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anons why didn’t i take the tallow pill earlier? it was very easy to render and my butcher gave the suet to me free. most of his meat is cheaper than chains and he’s never out of ground beef so it’s a win/win to go to him. im never going back to sneed oils

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I don't want to become a lardass

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So then use tallow

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You're a gullible fool who fell for dumb right wing memes lmao
trump lost fair and square too btw

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You'll stop and go back to your old habits when the internet fads die down and you get lazy again.

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>no butcher bro
why even

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>seed oils bad
>more lard and/or beef tallow meme internet fad diets
>probably believes in keto too

do people who follow these stupid internet diet trends ever have a moment of self awareness at how gullible and easily-manipulated they are?

Do they at least take a minute to think and do research on the things they do and find credible sources to back up the claims they believe?

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>cook seed oils
>bad smell
>cook fat
>good smell
It's as easy as that. I trust my sense of smell over your dumb internet ideology you filthy commie. Take your tears to your gluten free bread supplier.

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do you?

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>implying pork fat smells good
Why not just use clarified butter the best tasting and smelling fat?

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your ancestors are ashamed of you

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Nice piss jars

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You are the worst tasting and smelling fat

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Butter is also a fat. I am allowed to eat butter but I will not be forced.

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>bad smell
that's the smell of rancidity you moron. that means you let your oil sit out or it's just several years old. what, do you let milk and meat spoil too then conclude that meat and milk are inherently bad?

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kill yourself, /pol/tard

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I thought keto was a dumb idea, but I tried it to lose weight in the most efficient way possible (no/low carbs makes you lose body fat quicker), not only did I lose weight quickly, it made my grey hairs go away completely as well. I cut out carbs, seed oils, and just try to eat like someone who lives on a farm in early 1900s, before Jews took over the food supply. It's amazing what it's done for my health.

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Pour whatever oil you want on a pan and heat it past smoking point you dumb chuds.

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I also cook with my pee.

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I dislike cardiovascular disease

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