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anyone else deal with near constant anal leakage? i stopped eating pringles and it persists. what foods will seal me shut, so to speak? this is on topic, as the food i consume directly influences my stool

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Start taking Metamucil. People usually think more fiber = shitting more often but it doesn't. Metamucil basically just grabs everything up in a giant net in your stomach and lets you shit it all out at once.
You gotta take it every day though, if you only take it for a day or two and stop thinking it isnt working then you're doing it wrong. Do it consistently for over a week and you'll see results.
>t. GERD/IBS sufferer

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Obligatory Nikocado butthole meme.

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Damn beat me to it. I started taking Metamucil when my old man came down with ulcerative coliatas I got the whole " they don't really know what causes it but its probably partially inherited" talk. So I reasoned that some extra fiber to keep my ass running smoothly was wise.

What I didn't expect was it also instantly cured my frequent bouts of swamp ass. I have turned a bunch of my friends onto it as well since then. Such is life when your staring down 40.

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Have you considered cutting down on the anal sex just a bit?

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Open wine bottle. Drink wine. Cram cork. Wa lah.