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Why are Italians so autistic about food?

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you can't possibly be well adjusted when you've got Italian flowing through your brain and out your mouth all day long

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You would be surprised how recent tomatoes were introduced into Italian cuisine

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isn't tomato sauce in carbonara amatriciana or some such? i need an italian

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The recipe that come out of the nyt food section are generally mediocre to bad. I've tried a few.

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Carbonara and amatriciana are 2 different things. Amatriciana is pretty much the same as carbonara but it swaps eggs for tomatoes.

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Enslaved race that grew up in very hard times for a very long time. The autistic pickiness is literally a genetic survival mechanism, in order to not have displeased their Roman masters and executed for it.

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They'd happily eat that. They're just austistic about what you call it.

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you can take a dish prepared 10 minutes ago from their nonna in her kitchen and give it to any italian, and they'll say "it's good, but it's not like growing up" or some shit excuse.
as much as i love italian, italians, and italian food, there's this subset of shitty personalities that pervade and were encouraged, which didn't actually help as their culture and food still permeated throughout the world

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It just doesn't has sense i mean that's not a carbonara anymore, just call it with another name and go for it.
Also i think amatriciana would be better if you want guanciale and tomatoes together...

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I don't care about what you eat, but what's the point of calling it carbonara if it's tomato based?
Does it even have eggs in it?

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Not many seem to get that.

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Italians thought tomatoes were poisonous until the 70s... I doubt I'll be taking any advice from them

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What? I thought that Italians used tomatoes first, while the rest of europe were going "ITS FUCKING NIGHTSHADE YOU DUMB DAGO WOP"

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I am bothered by this, and I am bothered even more that people don't seem to care.
Names are important. It's how we understand each other. Adding tomatoes makes perfect sense, just don't call it carbonara, because it isn't.

Why is proper using names so complicated for the anglos?

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Food is all they have, everything else about their country and culture sucks now, all the good shit was in the past. So when they see Americans improving it by adding fuckloads of meat or French just making it with superior technique they lose their shit, because without it they have nothing but their own corrupt state and impoverished society.

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building my own gastronomy and country with tomatillos

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Yeah right add tomatoes to one of the few pasta sauces that does NOT already contain tomatoes.

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based mexico civilizing them

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I can assure you we fucking didn't

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no you don't understand. it's carbonara. I just added tomatoes :)

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>italians autistic

its just historical revisionism.
>oey vey goyim, this isnt traditional cooking, its only been apart of the tradition for 500 years, but since it came from another region ITS NOT AUTHENTIC BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO HISTORY GOY

No I wouldnt be, because im on the fucking internet and can look it up in 5 seconds. Tomatoes reached europe in the fiften fucking hundreds.

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Reminder that Carbonara is a post-WW2 invention.

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huh. I thought the acid from the tomatoes would be enough to curdle / "cook" the warm eggs

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from my experience its the non-italians that try to be exotic and want to appear well-travelled that are autistic about food
most italians are just regular people that don't give a fuck if you make your carbonara with cream or american cheese

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because they care

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They still have soul.

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because we're good at it
And we have a culinary culture

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Most Americans still think that veggies and fruits are poisonous.

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what do I eat with carbonara? chicken and asparagus or something like that?

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It's a whole meal. Pair it with a nice drink or seltzer.

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Tomato sounds like a great way to ruin a carbonara.

Italians are autistic about food because their civilisation peaked 1800 years ago and they’ve been in decline ever since. They’ve had to watch the rest of Europe having unparalleled success while they have only stagnated. Food is all they have to cling on to.

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Ever watch her? She talks normal but when she says an "italian" ingredient she has an Italian accent, most annoying.

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>Italians are autistic about food because their civilisation peaked 1800 years ago

Oh look, its an angloid pretending the Renaissance never happened because while Mainland Europe was experiencing the greatest period of art, music, innovation, and literature in its collective history, the Oranglotans were ooking and eeking over Catholics and Protestants and setting fire to the last remaining pretty british women because their comely doesn't-look-like-a-bulldog features were clearly witchcraft.

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It's just pretention

For everyone saying "well it's because of the complex artistic nature of italian history" Italian Americans are the same way about Italian American food, they just have a culture of "my muddas a sauce a"

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Go outside you dumb nigger coons.

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It's not an angloid. Probably one of those norse neopagans. They don't talk about the renaissance because they can't claim it, colours and portraits have survived

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So much this. The zoomers are right about touching grass.

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>their civilisation peaked 1800 years ago
Yet carbonara, carpaccio, ciabatta etc were invented in 20 century.

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American Italian ''''''''food'''''''' is a fucking abomination, it is abhorrent. The ingredients are dogshit, the technique is bad, the recipes are bastardised.

Italian food culture is good because it has been preserved and treated with reverence.

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That includes you and your ebin dank memes.

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>Italians have had tomatoes for nearly 600 years
>still act like they're "pretty new to Italian cuisine and not traditional"
Such fags.

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Fucking niggers didn't even peel the tomatoes

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>The zoomers are right about touching grass.
Zoomers are literally the ones who never have touched grass. Entire lives since they were born were spent on social media.

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Carbonara was literally made for Americans.

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were spent in the gym*

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Lol its true.

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i'll take it a step further and say that anyone who goes around telling people to "touch grass" definitely does not touch grass.

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That's a lie. Go eat your mac and cheese fatty.

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>don't be autistic about your food
>it turns into a bastardized slop that kinda sorta tastes like what it's supposed to but not really

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You want carbonara with tomato? Here, fuck it, let's even add some sausage you fat fuck.
It's really tasty, but you know what? We gave it another name, Pasta alla zozzona (the Dirty Pasta),
instead of pretending it's something that it's not.
But I see that's sort of an American tradition, like pretending a slop with cream and peas is carbonara, or pretending some bloke with a mangled dick, a wig and fake tits is a woman.


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Real Europeans don't eat potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkin or corn.

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>You want carbonara with tomato? Here, fuck it, let's even add some sausage
stopped reading, that's not a carbonara retard

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I also touch trees without their consent

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People who are obsessed with irrelevant details are called autistic

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that's the dumbest thing I've read in this thread

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Language and clarity is not an irrelevant detail muh nigga shiggy diggy fr.

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Literally everyone knows about the Columbian exchange.

It's not like there are any 500 year old people in Italy who are just getting used to tomatoes. 500 years is 25 generations. Most of the stuff resembling the food we eat today was invented in the last 150 years or so. 500 years is absolutely ancient history.

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Things have names to help identify them, if something is based on something else, calling it a variant of that something else makes sense. You can think and even argue that it doesn't really fit the same intention of the something else or even goes against it and therefore the name doesn't make sense.

All of this is fine, but Italians are autistic about it, it's not about what those eating want or what those cooking intend, it's all about deference to some vague idea of higher authority, be it their grandmother, "society", or "what chefs do", it's all about not having to think while still getting to be informed. To them, if it is not how that higher authority says it is, the thing you made is not that thing, it is an insult to that higher authority and they will sperg out about it.

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Highschool dropout?

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>I made this car with two wheels instead of four and a saddle instead of seats and it has pedals, not an engine
>reeeeeeeee what do you mean this is not a car?! Why are car people so autistic?!

It's people like in OP's pic who are autistic. The definition of carbonara is spaghetti with cheese, pepper, smoked bacon and egg

>well acksually this carbonara has tomatoes in it
then it's not carbonara

Many Italian dishes are small variations of other dishes, but each time they get a new name. E.g cacio e pepe + bacon and egg = carbonara. You want to make a new dish? Fine, give it a new name.

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This is mostly a trope from televised "Italian"-Americans. Yes, Italians tend not to accept the whole "this is dish X but without ingredients Y and with ingredient Z instead, but it's still dish X" but then again a yank wouldn't accept calling a cheeseburger without cheese a cheeseburger and neither would a Dutchman accept hutspot but without carrots. It's a definition thing.

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Obviously a carbonara without egg wouldn't be carbonara, we're talking about adding not subtracting. Besides, I have zero problem with people saying in their view something is or is not, the problem I have is Italians losing their minds over anyone daring to try anything not prescribed to them.

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You've never even met an Italian.

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What in the fuck is that?

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americans can think?

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W-where did you find a chest burster?

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> A great relic, also known as the Cord of the Eye.

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>Things have names to help identify them, if something is based on something else, calling it a variant of that something else makes sense. You can think and even argue that it doesn't really fit the same intention of the something else or even goes against it and therefore the name doesn't make sense.
Completely agreed on this point. Arguing that "carbonara with mushrooms" is not a carbonara doesn't make sense. If I order a plate of carbonara, and a pot of fried mushrooms on the side, the carbonara doesn't cease to be what it is simply by throwing the mushrooms on top, nor by mixing them in. That just isn't how language works. The word "with" is key here, and yet autistic Italians will die upon that language-defying hill.

On the other hand, if you were to add a can of tomatoes, you're fundamentally changing the base of the dish, which is supposed to be a sauce composed of egg, cheese and pork fat emulsified together with pasta water. Adding an ingredient for variety is one thing, but if you change the core body of the dish, then that warrants a new name.

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I'm just going to say it. Pasta without meat is a horrible meal. You may as well just eat bread like some kind of peasant.

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Look I am gonna explain this once and for all.

Italy was divided for a long time, with regional dialects and regional cuisine. It became a thing of pride to make dishes with what was available, and those recipes get passed down. So each generation is yelled at by the previous if they alter an established recipe, after all it's already been perfected. Don't mess with tradition.
Italian food is also quite simple, it's that way to really appreciate every ingredient. Italians still fight over regional differences, some cunt might insult your dish because it's only made in some town across the country that they don't know and isn't THEIR italian food. Like alfredo is actually a real dish, but most will say it's not. Rose is also a real dish but many Italians say no cream in pasta. Pizza also has a traditional recipe but I've eaten variants that taste like pizza in NYC even in Napoli, the home of pizza.

So it doesn't matter, every culture is a bit autistic about their food. For most cultures food was everything, everyone cooks and eats food, not everyone created architecture or arts, this is the biggest part of a culture because everyone is involved for generations.

Personal story, my family only makes ragù, and the one time I asked for meatless pasta sauce I was told it wasn't possible and I could just not eat it. Never asked again. I love it now.

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Revert to turnip, swede and parsnip.
Real white man vegetables.

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you stopped reading and missed the point entirely

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>you VILL add ze tomatoes to carbonara
No way shill

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Because they are unironically socialized to be by societal stereotypes.
A lot of the times people feel the need to act on their assigned stereotype, for whatever strange psychological reason.
Same reason why all my eastern Europe friends here (Canada) feel the need to show off that they are alcoholics, because that's what's "expected" of them and they insist that they must drink more than us "Pussy North Americans"

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>most italians are just regular people that don't give a fuck if you make your carbonara with cream or american cheese
Maybe in private, but if they see an American do it, they feel the need to chimp out as a way of displaying their "superior taste/culture/upbringing/refinement"
I've seen Germans who don't enjoy drinking pretend to suddenly care about Beer flavor when they are informed that the American is drinking a Heineken

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Ahh Kos, or some say Kosm

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they do it to piss people off
false, americans are literally afraid of eggs not overcooked

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lamb or sheep digestive organ filled with rice I believe and simmered in a sauce
I was sure thats a turkish dish, not italian

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adopadibopadiddlioano shut the fuck up you nigger. you're a fucking nigger. italians are niggers. you have nigger blood in your veins. your ancestors are niggers. you're a bunch of nigger rape babies.

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>I was told it wasn't possible and I could just not eat it
holy shit
why do they limit their food experience like that? whats wrong with a simple tomato sauce?

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no wonder you cannot understand what is it like to have a pride in your national cuisine when the only things you can identify with are mcdonalds and disneyland

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They are not that's just a meme, Italians play into it because they think it's funny.

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Maybe you shouldn't make your cuisine your entire identity.

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BECAUSE ... uh ... ummm

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we also used to make cars, we have lots of art and also we dress well
nice, I was trying to find the words to express this exact concept
try making a quick cherry tomato sauce (literally just throw some good olive oil, 1-2 cloves of garlic and cherry tomatoes split in half on a pan) and do the usual pasta risotto thing that I think you already know. Then put a generous amount of burrata or stracciatella on the side (I prefer this way rather than on top), some pepper and you're ready to orgasm. Maybe add some chopped pistachios if you're a zoomer, I don't care. Probably my favorite dish in the summer.

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we don't grow nice tomatoes here in bongland so that dish invariably tastes like shit. you have to add a tonne of balsamic vinegar to get any sort of sweetness or acidity

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Tough luck mate, fresh ingredients are non negotiable in Italian recipes. I wouldn't cook this recipe right now even though I have some cherry tomatoes on hand because they have very little taste in this season

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in fairness, carbonara is one of those dishes everyone knows is NOT a tomato one
so it should specify its a 'tomato carbonara' if it has tomato in it. italians are clearly very insecure about their famous dishes being centred around non-native tomatoes, which diminishes the other aspects they're autistically obsessed with but is overshadowed when others just want to eat something tasty

I'm with the Eye-talians on this one

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>fresh ingredients are non negotiable in Italian recipes

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When I learned about the new world crops thing it just made me love my people even harder
Imagine being Varg and not being proud of space travel and sea travel etc