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Easy veggies.
What are the easiest and most practical veggies to eat?
Tomato, pic related, carrots, tomatoes and zucchini are the most practical IMO
But i have eaten orange foods into carotenemia and am allergic to tomatoes.
What do you eat for veggies?

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Celery and carrots are easily the easiest to eat

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I remember eating that type of pumpkin before. My mom would always buy some, and my favourite way to eat it.
>a bunch of olive oil
>cook until its browned and crispy.

one time ate it with rice, and sautéed onions. most delicious meat replacement ever

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baby spinach. i throw it in everything.
you can put cabbage in any asian noodle/rice dish and it'll taste good. also good in eastern european food, obviously. can be eaten plain as chips too.
i've recently gotten really into brussels sprouts. raw or caramelized shaved ones make an easy side.
cucumber, celery, and bell peppers are great raw.

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Shorter list for me would be veg I won't eat: san choy. That's it.
Just today, I ate:
Red lettuce
Bell pepper
Pea leaves

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