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Are you as excited as I am?

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Niggers tongue my anus

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You've been eating it for years and they never told you

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Oh boy, an affront to God. There's no way this stuff could be produced at scale as cheaply as real meat, or that its wide scale adoption would be as good for society as a return to family scale farming.

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If it is the same price or cheaper and is nutritionally identical, I will eat it. If not, I will not eat it.

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Wrong, retarded, fatass, gay

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absolutely. i'm vegan for 14 years but i fucking hate being vegan. i miss meat, i miss living and eating normally, but i just can't eat meat, it's morally wrong to me and it's repulsive to think i'm eating the body of what was once a living thing with feelings and emotion. i tried to fight back past the guilt and eat meat a few times over the years, but it just nauseates me.

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This needs to satisfy 3 conditions for me to eat it.

>needs to be cheaper than meat
>needs to be tastier than meat, or at least AS tasty
>needs to be safer than meat

There's no point eating synthetic meat if it tastes like garbage, costs 100 bucks a pound, and is filled with microplastics and chemicals that can give me cancer. I already have enough to worry about when it comes to regular meat giving me cancer, I don't need some super cancer grown in a lab because they wanted to test out their fancy glowing chemicals. Same reason why I hate vegan alternative foods. What's the point of eating fake eggs or fake beef, if you're gonna fill it with rapeseed oil and corn syrup?

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What about eggs and dairy

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look up how it's made
working on a dairy farm is what made me make the choice

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So how about eggs? No eggs?

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technically a farm is a lab so we've been there for a long time.

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you're legitimately stupid, anon.
>it's morally wrong to me
your little protest isn't stopping the meat industry so you're just animals die in vain.
the earth is an animal, you're eating animal product.

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>nutritionally identical
no actually, it's been proven that the protein in fake meat is incomplete as in lacks certain amino acids or BCAAs to be synthesised and digested in the stomach, and assimilated as protein.

You're eating empty calories with no nutritional value if you eat ''plant-based meat'' (without any complete protein additive to it).

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You're a retard. Protein is protein, your body will use it. Yes, "plant-based meat" is not a quality protein source/incomplete source of AAs but it WILL be digested and utilized

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oh so now we've gone from ''nutritionally identical'' to ''yes plant-based meat is not a quality protein''...how am I or everyone supposed to take anything you claim in good faith, then. It takes one single cursory glance to topple over your entire arguments like a house of cards. You have established yourself as an untrustworthy representative of the food industry and nothing you will ever say from now on will ever be taken in good faith. End of line.

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You don't get it anon.
We just take the stuff that's inedible to us we've separated out, feed it into a 50 stage artificial stomach that requires rare earth materials and petrol byproducts to build and run. Then, we filter it down to nutri sludge with FDA-approved quantities of deadly chemicals. We 3D print a sugar structure, then put a lump of stem cells from an aborted calf fetus and feed it the nutri sludge. All that's left is to injection mold some trans fats on it and voila. A bad cut of meat is made.
It's much more efficient than taking that same feed and letting an animal eat it

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Cool, lets just fill the artificial meat with prions cos "Protein is protein, your body will use it".

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This is a certified goyslop classic

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>but it WILL be digested and utilized
Far less efficiently than animal protein

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I'm sure all of the 400 pound Americans in SUVs at the McDonald's drive thru are concerned about the quality of the protein in their triple cheeseburger.

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This definitely reads like a The Blob situation.

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>george soros moves closer to shitting directly in your mouth

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This isn't Reddit

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>There's no way this stuff could be produced at scale as cheaply as real meat,
pure 100% conjecture, baseless at that
>or that its wide scale adoption would be as good for society as a return to family scale farming.
true, but society doesn't want to return to small scale polycultural farming. compounded by the problem that industrial farming is already barely profitable to begin with (for the farmer at least) and the only way to make it on a small scale is have a local population willing to pay huge premiums for good quality produce, or do it as a hobby that doesn't make money.

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It's actually been proven, that the nutritional value can exceed regular meat and is actually healthier.

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Lol, no

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