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Question for people who think onions taste good in everything. What the fuck would you do with this quantity of onions? I always thought of onions as something to use sparingly, maybe in soup or as a garnish on meat that you set aside before consuming the protein. What are people caramelizing this quantity of onions for??

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>I always thought of onions as something to use sparingly
Well you're wrong.

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>What are people caramelizing this quantity of onions for??

French Onion Soup.

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Don't you get tired of onion juice oozing out of your pores after eating them? I can't get rid of the smell for days, no matter how hard I scrub or how much soap I use. I swear it seeps out of my skin.

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Shut up you fucking retard, millions of humans existed before you and ate onions, and here you are thinking you're special. Fuck off.

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Honestly, I could eat a whole bowl of caramelized onions. The perfect way to turn a hellish, bitter vegetable to something edible.

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extra onions for me, please

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>using onions sparingly

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Why caramelize them at all?

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I put my onions in the onion burgers

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It gives a different flavor profile to the onions and whatever dish you add it to. When you caramelize the onions you remove the water content which intensifies the natural flavor and makes them very sweet yet full of umami richness. Raw onions are good too, both have their purpose and uses

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>very sweet yet full of umami richness.
full of what

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>What the fuck would you do with this quantity of onions?
Have a delicious dinner

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Caramelized onions are great, caramelizing onions is hell. Don't believe recipes saying it only takes 10 minutes, that's bullshit.

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onions are not at all bitter

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No I love onions and garlic
someone post the webm of the hippy guy making a fried onion sandwich

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I'm not saying I don't like the flavor. I'm saying they are unsuitable for human consumption, like asparagus.

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I eat a good amount of onions and garlic every day and I'm pretty sure I don't smell like it. It must be an exclusive problem with fat americans like you. I'm not even american, I'm quite skinny and healthy.

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>What the fuck would you do with this quantity of onions?

Eat them retard.
If you're cooking a pan full of onions, you obviously like onions and your intention is to fucking eat them.

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Please, for the love of God, kill yourself.

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You too should also remove yourself from the gene pool. You say irrational things for the sake of making other people feel mad. You shouldn't exist.

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Motherfucker I could eat that entire pan as is.

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I'd keep them in the fridge. They can last about 3 days before they turn into unholy slime, though they're still edible for about twice as long.
And use oil if you want to keep them in the fridge. Butter tastes better but it fossilizes the item when you put it in the fridge.

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caramelizing vastly reduces the stinky spicy allicin. They turn sweet. Try it sometime.

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>I know this world is killing you

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The primary use for a large pan of caramel onions is to either a) make french onion soup, or b) make burger/steak sandwiches toppings.

- Add mushrooms and you have a hamburg steak topping. Or topping for steaks in general.

Onions are great. They work in all sorts of soups and stews, they work caramelized, they work as a raw topping, they even are great pickled. One of the most versatile veggies out there.

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Depends on the onion. The more sulfur, the more acrid and bitter they'll taste (and the more they'll make you tear up while chopping them). Also, if you chop onions and leave them out, they'll get more bitter over time.

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Put in burgers. Caramelized onions go really well with quinky sauce

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... really not seeing the issue here with that amount of onions bud.
If you're making a 2 pound beef roast, that's a proper amount of onions for folding into its gravy.
If you're making Mexican food, that's a proper amount of onions for mixing in with about 1-2 pounds of meat.
If you're making Subs, that's a good amount for about 3-4 hoagies.
If you're making soup, that's good for about 6-8 bowls of Chicken tomato basil, tortilla soup, or a number of other types.

Like, if you're making food for one single sitting and nothing more, yeah, that's a lot, but if your'e making for multiple people or for having lots of prepped food for the coming week, its honestly not a large amount of onions. My only quibble is that they're a bit largely cut, which reduces the number of recipes that they'll easily fit into. (For example, if your'e making chili or pasta sauce I think they should be cut smaller)

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sulfur doesn't have a tast, it only has a smell. Do you when know what an onion is?

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That isn't really enough onions for the curries that use it as a base.
What's being an autistic tastelet like?

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French onion soup.

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>word :|
>japanese word >:(

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eat them

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Cut them way smaller, saute them and wait until they dissolved and thickened the sauce you're making. I'm smuggling a ton of onions into everything and people never notice.
I don't like caramelised onions as a garnish though but prefer raw onions.

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kek. that's so dumb but I couldn't let it go unappreciated.

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The only reason people like onions is their bloodline has already been lost to demonic influence, the heavy taste of sulfur tastes good to them because it reminds them of the hell they will be spending eternity in

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Fresh onions are great on burgers, hotdogs, etc. You can also use them for salads and soups. Caramelized onions are gutter trash, destroys their flavor completely, not good on anything. It's a French thing, I think. Frying onions. Disgusting.

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Probably a soup or sauce. Could put in a jar and use for sandwiches later. Maybe throw in some meat and make some filling for a meat pie. Who knows.
Onions are good for you snd they are cheap so I admit I put them in everything.
Those onions aren't caramelized yet, just fried. When they are fully caramelized they will be half if not less of the volume you see in the pan. They reduced quite a lot. So in the end its not that much.

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Are you one of those Europoors that don't bath daily or use deodorant?

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as another anon pointed out, onions are very cheap and loaded with potent antioxidants.

caramelized onions are excellent in pastas, sandwiches, in spreads and dips, and of course the iconic french onion soup. they lend a sweet, rich flavor to anything you add them to.

i love a crunchy, sharp, raw onion too. especially thin sliced in a hot bowl of pho or on top of any asian noodle dish. i don't know what happened but after i turned 30 i started onionmaxxing hard and seeing their true value. gotta have them.

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>t. tastelet

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I use instant onion soup
Peeling is fuck
I am trash man
475754747474 I used onions

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I like using 1kg of meat and 1kg of onions in my stews
I think onion tastes great
Also caramelising onions takes a lot of time, you might as well cook a lot

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It’s the opposite, alliums repel malevolent spiritual entities. This is why vampires hate garlic. Begone, demonposter!

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lmfao queens a reptile and she hates garlic and onion. same with heston blumenthal. can’t trust these cunts

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umami means savoury. anyone who says "umami" even ironically is a cock gobbling cum guzzling faggot

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could not agree more

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Doesn't cooking them destroy the anti-oxidants though? I was under the impression most cooked vegetables and fruit lose like 50% or more of their true nutritional value.

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If you consume the run off moisture/liquid then its a none issue.

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is there a bigger sign of a tastelet than not liking onions?

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It certainly reveals that they are probably an underaged poster.

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I love caramelized onion
Im gonna fry up an entire one today and eat it with some noodles

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It's probably like the cilantro thing only they haven't isolated it yet if it exists. I also know somebody that was allergic to onion, poor bastards.

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