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any flavor maxing fit bros here?

what kind of recipes do you eat if you are trying to get lean? i can barely fit chicken tendies + oatmeal + protein shake and I can barely have room for more calories.

some of my recipes are steaks, steak sandwich with feta cheese + onion, braised beef, chicken alfredo, chicken parmesan.... roasted chicken.... that's pretty much it....
oh, god; i want to fucking end it.

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i want milk

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I will take my government-issued latina now please

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god i would worship her asshole

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unreal tits
holy shit

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can we please stay on topic?

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five onions and two garlic

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urge to SIMP rising

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I am keeping abreast of this thread

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Hello I came

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I mean if your goal is a real bodybuilding cut I'd recommend just sticking to your macros and a normal cut plan. Which sadly has a lot of bland ass food. But if your just trying to casually change your body composition Id just eat a normal body building meal plan, then cook one nice meal per day. which for me is usually dinner I.e. Breakfast: cream of wheat, 1 scoop protein powder in water, 30g peanut butter, banana, Lunch: Chicken breast, brown rice, broccoli spinach. Dinner: something actually good, a normal recipe that fills the rest of macros for the day up.

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those will hit the floor the second she undresses

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W childreno!

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You can add shit to lean proteins.
My go tos are
>garlic and onion powder
>smoked chipotle powder
>cajun seasoning powder
You get the idea. Mix & match different stuff to make different flavors. Chicken breast is by far the most versatile for dry seasonings since not a lot of things work with pork.
Also you can try some hot sauces too, it works well with chicken breast

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Fuck that shit. Just add sriracha. Delicious and healthy and you'll never ever get sick of it.

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Sriracha from the normal rooster brand is not healthy, the sky valley brand is though

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If I’m trying to get lean i just suck, i mean eat, boobs, i mean boobs, fuck, i mean tits, fuck Latina boob milk, i mean fuck. I eat chicken boobs. Damnit. Chicken tits, Fuck. Latina Chicken breasts. Omg. Bro

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It's healthy as fuck nigger.

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can you uh repeat the question

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I pray to the great gods of sexo for her continued health and wellbeing.

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she has the perfect tomboy face and it's totally ruined by her female breasts

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>what kind of recipes do you eat if you are trying to get lean?
Do this thing called a caloric deficit and ignore anti-CICO weenies

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those will hit my face the second she undresses

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this is someone's mommy

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