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Why do people even eat take out anymore
>Overpriced as shit
>Pay for delivery
>No deals anymore since companies figured out they can double the prices and give you 50% off to get perpetually promoted by the app
>90% of it is flour, rice and potatoes they are filling you with the cheapest feed they can get
Not even the animals in animal farm had it this bad
Even cooking has become expensive but this shit is in another level, people 100 years ago got a thick slice of beef sloppa for dinner, I keep hearing how good we have it because there is so much diversity in our diets and so many options for food. We're is it? All I see are different flavors of ground beef and chicken with some cheese on top

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>food always arrives lukewarm at best. Most of the time you have to reheat it.
>more expensive than eating it directly at the restaurant, but you still have to do additional work like transferring it in a plate or washing the dishes (unless you're a savage who eats food directly in the plastic containers)
>all that single use plastic that you have to throw away (you don't have to be a filthy hippie to be concerned about that)

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Only in the USA. In my country food delivery is most of the time a good deal. I hate americans.

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