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For me, it's the bacon egg and cheese bagel

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you eat like a fat nigger

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grew up in yonkers and this will always be my favorite all time meal, bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel with salt pepper ketchup hot sauce and a lemon tea glass bottle snapple

i've been vegan for 14 years about but if i had to have a last meal, this would be it

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I miss ny deli breakfast sandwiches. I used to get a sausage egg and cheese on a croissant almost every weekday for years. Then I moved to the midwest and not only are there basically no real delis here, but anywhere you can get breakfast sandwiches they're just poor imitations of McDonald's stuff.

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I kneel before the king of breakfast sandwiches

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For me? The steak egg and cheese bagel with a hashbrown on it is my go to

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Bagel w/ bacon, cream cheese, carmalized onions, a fried egg and jalapeno jam= busting my trousers

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biscuits and croissants are better. bagels are too thick and tough and the yolk shoots out as soon as you take a bite.

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>it's a sandwich but with a hole in it
the worst

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I need to talk with my mcdonalds baker, the bagels he made a few days ago were hard as a rock and dry. Maybe stale. I dunno.

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Good, but my deli’s rolls were better than their bagels, so my order was a BEC on a roll.

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bit antisemitic, but okay...

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i get chorizo and egg tortas for breakfast.
the truck pulls up to our roll up door every morning. our el salvadoran workers order a type of chorizo from them that they grew up with which has a much more gamey porky flavor to it. very rich in flavor. I prefer the mexican chorizo mixed with carnitas.
Mcdonalds is fucking gross. Used to love the Filet o Fish but even that is overpriced and tastes bland af, especially the bun.

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It's okay, there's no reason to cry

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Too much bread with each bite, not to mention many places are cheap with the bacon already. And sausage compliments the eggs and cheese better than overly salty and crunchy bacon.

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