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Excessive amount eggs. What do?

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invite a troubled woman into your domicile

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if you bake you can crack them into something freezer safe and freeze them. you can make pickled eggs. when I had chickens I could always find someone who wanted some

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all the eggs

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You can preserve them for years by using pickling lime in water. I forget the ratios but it is readily available online.

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build a fort and make egg sandwiches

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I give mine to neighbors, they like it and put up with the rooster calls and my normal bs.

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put them out for sale in front of your house. around here you'd have at least $40 worth of eggs in that pic

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True, I used to have to kind of "push" eggs on neighbors like when I'd see them I'd be like here have some eggs
Now they come over with empty cartons and I fill them up if I have the eggs, no charge other than conversation

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Till your garden then sew them.
Water daily and you'll have grown some eggplants.

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i literally built a fort and made egg sandwhiches today. wtf.

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Look up water glassing eggs. You can store them raw for at least 1 year. I do this before winter to have eggs when chooks don't lay

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pickled eggs bby, or you can store them long term like this guy

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>Pickled eggs
>Egg whites into angel food
>Salt cure the yolks
>Dehydrated them and save the powder
>Egg drop soup
>Feed them to your dog
>Eat them
>Sell them
>Throw them at your enemies

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2 eggs for breakfast every day will make a start, just cook them a different way when you get bored
boil a half dozen at a time to keep in the fridge as snacks
pickle the remainder for longer shelf life snacks

I'd avoid baking though, that's just gonna make you fat fast

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Neat, never heard of that before. How do they turn out?

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you can make mayonaise, and then a bunch of different flavored mayonaeses, then you can hardboil the rest, and split those into seperate meals.

hardboiled egg as is, hardboiled egg on a salad, hard boiled egg on a sandwhich, devil'd eggs, ect. and as other anons said, use them in baked goods. cakes, cookies, pancakes, breads, ect.

and obviously you can just do regular breakfast eggs: scrambled, fried, sunny side up/down, ect. I think people also make tarts and various kinds of puddings with eggs but i have no experience with that.

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Build an egg fort to trap a sad looking Asian man.

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Loads and loads of custard!

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find a prostitute

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Make tortillas

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for me it's lemon curd
and meringue
chef john's blueberry lemon pavlova was good

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2 months of breakfast burrito that are frozen with bacon n cheese

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korean marinated eggs (mayak gyeran) is pretty good

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post tortilla recipe that includes eggs

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Why not fry up some egg burgers?

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that’s like a weeks worth lmfao

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They meant frittata judging from pic theyre right just fucking stupid

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it's a spanish omelette

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Historically you made pasta with it and store it that way over winter.

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toomanyeggs dot com

Free PDF cookbook.

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Here's a free recipe book to help ya out

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