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What's the verdi/ck/t?

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The only thing that is good at sonic is their ice.

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Makes sense considering all the Sonics within a 10-mile radius of me are shut down except one.

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>that's a melt, not a grilled cheese

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Toasted bread and melted cheese = grilled cheese

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Sonic hasn't had edible food in almost a decade. The only thing that is still ok is the foot long coney. All of their burgers and meat products are compromised and taste like death.
It's a real shame, they used to be god tier. But then they cut all of the corners at once and have never been the same since.

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The fried foods are pretty good actually

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Just had the spicy version of OP pic. It was good but more greasy than your average fast food burger.

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Its good.

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I don't like Sonic burgers normally but I actually liked these things. Of course they'll go away and I won't have any reason to order Sonic again.

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Sonic used to be really good 25 years ago. Back when the carhops were all high school girls on roller skates.

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Their ice cream is fantastic. Their burgers weren't actually all that bad for a fast food burger. Still not great, but it wasn't throw in the garbage bad. Tots are usually on point too. But as with everything, your localization crew matters. Who works there determines the quality.

I'll have to pop out to my local one and see what is up.

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I remember back when I was a kid and the busty teenaged carhops would bring me my jelly taquitos. Sonic used to be good