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>wtf my kraft macaroni and cheese isn't YELLOW!
>check best by date
>"best by 13 May 2022"
>bought it at a gas station to have something to use my ground beef for and not waste it

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8 months is fucking nothing for a dried unopened product

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of course, but it still isn't yellow like usual

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remember what they took from you

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They removed the artificial colouring years ago. It hasn’t been properly yellow for ages.
Not sure what’s in the packet if not that, the product was basically macaroni, butter and yellow food colouring anyways.

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Is that really the colour it is in US?
What is it now?
That looks like almost curry colour to me.
This is the colour it becomes when I cook it downunder, though it's made local here.

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They've gone lighter, even in the generic brands. The plants producing yellow 5 got hit last year in the fires.

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why the damn are you eating mac and cheese above the age of 10

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