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Why is thai red curry so fucking disgusting?

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Because it isn't

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How many thai curry are there?

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It's the coconut

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you have to buy the thai cube ones

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i think the word you're looking for is "sexy", because you see, i've never had it..but it looks good.

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Maybe you don't like coconut milk

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Thai red curry is one of the few I will actually eat and enjoy. Thai food is great.
Indian curry is poo in loo.

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You're disgusting. Thai curry is delicious.

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thai basil has a licorice-like taste that might be unpleasant to some

thai curry is delicious though

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Thai curry is fucking delicious, fuck you and anyone else who doesn't like it.

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I've been on kind of a Thai red curry kick recently. I keep ordering it with squid from different restaurants and even the mediocre ones are still great. I was going to pick some up last night but the online ordering for the place I wanted to try wasn't working.

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You likely got it from some shithole thai joint where anything they push out is watery slop and not even made by thai people.

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That is likely made by filthy pakis or indians

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its not its actually really nice. not sure what you mean :)

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I dont have to be nice, I'm not invading your shithole nation.

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For me, it's the panang curry

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Not even thai but this sounds like cope considering the fact thailand is the only SEA nation that was never properly colonized

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green, red and yellow. green sucks, red is good, and yellow is the best if you find the right chef

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Don't forget the paneng curry, that's some good stuff

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That's the point and why they have good stuff

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never had it, but their yellow curry and massaman curry are fucking awesome.

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If you insult the King of Thailand then you'll get hunted down

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This Indonesian curry is really good

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>Gang Phed (red curry)
>Gang Pa (red curry san coconut milk)
>Gang Kua (red curry san coriander seeds and caraway seeds)
>Gang Panang (red curry plus peanuts)
>Gang Kaew Wan (Green curry)
>Gang Masman (Malay-influenced yellow curry)
>Gang Karee (Indian-influenced yellow curry)
>Gang Som (orange curry)

And there’s hundred more styles of curry depend on the region

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Rendang is a pain in the ass to cook correctly. You have to reduce the coconut milk down to a thick paste without burning it by stirring continuously for 30 mins or some shit. No thanks.

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But the results are great and cute girls love when you put in a bit of effort, they'll give you the Mclovin.

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Just show that McLovin ID and they're legs are spread

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Red curry may be disgusting, but not as disgusting as Green Curries. They are literally shabby by principle.

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What makes Thai curry "Thai"?

What differs it from Indian or Japanese curry?

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Because Thai "curry" is neither good nor curry

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It's a loose soup with no relation in either form or heritage to the category of dishes known collectively as "curry"

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>I tried to cook a simple meal and came across red curry but horrible fucked it up by over/underdoing everything
It's okay anon, try again but modify the quantities a little
We've all been there, but don't make fucking threads about your own retardation

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That's a massive tower of assumptions you've built there

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It certainly doesn't hold a candle to thai green or even panaang.

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>typically given a choice between 7 or 8 different proteins
>orders fucking chicken
Why are people like this? It's like you're making an effort to try different things, and then you go make make it as boring and flavorless as possible. You just know that was also ordered "mild".

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And then OP goes and makes threads like this where he bitches about a thing and insists that he's tried it, when he most likely had the most basic bitch fast food version and still asked them to leave out half the ingredients because "eggplant and coconut are icky".

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>old spotty industrial "Italian" basil
>not using proper Thai basil
>bleak, depleted Western coriander
>not using Thai long coriander
Add to that (American) summer fruit and veg served in winter, depleted of nutrition and taste, served with a Knorr level of curry paste.

And you have the balls to come on here and ask why your dish tastes like shit? It's because that's what you chose. Nobody else is at fault. You.

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different ingredients and cooking techniques
>indian curry
garlic, ginger, onions, many spices like cumin, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, black cardamom, pepper, anise, etc
onions and spices are fried in oil, then tomatoes are added and its thickened with yogurt, cream, ground nuts, or coconut milk in southern cuisine
>thai curry
lemongrass, galangal, shallot, cilantro root, shrimp paste, fish sauce, soy sauce, occasionally some spices like cumin & coriander
aromatics are ground into a paste and fried in a little coconut milk, then more coconut milk and other liquids are added and simmered

thai curry tastes more east asian because of the fermented sauces and isnt as thick as indian curry

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what the actual fuck, his pic is some stock photo and all the shit you wrote was just pulled out of your ass

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They can't handle the idea that their favourite "ethnic" food is really just not that good

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the biggest difference for me to point to one thing is Thai curry uses coconut milk

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this guy fucks

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>his pic is some stock photo
People who try to make some kind of a point (or say they just cooked a thing) and then post a stock image are retarded. If you're just going to say "thing bad" at least spend 10 seconds finding a picture that does literally anything to show what you think is bad about it.

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There is literally no indication in the OP that he even cooked it.

>> No.18860309

Nobody ever implied that he did.

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Yellow Thai curry, chicken or beef, top shelf material. Order it Thai hot, pussy

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>Thai "curry",
>top shelf material

Pick one

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massaman is the only thai curry worth shit

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Thai red curry is pretty easy and tasty as fuck

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I'm gonna grab some Thai red curry a little later just to spite OP. I typically prefer green if they use fresh ingredients, but red is always a safe bet. What else should I get? I'm thinking some fried rice, papaya salad, or larb.

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Indian food in general is just awful

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It's not indian, it's not even a curry

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>it's not even a curry
Aside from India, Thailand, and Indonesia, which countries even have their own curry?

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The SEA ones are only called curry in translation. So that leaves India and arguably the land of their former anglo overlords(who in turn introduced it to Japan) as the home of curry

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>the SEA ones
Where the fuck do you think Thailand and Indonesia are? Bongistan and Japan don't have real curry, and the fact that you think they do makes me wonder if you've even ever had a decent Indian meal in your life.

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Massaman is really the only Thai curry for me.

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Ever try this? The yellow curry paste is good but I haven't tried the red yet. It's extremely cheap and makes many servings.

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Did I stutter faggot those are soups not curries even if they get mislabeled in English. Japanese curry is closer to curry(literally a sauce for rice) than your coconut soup will ever be and the most Internationally famous curry is from fucking Glasgow. Now run along and go blow some weird German tourists with the other ladyboys

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There’s your rice, picky bitch. Chicken, caramelized onions, shallots, cashews, tamarind and coconut milk, and tons of spice.

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I just realized this was butter chicken and basmati rice, not massaman and jasmine. I’ve apparently never taken a picture of the massaman curry on rice. Just in the pot. Screws up my point alright.

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Reporting in. I ended up doing red curry with calamari, which came with a side of jasmine rice, and I ended up doubling down and doing an order of their house fried rice with pork. Some green papaya salad probably would have been better, but at least I'll have enough for breakfast this way.

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LOL imagine forgetting about pad thai.

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Yeah, fuck OP. And fuck anyone who talks shit about Thai curry. I went "thai hot" on the curry and "medium" on the rice, and this is just about the best thing you can get for takeout these days without completely blowing your load.

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>.t indog

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that looks like fucking barf in a cup

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Because thai green curry exist

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Thai people put far too much pepper in their curry to the extent where it's borderline impossible to taste the actual food under the capsaicin.
Cambodian curry has roughly the same flavour profile but you can actually taste it.

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Kek. Only a full blooded "me and my mom and my dad and my two sisters and our 15 chickens and 5 piglets ride around on our 250cc scooter on Sunday morning after church" Khmer could have typed out this post.

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No I just went to Thailand last month and to Cambodia a week ago. I'm not knocking Thai cuisine as a whole, their chicken rice in particular is amazing, I was just not very fond of the curry.

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No, I think it was a spook-fearing, revenge-obsessed, “Thailand stole all our culture, Vietnamese are thieves who only have money because they cheat us (not because they work 10x harder)” retarded Khmer.

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Imagine thinking pad thai counts as a curry, fucking retard
I have this exact paste, fucking kicks ass.
I had yellow crab curry when I was in Phuket, it was wonderful.

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how do you use those pastes? Toss a spoonful in hot oil with meat and some veggies and then just serve it with rice?

>> No.18863391

I stir it into boiling water in a small bowl and add it to the meat and veggies along with coconut milk once they're about done. I also add a little fish sauce.

>> No.18863404

Sounds good and cheap, I'll get a tub the next time I'm at the asian supermarket

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It obviously just separated, silly.

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East Asia and West Indies, and most importantly – UK.

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May ploy pastes are really pretty good. >>18861430
Go get some dick, broseph. You get grumpy when you're cum starved.

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Because you're autistic

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>West Indies
Where it was introduced by the Anglo

>> No.18864946

>and most importantly – UK
Jesus christ, you can't be serious.

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You need to fry the paste a little. Thais do it in a little coconut cream instead of cooking oil. Season with fish sauce and an equal amount of sugar.

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