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Tell me your best story about the celery stalks!!

>> No.19065695

I hate celery, smells like piss

>> No.19065698

I had to call the police, go to court and get a restraining order so now celery stalks someone else.

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This bitch was stalking me, I told her the ants weren't mine!

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I used to love it but the lately it makes me nauseous

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I used to have a hard time eating it but the lately I eat it like potato chips

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i have learned about juicing and they have improved my health
celery cream soup is also yum
i r8 them 8/8 m8

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Tastes good, imparts tasty nitrates and it has improved my cooms :D

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Dole is eviler than Nestle.

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I only ever use it for putting in tuna salad

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Unsung hero of the battlefield.

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taste good, but i can't afford to may so much for so little nutrition when a pound of kale is right there for the same price

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i made that for home ec once for a healthy snack assignment. got a b+

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>be me
>put peanut butter on celery stalk
>eat it
yeah, it seems a bit unbelievable, but it happened

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foul, tastes bitter, smells bad too

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i use it to make vegetable broth which i drink like tea

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I ate them

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lay the outer woody ones in the roasting pan with the chicken or turkey on top
let's some air get under, flavor the dripping

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i dont have any celery but you anons that do should try mixing cottage cheese, blue cheese and green onions and dipping the celery in it and eating it!

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Better melt blue cheese in cream, superior dip

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I mean it’s part of the trinity of mirepoix but who other than trannies and old ladies keeps it in their fridge, unlike onions and carrots

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is such a thing even possible

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