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What is the optimal amount of time to dunk a cookie in milk for?

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depends on cookie brand and if you prefer hot milk or not
its basically a science in itself, lots of factors involved

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Just a quick dunk. If you wait it will get too soft and break.

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this but a solid 10 mississippi is a good starting point

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Just long enough where it gets so soft it becomes structurally unsound and is about to break off into the cup
but instead it holds long enough to dump into your gullet

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Just before breaking point, really you need to know what your doing, takes alot of broken cookies falling in the milk to be drank later at the bottom of the cup to know when to pull out

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I like to crumble up a bunch of Oreos and let them soak in the milk until mushy then I eat it with a spoon

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7 seconds.

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Unbelievably based

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is there not an oreo cereal? seems like youd prefer that more

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I remember it but they don't have them in my local stores anymore.

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'bout tree fiddy

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My gf and I have this in our notes somewhere for double stuffed oreos. was pretty convenient

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60 seconds

Thank me later

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>take bite of cookie
>drop what's left into the milk

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Just a quick dunk for al dente and 5 second for a soft bite. 10 seconds is the absolute most you should be dunking them in for. Personally 2-3 seconds is my sweet spot.

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Until it confesses.

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just use a spoon and eat it like cereal

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It really depends on the cookie, doesn't it?

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I like putting 2 cookies together. Butt-to-butt.
I dunk em 3 to 4 seconds then, open em up a for a fraction of a second like a cassinete. I'll lift em out, let drain & then right back in for 5 seconds. Another second and they fall apart.

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Who the fuck perfers warm milk?? I despise you and I will bring bloodshed unto your loved ones

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it's like an ancient thing for babies and bedtime that some people still do

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