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There is literally no reason to make lasagna from scratch when this exists. Its cheaper and tastes better than a homemade one. Americans have Italian food down to a delicious science.

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> cheaper
Sounds like a poorfag's cope. If it tastes better than homemade it only means that you're a shit cook.

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this stuff was the first thing i made from scratch

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Just undressed her and put her in the oven. Soon my precious

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> her
try not to stick your two incher in her

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>He doesn't go to Traders Joe's to get the frozen lasagna for $6.95 that triumphs over all other frozen lasagna
What are you even doing at this point?

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>Traders Joe's


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the way to serve them is over a serving of garlic bread so that the sauce is soaked up by th e bread.

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That sounds good

Finished masterpiece

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This must be the worse looking food I've seen on this board in a week or so.

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OP is clearly a yankee because that opinion is batshit insane.

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Based and Stoufferspilled. Enjoy your meal anon.
t. enjoying my dinner now.

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Thanks anon

It's a "party size" and I ate half of it. Did they mean party of anorexics?

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half is only 1500 calories.
I eat these a lot. You should try the vegetable one next time.

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>all that sawdust cheese

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nope. my brother-in-law's lasagna is way better (of course he's full blooded italian)
even my mom's who isn't italian at all is way better than stouffers.

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>italian brother in law

You let your sister marry an italian? oof

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Based Saudi Arabian arranged marriages anon

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Islam is pretty based when it comes to dealing with women

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Only if by based you mean retarded you incel virgin

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Ive had lasagna at tons of places. Ive made lasagna homemade. Stouffers is the best lasagna you can eat, bar-none.

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Anon i have dated women and I have had plenty of sex with them. Its how I realized islam is right about women in general but not the whole vag mutilation thing.

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Don't eat cows you wouldn't want to be eaten by a cow would you

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You're gay

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Is the white stuff fungus?

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There is literally no reason to buy stoufers when Rana exists for about the same exact price

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the veggie one is better, i like it the next day cold with bbq sauce or ketchup

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>lasagna with meat sauce

Well OP, I gotta say if you're gonna eat Stouffers lasagna you should go with the kind that puts the emphasis on cheese, at least it's my opinion that the main appeal of lasagna is of cheese and creamy flavors, otherwise it's just like basic pasta and meat sauce with some moz

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people who are paid to advertise in discussion boards should be ground up and made into premade microwavable meals so that they provide actual value to the community.

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>cold with bbq sauce
Now you may be a retard for liking stouffers veggie lasagna, but this part is extremely real. Cold food is great, refreshing, and bbq sauce brings any leftovers back from the dead no matter what.

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Take your meds.

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Did you find the ring and become the evil lord?

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The veggie lasagna is pretty good though not as good as >>18955501 in my opinion

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>op always seems to have something to say, and instead looks like an ad, or trying to convince people here

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Stouffers lasagna medium rare, a man of true taste

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12 servings - how many people are joining you?

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Those things are a bit pricey for a home meal. Like $5 for the medium sized one for one person. And it's not enough for a full meal.
Definitely the most convenient option for home lasagna, but a real lasagna tastes better.

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Looks like my vomit if ate a real lasagna and got sick and puked it all out

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>tastes better than homemade

It sure as shit doesn't, but it tastes good enough and is super low effort. The only time you would make lasagna from scratch is for a special occasion.

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I divided it into 6 portions and ate half of them last night.

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>tastes better
wrong on both ends, get better bait if youre unironically shilling for stouffers, you know what im putting in the options of this post

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get this from Costco. comes in a pack of two, thats 6 lbs of lasagna. it shits on stouffers every day of the week

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Tell me you're gay without telling me you're gay.

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>announcing a sage

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there taking this brand away in my country soon. sucks because that lasagna is p good

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Stouffers that is owned by Nestle is discontinuing all their Frozen Food products.

Nestle does not want to cater to poor people since they are not considered human beings and just cogs in the machine

Look it up. You won't have Stouffers and Delicio Pizzas anymore soon

May your death be quick without the bother of others

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>There is literally no reason to make lasagna
A giant 3 sheets of pasta and a block of ricotta "cheese"? no thanks

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hey lasagna boy,
the vegetarian stouffers is way better

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Made myself a cheesy garlic and meat sauce stouffers lasagna.
Threw it in a baking dish so I could broil the top without burning the paper tray.

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very grim

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Muhfugga you have to brown the cheese under the broiler, are you actually too stupid to make frozen lasagna right?

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Homemade is definitely better because you can swap ingredients around as you please.

I fucking hate the texture of ricotta cheese so I make mine without it or with an extremely thin layer