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>hot sauce
>zombie apocalypse
can a sauce be MORE Reddit?

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yeah, it could say 4chan hot sauce

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Label thread. Post labels.

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it could be your thread

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is the hot sauce fad over?

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There never should've been a hot sauce fad to begin with. It's chilis blended with salt and vinegar. Don't tell me you can't add other shit. Like nutmeg, dried flowers, seaweed or smoked chestnuts.

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what most people think Harem with lots of chicks

what actually happens: A whale with a few lampreys.

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It's from Utah not California

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There's a YouTube interview show called Hot Ones that is the most reddit fucking thing imaginable. Until the show is cancelled the fad will never end.

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The chili garlic oil I made is destroying my anus and my nostrils when I shit. I'm going to have to stop eating it on weekdays, when I work, won't I?

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why do these labels all focus so heavily on the ass?

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Polygamy, not polyamory.

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that beer is based

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4 teh lulz

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these are all pretty based tbdesu

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jesus christ

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There is nothing more Reddit than caring about it on 4chinz

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Kek based

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is there any label that has a sexy cartoon lady with burning brapper?

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Find it for us, king

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based (upvote)

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Fucking mormons

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Why did hot sauces catch on with Reddit anyway?

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This is the cheapest spiciest store bought hot sauce you can get and it makes Taco Bell kino.

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>The adult lamprey may be characterized by a toothed, funnel-like sucking mouth
OP's kind of fish

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I bought this local sauce because a cute girl was selling it at the farmer's market.


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See you can just tell this understated sauce is far superior to these ow the edge products

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Anyone have the saucemonger copypasta?

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Ah... you think Secret Aardvark is your ally. You merely adopted the 'Vark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't taste Sriracha until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but MILD!

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>go to fancy restaurant
>order expensive food & wine
>survey available condiments
>sigh loudly, snap fingers to summon waiter
>Excuse me, boy, may I see your hot-sauce menu?
>"I'm sorry, sir, but we don't have one."
>Well, I already know what I want anyway. Fetch the Secret Aardvark, chop-chop.
>"The what, sir?"
>Se-cret Aard-vark? You know, the world's premier sauce?
>"Pardon me, sir, but I don't think we have that."
>Ah, so you ran out. That does tend to be a problem. You should inform your sauce-melier immediately. But fortunately... (wink & smile, reach inside jacket)... I always carry my own.

It's important to have this conversation loud enough for all patrons to hear.

Leave the bottle on the table with the logo facing outward. Before each bite, make a big show of opening the bottle, extracting a single drop of "red gold", and closing the bottle with a loud snap. Also frequently exclaim (to no one in particular) "Mmmm mmmm! That's my 'Vark!"

If anyone looks over, be sure to smile, wink, and hold up the bottle, in case they want to take a picture for social media. Of course you'll also want to get your own photo showing the bottle next to your meal and yourself leaning in, mouth agape at the zesty spice. (Don't forget to tag #varklife! One lucky winner this month will get a limited-edition Secret Aardvark® Nintendo Switch!™)

Last but not least, when paying the bill, on the "tip" line, write:

>'Vark goes great on 'za! :^)

In the #varklife, we call that a Coup d'Vark. #AlwaysVarkin

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I've never bought hot sauce. I've been given it a few times but I am now out. How do I know what is a good hot sauce? I know it's not about the labels which is crazy because the label is supposed to be representative of the sauce.


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if the label makes any kind of reference to farts, shits, or burning anuses then you are onto a winner

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More like Anglerfish.
Look it up.

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best post on /ck/