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I went to a black people bar and grill and tried the chicken and waffles.

When was the last time you supported a black owned restaurant?

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i don't think i have

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I watched Badlands Chugs earlier today

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Actually, I got Jamaican take away in 2019, so then.

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I let them pay their rent late all the time and don't charge a fee. Best I can do for the lads. Certainly not eating there though because eww

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Is that sugar on the chicken? Come on, Americans please don't put sugar on it, you did so well with the fried chicken already...

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Got bbq from a jamaican place on the side of the road in florida last year. It was actually really hood cheap bbqslop but I didn't like how the girl chopped up the brisket instead of leaving it sliced

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Once a week

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Why is this a combination for you guys? Why do you eat what is basically I light cake with fried chicken? I just don't get it.

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Never. Wait I went to an ethiopian place once. Once, maybe I'm assuming it was black owned.

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This looks so good! I had this once at a spot called Roscoes.

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How does a nigga own a bar did nigga steal it?

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I've occasionally ended up in bars that catered to a black clientele before (because friends took me along there) and I always found them really unpleasant. Just not my thing sadly

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Hah, me too. Some food cart rolled up one time and I tried their jerk chicken. Was meh.

It was probably Myra's. She got a restaurant out a few towns over now instead of the food truck prior to the pandemic, so no more po'boys for my ass. Real shame, it was fucking nice being able to grab a po'boy at work. Fortunately they are stupid easy to make at home, so I just started doing that. Even figured out a sauce mix for it that bangs.

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I don't support criminals.

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Niggers put powdered sugar on wings I’ve seen it many times.

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I cant remember the last time i saw a black person.
I wouldnt mind a soul food place, but its unlikely to pop up in the rural northwest any time soon.

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