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To be fair, I prefer vegetarian pasta carbonara

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ahhh... that looks horrible

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wouldn't egg still qualify for vegetarian? no eggs are vegan, not vegetarian.

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faggots usually do.

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I dont hate the idea on principle, but that looks like the most milquetoast stir fry ever

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To be fair to who? Who the fuck are you talking to? What are you saying?

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this looks like that clumpy sauce you get from pasta roni

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If yo grandmother had legs we'd be fucking. Two things I love in this life are Italian whores and hags.

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i prefer my pad thai tofu only. i like how it gets the saucey fishey sweet peanuty flavor on it way more than just some meat that wont really absorb it.

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Pad Thai is a chicken dish though

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>vegetarian pasta carbonara
It's not pasta carbonara if it is vegetarian, you culturally appropriating reprobate.
There are lots and lots of pasta dishes, all with their own names, so don't take the name of one and apply it to a different one that has a perfectly good name of its own.