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I went to my first one tonight (one star) and it did not disappoint

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>he goes to restaurants on Saturday night
ngmi, kid

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El Charro? Charo? W.e Cafe in Tucson. They pride themselves as having had michelin star or stars. Idfk. Suspect cause they also say they're the oldest us Mexican spot.. was solid af but didn't blow my pants off. Meh. Do the investigation for me.

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How many establishments just get a star and drop off the map? I saw a super cool lad bible or something about a ramen shop in NY I think with a super small workforce that had 3 i think.. and the whole point of the video was trying to keep up with new demand and retaining their rating. I think. Idk. Been a while. Respect for any who doesn't rest on their laurels and just broadcast their stupid tire rating.

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I dont eat at establishments that partake in scams

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brehs... is this real?


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Aren't One Star Michelin restaurants typically considered the worst of the restaurants with Michelin Stars?

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A very homosexual question

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No restaurant in Tuscon has ever had a Michelin star.

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El Charro is not in the Michelin Guide at all. It is the oldest restaurant in Tucson, and claims to have invented the chimichanga, but that's about it.

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Well THANK you cause it wasn't a.azing and it claims a star. Yall the best. Knew it was a scamaroo.

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They claim a lot of shit as well as some ahithole in Phoenix thst hosted Bill Clinton and Obama and since then has made just as many false claims.

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Calm down, you're still a tastelet because El Charro is amazing

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Chimichangas suck butt.

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The state of Michigan should award Michigan Stars to their top eateries.

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>a tire company told me it was good to eat here

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It was great! But when the tire rating company stands by something it should be better than great. I can name 9 other better experiences at less meme places.

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You realise that sometimes it's not warranted.
Most of the time it's above average food. But make no mistake, not all places with amazing food have it. The best ban mian I have ever eaten in my life is a small stall in the back of Singapore University of Technology and Design canteen. It's one of the best meals I have ever eaten in my life also. They will never get a star because the pussy ass bitch niggas that work for the tire company will never find it out

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Looking at the guide... no.

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michelin stars involve service as well, dumbshit

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I was looking at the actual guide, and it is SPARSE. Like most cities don't even fucking exist. It's not like I expect Podunk, USA to be on the guide, but zero fucking restaurants for major coastal US cities? And I know for a fact from travel there are some mighty fine eats to be had out in some of those places.

DC had tons of entries though. Apparently there is a BBQ joint on the list for DC, so that tells me that these fucks just don't make it around enough to actually star places. If these shmucks can't star BBQ joints with literal walls full of award plaques from competitions, something is wrong with them.

So yeah, don't place any faith in the list. Shit isn't even complete. These tards probably went to NYC and DC and called it complete.

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I've been to an awesome as fuck steakhouse where the steak was PERFECT. Everything was on point: service, sides, bread, steak, wine, dessert. Everything picture fucking perfect. No star. That shit does not compute. It's even in the $$$$ category, so richfags should masturbate to it. The only think that makes sense, is that the guide is incomplete.

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>the guide is incomplete.
No, it only includes notable places as per the original concept. It is a travel guide by a tire company. It's not a list of every restaurant, but one which picks interesting places to go while traveling. Nice steak places exist in most cities. Unique one off restaurants do not.

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>hurr durr
Many places offer bare to no service and excellent food, and get the star all the same. Retard.
Nice way of outing you as someone completely ignorant about the subject btw. Enjoy no replies

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Post pics fag. You know you took em you fancy pants.

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A shame one dumb fat cunt on her period or a dude raging about his loss on gains on his new keto diet could fuck your entire business' chance to be on the tire guide.

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I did not take any pictures, but this was the menu:

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The Michelin Star guide doesn't exist in Canada

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You got a chuckle out of me, anon.

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The whole point is to highlight restaurants that are worth the trip. If it's not worth taking a long drive to a different metro area to try, it's not worth a star. Most even very good restaurants won't qualify.

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Well darn! Appreciate it tho.

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Yes, I just went to one for the first time earlier this year. Basically:
>at LAX, about to catch flight back to Australia after skiing in Colorado for a while (no direct Denver to Sydney flights)
>Delta announces the flight is overbooked
>Get $2000 USD and an upgrade to Premium Economy to fly out two days later
>immediately look for a Michelin starred restaurant that doesn't need reservations way ahead of time
>after seeking out every restaurant near the airport, find a booking opened up at Nozawa Bar (1 michelin star) the day before my new flight
>get to the restaurant, extremely low key location and decor despite being in Beverly Hills
>maitre d' at the front looks at me suspiciously, but I show him the reservation email on my phone
>take my seat, place feels fairly crowded despite only having like 10 seats overall
>for 20 courses, I get a broad spread of sushi, mostly nigiri, all fantastic quality
>my favourites were the sardine, halibut, lobster, and ikura (salmon egg roe)
>some of the squid dishes were a little weird (I'm not used to eating squid so it didn't bother me overall)
>god tier green tea
Overall for $225 it was a nice send-off for my holiday, especially because I had been on a tight budget while skiing- food at any big Rockies ski resort is a massive rip off if you're eating on the mountain. I didn't take any photos because I just wanted to enjoy the experience for what it was, but happy to ask any questions if people want to know more

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Was it in a town that already has a Michelin Guide? They only rate restaurants in regions that already have a guide.
What's funny to me is that Disney World/Orlando has over 30 Michelin-starred restaurants, while Philadelphia has zero.

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>Linking to him
I wish children didn't get weekends off school

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That video is almost unwatchable.

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Ive been to several 1 and 2 star places in europe. Interestingly there is a notable jump in quality from 1 to 2. Go for the biggest tasting menu if there is a choice and dont get the drink package unless you want to ball. Too much alcohol so you wont be able to focus once the third course comes out

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This has been my experience in the US as well. Unless you're a hardcore tastelet we've all eaten 1-star caliber food in our lives, it's just not that amazing. 2 star is when shit starts to get experimental - a lot of fags think that means pretentious bs like from The Menu but in reality it means new flavors and combinations you've never had in your life.

We eat thousands of meals ever year, to have something unique is a novelty most of us lose by adulthood. Eating at 2-3 star places is like eating ice cream for the first time as a kid

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A few. Generally the restaurants that are on the list but don't have a star tend to be much better value for money.

Orlando for instance has 24 restaurants on the list but only 3 of them have a star.

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