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Is eating whipped creme straight good for you?

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>tunnel piercing
>boney shoulders
>small breasts
its a male isnt it?

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I'll see that and rise you messy "kitchen girl"

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It's crazy Buella, she's gonna try to shoot you in the back

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i hate women

>> No.18853869

>crazy Buella
shes not the wonkey eyes woman from kfc though

>> No.18853872

eww, yeah that would be worse

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What an absolute waste of perfectly good N2O. I don't watch Marvel shit, but wouldn't she suck down like 5 cans of reddiwhip off the shelf from a bodega and then walk into a fancy restaurant and demand to be served some fresh strawberries with freshly whipped cream?

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Friends and I did that shit in grade school, they were called wippets. The trick was to sit down first so none of us fell down.

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Her suck level depends on how much she's getting paid for the moment.

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I literally only recognize her from the webm where she orders an egg sandwich from a bodega.
>not too much hot sauce! i want to taste the cheese!
Or something like that.

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What I like most is how nice her skin and teeth are, what’s wrong with me

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I don't know if that's a guy or girl but something about that doesn't seem quite right, like it's fucking wrong and should be on a coroner's table.

>> No.18853962

i need sex

>> No.18853967

Wtf is wrong with you

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