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itt; god tier sodas

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the orange and bitter orange of this are based, the rest not so much

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I drank one of the orange variety once with the foil peel off caps while high on marijuanas and it tasted AMAZING. I don't smoke often if ever. Tried it again once with a different flavor and did not feel as lovely. Was it the flavor or was it a chasing the dragon first high kinda situation? Does thst even happen with pots?

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it just tastes like blackberry soda very cool

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why is co2 so expensive
even sodastream refills costs money just for gay bubble water. CO2 is in the air. why isn't it free?

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they are good because they aren't too sweet. i like to mix the orange one 50/50 with white wine cause i'm fruity like that.

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Only 10 grams of sugar, actual juice, and plenty of caffeine. Fucking amazing

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You put the lime in the Coke, you nut
And you drink it all up!

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Th4se are godly and they went away for a good 5 years then came back strong. Based Bing poster. You try the black berry, blueberry, green apple and.. the gold one?

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Without the caffeine, it tastes like carbonated sugar water.
And it's less addictive than cocaine.

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Does your soda have 23 flavors? No?
Then it's SHIT.

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I may get some heat for this but idc

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Jones is really good, but it is still overrated.

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Unironically diet pepsi.I can easily drink 4 liters of the stuff a day.

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Zevia or other decent zero calorie options.

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Except the part where zevia tastes like shit

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>100% vitamin c
>made with real juice

I'm annoyed that my local superstore stopped selling these, especially the blue menu version with reduced sugar. it was extra crispy.

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>>itt; god tier sodas

>posts sparkling fruit juice


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I got a variety pack and a 24 pack of cherry off Amazon.

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rip kidneys

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It's literally just prunes

Coke shits on Dr Fagger

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Paired with some Better Made chips for a real Detroit treat

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you were thirsty you fucking retard holy shit

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My bitch ex did like this boomer shit

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The best of espresso and soda in one bottle

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coming through

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post manbun

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I feel sorry for you lot. I really do.