty ck anon
its pretty good, if i drink this every day for breakfast will i get gains?
ty in advance>>19122446

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Came here to post this.
Found it right after Orange Vanilla Coke got pulled from the shelves, so it became my go-to gas station drink.
Fuck anyone that sells it for more than a dollar.

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Is this milk?

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I wouldn't suggest drinking it all day. But you could replace one of your sodas with kombucha.
Health-Ade makes some really tasty ones. But they're expensive.

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I'm currently not drinking pop or beer for 3 months. My goto drinks are unsweetened tea and LaCroix. Water most of the week tho.

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they hated him because he told the truth

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Arizona is destroyed with HFCS it hardly tastes like tea. Brew your own tea and get some Torani syrup, your quality of life will improve.

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second this
if you want the carbonated kick, sparkling water is a healthier alternative to soda
get daily exercise while youre at it

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You can always buy a Sodastream and carbonate your own piss. Might taste better chilled.

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Barley tea. No sugar, no caffeine, it's very refreshing when cold brewed and it only takes two hours compared to 8 for other kinds of cold brew tea.

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Elaborate on "grape drink".

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cum-flavoured water

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That's a Dave Chappelle bit about how white people drink grape juice and black people don't.

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Fruit punch.

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>Replace one kind of sugar water with another
"People" like you and OP aren't even human.

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Based. I am absolutely addicted to milk. Doesn't bother my stomach either

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water AND cum

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Its yogurt water and salt. Of youre feeling fancy add a bit of lemon or dried mint