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Are you a Strawberry Lemon Mint, Mango Yuzu Citrus, or Fuji Apple Cranberry gurl?

I can't stop filling up on large SLM's 3-4 times per day. Normies pay $5.49 each, but I'm in the Endless Sip Club--checkmate, Panera.

Gamers and Mtn Dew incels need not reply.

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You sound like you're extremely obese.

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Sometimes you need to water the tree of liberty with some caffeinated corn syrup

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Was that clever in your mind?

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It's the price of freedom. Why do you hate our freedoms?

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You're not free. You're a slave of your huge stomach.

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holy shit, plant-based lemonade... what will they think of next?

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I am a loving devotee of the consumptive arts who bends the knee to the will of hedonism. I have but one life to live

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I'm still waiting on true 0-calorie water

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C-can I just have a r-regular uncharged lemonade?

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are they really calling lemonade plant based

surely that is an error

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