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Best burger I've ever ate (forgot to mention the bbq sauce I added to mine)

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i just like burger
bun, burger, onion, pickle, bun

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>thick ass hockey puck burgers
>non-American cheese

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yummy preground pepper! more dust flavor please!!

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egg don't belong on burgers

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>not making your burger patties thick and juicy
>"American" (chemical) cheese

Just admit you're used to eating fast food burgers
You should really try it. A sunny side up egg really adds a level of savory that shouldn't be slept on.

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Fair enough but you should experiment more with flavors.

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>every popular burger restaurant in the country does thin burgers with American cheese
>N-no! They're all wrong! My shitty burgers that I made on my cheap charcoal grill are better!

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>choosing to eat dried up, skinny, pathetic grey patties over thick and juicy man patties
Damn bro who shit in your coffee this morning

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>thinking your options are limited to mcdonalds or some fat asses' brick patties

if you want your burgers dripping with fat then be my fuckin guest

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I absolutely want my burgers dripping with fat. That's literally where half of the flavor comes from lol

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what seasoning? i like the smashburger by chef jean pierre a lot with red robin seasoning and grilled onions

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Salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, a small bit of paprika, and brown sugar. Toasted the buns in cayenne and brown sugar. All cooked in butter and beef fat.

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Personally I think those smash burgers are extremely overrated and don't really make sense on why you'd literally smash all of the flavor out.

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I mean like, how could a French man know how to cook a burger compared to a Texan? I don't try to cook spaghetti

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>cinnamon,... brown sugar.

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It adds sweetness to the savory that comes with the beef and egg and spice from the cayenne. A good mix

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idk seems to work to me it uses cheese papers so u dont smash it on a pan so the grease is contained in the meat

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Pimento cheese bacon burger. It was decadent and depraved.
I was low on groud beef to make a decent burger once. So I added an over-easy egg just to try the meme. Was really decent, if I remember right I had it with pepper-jack cheese and some sort of green hot sauce. It's legit.

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Just seems weak and beta to eat such a squished and flat patty. Like it's so lifeless and feminine compared to a thick and juicy patty that drips fat.

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Mushrooms belong on burgers, like how they belong on steak.
Looks good af even though pimento is personally to sharp for me
Yes, but you need 3 squished patties to make the same size of 1 regular patty. And then each of those patties is going to be maybe dry and definitely grey inside . Like 3 squished well done steaks. Gross

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>a egg

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Because a burger with a dark brown crispy crust is more flavorful and better tasting than a giant hunk of ground beef

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You forgot to cook the egg

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>great value

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For me, it was a gas station grill down from my Grandmother's house over 30 years ago

>Steamed potato bun
>1/3lb ground chuck burger
>Red Onion
>Dill Chips

Don't know if taste buds have deteriorated that bad or food quality has deteriorated that bad that I cannot replicated it.

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>seethes so much no one likes his terrible "burgers"
>makes another thread just for them
>no one likes them still

Fucking sad anon
Enjoy this last you I s'posse

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Smashburgers are superior. I've grown to like pimento cheese. Maybe I'll try it on a burger. Is there a sauce I should add to the burger or leave it sauce less due to the pimento spread?

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If I wanted thick cow meat, I'd get a steak. Also, any smashburger I've made is always juicy. I don't do fast food burgers anymore unless necessary.

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Kill yourself nigger.

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these look horrid
>great value butter
yea, checks out

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great value beef and cheese too

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I too am getting tired of seeing fried eggs on everything.

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Where does the other half come from?

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steamed hams


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>egg on burger

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>have to unhinge jaw to take single bit just so everything can slide out back
kind of defeats the purpose of making it a burger, don’t you think?

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It can be pretty good for a breakfast burger.
That said, OP's picture is not a good example of a good egg burger.