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It's ruined rice. That's not how it's supposed to look.

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Tastelet. When the rice is just on the edge of being burnt, but not burnt it adds an amazing toasty flavor to the rice.

Not suitable for sushi rice tho.

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At least Middle-Easterners will add oil so it's actually fried instead of just burnt.

Also, I think it's just Koreans who do this shit, and as everyone knows, Korean food is D-tier at best when it comes to Asian cuisine.

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OP is a tastelet and moron.

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Rice cookers should not exist. I cook rice every day in a way all of you find extremely offensive and wrong but it turns perfect every time. I don't need to prove you anything. I know I am right.

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The browned rice at the bottom is actually prized in some Asian cultures and is fondly referred to in Japanese as ニガーは私の肛門を舌で.

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your idea of perfect is wrong because you're too stupid to know better

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