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Pretzels and lamb breast. How did I do?

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My dog took a better looking shit twice today.

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Cursed meal. Did you deep fry those pretzels wtf? And breast is a poultry cut, not sure what the butcher tricked you with here, belly?

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Looks good, I'd add onion rings but that's just me.

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Decent for someone with a neurodegenerative disease

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Looks really good.

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Where be at the tater tots?

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those pretzels look like lamb intestine you left in the sun

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the pretzels were blanched for 30 seconds. ( baking soda gives them their color ) -> finished in the oven at 400 degrees for 12 minutes

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Don't stress about haters. It's somewhat likely that 1 or more of them are just twats that are heated about beef with another anon who roasts chicken similarly...

>poultry cut

Pic related. Sorry bro. It does look really good.

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Do an egg wash after the boil and they'll look a lot better, if you also work on the shaping kek. The lamb looks tasty though

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Next time take your baking soda and put it in the over for an hour at 300, this should cause it to become sodium carbonate, a much stronger base for dipping the pretzels in. Also do an eggwash.

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looks good, worth a bj

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meat looks good. Your pretzels don't really look like pretzels, but if the taste was there that's fine.

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Kill yourself next time.

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Kinda looks like shit