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Excessive amount eggs. What do?

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invite a troubled woman into your domicile

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if you bake you can crack them into something freezer safe and freeze them. you can make pickled eggs. when I had chickens I could always find someone who wanted some

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all the eggs

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You can preserve them for years by using pickling lime in water. I forget the ratios but it is readily available online.

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build a fort and make egg sandwiches

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I give mine to neighbors, they like it and put up with the rooster calls and my normal bs.

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put them out for sale in front of your house. around here you'd have at least $40 worth of eggs in that pic

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True, I used to have to kind of "push" eggs on neighbors like when I'd see them I'd be like here have some eggs
Now they come over with empty cartons and I fill them up if I have the eggs, no charge other than conversation

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Till your garden then sew them.
Water daily and you'll have grown some eggplants.

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i literally built a fort and made egg sandwhiches today. wtf.

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Look up water glassing eggs. You can store them raw for at least 1 year. I do this before winter to have eggs when chooks don't lay

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pickled eggs bby, or you can store them long term like this guy

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>Pickled eggs
>Egg whites into angel food
>Salt cure the yolks
>Dehydrated them and save the powder
>Egg drop soup
>Feed them to your dog
>Eat them
>Sell them
>Throw them at your enemies

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2 eggs for breakfast every day will make a start, just cook them a different way when you get bored
boil a half dozen at a time to keep in the fridge as snacks
pickle the remainder for longer shelf life snacks

I'd avoid baking though, that's just gonna make you fat fast

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Neat, never heard of that before. How do they turn out?

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you can make mayonaise, and then a bunch of different flavored mayonaeses, then you can hardboil the rest, and split those into seperate meals.

hardboiled egg as is, hardboiled egg on a salad, hard boiled egg on a sandwhich, devil'd eggs, ect. and as other anons said, use them in baked goods. cakes, cookies, pancakes, breads, ect.

and obviously you can just do regular breakfast eggs: scrambled, fried, sunny side up/down, ect. I think people also make tarts and various kinds of puddings with eggs but i have no experience with that.

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Build an egg fort to trap a sad looking Asian man.

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Loads and loads of custard!

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find a prostitute

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Make tortillas

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for me it's lemon curd
and meringue
chef john's blueberry lemon pavlova was good

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2 months of breakfast burrito that are frozen with bacon n cheese

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korean marinated eggs (mayak gyeran) is pretty good

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post tortilla recipe that includes eggs

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Why not fry up some egg burgers?

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that’s like a weeks worth lmfao

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They meant frittata judging from pic theyre right just fucking stupid

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it's a spanish omelette

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Historically you made pasta with it and store it that way over winter.

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toomanyeggs dot com

Free PDF cookbook.

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Here's a free recipe book to help ya out

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Is that poopy on the eggy in the purple basky? kinda yucky ngl

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cramming can cause bleeding, unless you hardboil them and peel them first

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Hardboil and dye them for Easter and hide them in places you’ll forget about until you’re hit with the smell of them rotting

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3 eggs for breakfast each day, shakshouka or egg curry for lunch and dinner.

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I once saw a webm here of a man surrounded by eggs, like he was in an egg fort. He was frying the eggs and then making a sandwich. His expression was surly, but he made the sandwiches with masterful skill. You should make sandwiches and sell them to people like him.

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that sounds made up
if he was surrounded by an egg fort there would be no way for him to get out of it

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It's been so long my mind might be playing tricks, but I could swear he was surrounded by eggs. To be honest I don't think he wanted to get out.

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Egg noodles.
As much flower it takes to make a dry shaggy dough.
(about 4 cups of flower to 1 dozen eggs)
Role out and cut.
Let set for a few hours to dry
freeze or boil(~25 minutes if thick) and enjoy the best noodles you may ever taste.

Pic unrelated

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Eggs go in the funnel.

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invite a woman into your eggfort

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That poor wo..
carry on!

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You could make loaves of brioche and use them instead of bread.

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Fuck that looks tasty

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How would he get out?

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>boiling egg noodles for 25 minutes
u wot
they take like 2 minutes

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Slonk them all.

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It's incredibly tasty and not difficult to make. The limiting factor for most people is that you need a lot of eggs, but that isn't a problem of OP so I'd say make as many loaves as you can eat.

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Send them to me.

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This, if you have an abundance of chickens producing eggs for you and you're NOT sharing with your neighbors as payment for putting up with the rooster, you're probably an asshole.

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And trap himself inside?!

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Quiche. Also deviled eggs.

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tortilla espanola and flan for desert

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Trust me bro it wont hurt them, these aren't noodles for the faint of heart. i've gone as thick as 1/4th an inch and as long as 45 minutes and they hold up just fine. Family always ask me to make them for thanksgiving because they are 10x better than anything you'll find in the store.

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I dumped my egg whites in my ramen and it smelled really good bros
unlike raw egg whites

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mayo, you can store it for a long time.

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Attempt the tamagoyaki from Jiro Dreams of Sushi

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That doesn't work with raw eggs unfortunately, we tried that as kids. The shell collapses from the sudden movement forward. Meatballs on the other hand work great and make a very satisfying splat when they hit.

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>The shell collapses from the sudden movement forward.
Weak, thin shells from calcium-deprived chickens.

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Camel's drool

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sell them

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Feed them back to the chickens.

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Raw egg yolk and heavy cream is a great way to consume eggs. Otherwise I'll add raw egg yolks to fried rice and veg mix for some extra flavor. Use the raw egg whites for fertilizer.

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Feeding something back to it's own species is just asking for diseases to spread.

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I think it's fine to feed them eggs, but you shouldn't feed them meat.

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There are no known diseases from feeding chicken eggs.

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Damn those must have been some chunky noodles. With a rolling pin it's hard to get them thin enough that they become mushy when cooked, but if you have a pasta roller on the lowest setting anything beyond 45 seconds in the water is too much.

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prion disease

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If you feed eggs to chickens, scramble them first so they don't get a taste for pecking into their own raw eggs.

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Get some pee(preferably from young boys) and pickle them. The chinese were on to something

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Prions are a mammal only protein

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I could eat a dozen deviled egegs every day with ease

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Hard boil them first. EZPZ

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I had a similar predicament, I made all mine into hard boiled eggs and made a giant batch of egg salad and brought it into work for everyone.

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imagine the farts

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