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I made carbonara

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sauce is abit too watery but looks decent anon

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Sauce up-close

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It could use some peas and parmesan.

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How do I know you’re British

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glad to hear it
but why didn't you post it?

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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Carbonara, is in fact, Carbonara/peas, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, Carbonara plus peas. Carbonara is not a dish unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning Italian system made useful by the peas, cream, and vital chili components comprising a full dish as defined by Gordon Ramsay.
Many home cooks prepare a modified version of Carbonara every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of Carbonara plus Peas which is widely used today is often called “Carbonara”, and many of its eaters are not aware that it is basically the Carbonara system, developed by Italian and British chefs. There really is a Carbonara, and these people are eating it, but it is just a part of the system they use.
Carbonara is the base: the noodles and egg in the system that allocate the dish's pecorino to the other ingredients that you eat. The noodles are an essential part of a dish, but useless by themselves; they can only function in the context of a complete dish. Carbonara is normally used in combination with the peas: the whole system is basically Carbonara with peas added, or Carbonara/Peas. All the so-called “Carbonara” distributions are really distributions of Carbonara/Peas.

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Let’s hear your critique

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gonna cram this post up my you-know-what

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Nuh uh, you made shite. A nice big bowl of shite.

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No, I did

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But does it respect my freedom?

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looks good
the pancetta is a little bit too big but doesn't look bad

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Do you people have a cheese allergy? Where's the pecorino?

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Stop replacing the Pancetta with bacon anon. It's acceptable in an emergency but the bacon is too intense for the sauce

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That’s panceta

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where the fuck is the black pepper?

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No you didn't. That's horse shit as well.
No it doesn't. There are no spaghetti, there is no pancetta and there is no proper cheese in either of these dishes. There's no shame in not knowing something. Pretending to know something while you clearly don't will get you ridiculed.

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What do you need pepper for? I am not preserving it, I am eating it now.

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NTA but the carbonaras ive had always had cracked black pepper in it

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>TOC to entry team, EMS has been notified

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Looks fine, I think your pasta's not really grabbing the sauce though. Try using a thinner pasta so less sauce ends up on the plate
This is bacon on spaghetti

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Nice. I always scramble the fucking sauce. I might resort to just making it in a double boil setup because I'm shit at getting it right in the pan.

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>pic rek
You JUST might be the dumbest nigga alive.

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It's neither bacon nor pancetta. Who cares anyway? Snob opinions disregarded.

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>double boil
you don't really need it (even though it can help); just put a bit of water aside, let it cool a bit and *slowly* put it in a bowl with egg yolks (and some whites if you want) and a lot of parmesan until you get the right consistency; my tip is leave the sauce a bit thicker than you think because it will inevitably get watered down by the water that sticks to the pasta

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it just looks like you came on a bowl of pasta