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I’m making bolognese

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fucking Iphones

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I give up

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White onions? Skimmed milk? Get the fuck outta here

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why are you putting bananas in your bolognese? are you pinay?

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>2% Milk
>Can of Tomatoes
>13 pounds of vegetables


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go away

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here are the veggies chopped up, I did not use all of the veggies in the pictures. Hard to eye ball when they are not peeled and cut

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you need like 3x as much meat, go back to the store before you fuck it up, it's supposed to be a meat sauce

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>pre-ground nutmeg

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plenty of meat here

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How did you get it straight? This always happens to me

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personally, i use a food processor to help break down the mirepoix. also, be sure to degrease your browned (not boiled) meat

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>water not cooked out of the vegetables before adding the meat

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I switched to my laptop, phone posting was giving me issues

I go with a medium dice because I enjoy the different textures

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and here it is after most of the milk has been cooked out

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i dont get why people use white wine. red makes it taste so much better.
if it was me i would dice the celery and carrots a little finer. u dont want them to be big chunks really. otherwise ur endeavour seems based and good. i bet it will be tasty

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white wine time

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I mentioned earlier I like the big chunks of veggies.

I thought white wine was the standard? Aren't you supposed to use a dry white wine? I will try red next time
Here is the wine mostly cooked out

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Holy fuck I hate you.
>Red, not white....
>no need for sugar then and more volume.

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I know the OG recipe has this, but I refuse to believe this contributes in any positive way to the taste

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Holy shit you are killing me.... where is the stock? Where is the wine? Are you frying your bolognese or making it?

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Never cooked bolognese with milk before, am I missing something?

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the chunks of carrots are my favorite part of this dish

Meme can of tomato with the obligatory of filling it with water

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>am I missing something?
yeah, the recipe for bolognese sauce

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>I can't handle this...

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Carrots are essential for this kind of sauce so the tomato acids don't overpower everything.

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you're doign the chef john recipe arent you

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>chef john recipe
Got a problem with that gas cuck Ragusea?

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>so the tomato acids don't overpower everything
browning some onions, and then leaving the onions with the tomato sauce on the stove and moving now and then will do the same, carrots are ghae

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no, I'm a fan and made it several times myself

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Personally I put whole carrots in and just take them out when it's done cooking.

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guilty, this is Chef johns bolognese sauce

I have made his sauce before and my wife fucking loves it, so I stick with it

Well now I have to set this pot on a simmer for the next 4 hours minimum. See you guys tonight

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as always... ennnnnnnjoy

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>yeah, the recipe for bolognese sauce
According to Grandma in a remote Italian village. Another Grandma in another village 2 Miles away, will have a different recipe!

Italian food is great but Italians are crap cooks, they never innovate, they just repeat.

Italian food is best cooked by Bongs, Frogs or Burgers.

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I think you need to persuade your ishit to actually resave the entire picture file in the new orientation instead of just setting an exif flag that says "display this picture rightside-up when the user looks at it", because 4chan strips all the exif data.

As a test I right clicked this image on windows and did "Rotate right", adding a rotation exif flag to the picture. Now it looks wrong on my computer, but if I'm right the picture will upload rotated back to the way it was originally. If I'm wrong, well...

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>chunks of carrots
There aren't supposed to be chunks of carrots you retard. It's not fucking stew. You cut them way too big. Also they need to be sweated before you add the meat. Then it blends into the sauce. Throw that garbage out and do it correctly.

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Right after the unification of Italy a guy called Pellegrino Artusi travelled the country and wrote the first Italian cookbook. It's from 1891, not even 150 years ago.

He's the first to describe a ragu (from French ragout) in the fashion of Bologna. He advises against using tomatoes, "as they stick their nose into everything they shouldn't, just like priests do" (they were a huge fad at the time). But he does allow milk and fresh porcini.

Bolognese sauce only became popular in the 1960s and only in the US, and by that time it had become unrecognizable (poor illiterate migrants like Marcella Hazan and war vets didnn't know how to cook).

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Doesn't look too bad so far but why didn't you cut your sofritto finer? Are you going to cook it so long it totally dissolves?

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Mushrooms in a Bolognese?? I thought that was Taboo.

Pretty much backs up what I posted here.>>18819762

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you can bolognese nuts lol

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you gotta chop that shit finer dawg

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You absolute fucking idiot with basic redditor reaction images.

Milk is in the traditional Italian bolognese sauce recipes.

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why do you people use white wine instead of red? it literally asks for red wine

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simply put, white wine is always better than red with cooking. just because "the rules" or shitty traditions say to do something a certain way doesn't mean they should be done that certain way all the time.

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I don't even know if traditional recipe asks for red or white but I find white better for light and white sauces and red for heavier sauces and red meat

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lel you need to chop the carrots WAY smaller, celery too

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stupid phone posters

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oh by "it literally asks" I didn't mean the recipe but the food itself, not sure if you can say it this way in proper english

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Can't wait to see the finished chili

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milk is very typical
ive had both and prefer red in bolognese immensely. works better with the flavour profile one might say.
this exactly.

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Loving the cooking you're doing OP. I love these types of threads especially when they're earnest efforts and not uncreative shitposts where the joke is always something like "oh no i put in a totally random and strange ingredient into the food teehee!"

Chef John's recipes are great and this one is no exception. And it's inspired by a Marcella Hazan recipe so you know it's extra good.

My only question is how do you cook and take photos and upload them to 4chan and write posts all at the same time? When I'm cooking I need to give my full attention to what I'm cooking at all times and I can only take a few seconds at a time to glance at my phone.

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Been making Bolognese for years and it always tastes better with white IMO

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this looks yummyy

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There's no beans that’s not chili

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Thank you anon I took the pictures as I was cooking, I posted them after I let it sit simmer and had time.

Here is an update, its almost ready, going to give it about another half hour before I start on the pasta

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Would demolish OP maybe cuddle after let you be big spoon

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>Meat is so expensive this is now a luxury dish

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>white wine is always better than red with cooking
>just because "the rules" or shitty traditions say to do something a certain way doesn't mean they should be done that certain way all the time.
Nice self-contradiction. See in you 10 years when you "rediscover" red wine for cooking and think you're a genius for breaking your own arbitrary as fuck rule.

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He already said the "chunks of carrots" are his favorite part lmao.

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Why the 4 hour simmer? I only simmer mine for 30 mins tops. Am i fucking up?

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I'd rather use the meat for something more useful like meatballs. I'll just make pomodoro sauce instead with cherry tomatoes and red wine.

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Don't forget the peanut butter.

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Hey pal, you just blow in from stupid town?

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Just finished eating dinner it was awesome

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You forgot the peanut butter. F. No, worse than that. F-.

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Here is a bonus webm of the final consistency

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Thread hidden

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My tips for spag bol are, break the mince up fine on the lowest heat you can get until it’s very fine. Then seat the meat straight away, Thai means no boiling and no crowded pan. Baking at high temp works well too but you lose some of the pan scrapings that way. Mirepoix should be fine too. Use good sausage meat out of the casing to really get a nice flavour. Use a lot of garlic and make sure it cooks for hours

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how do i wash parsley

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Yeah that's not how it's supposed to look.

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Watch professional chefs from Emilia-Romagna make it and then make your own version.

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Your hand looks... meaty... which is just a nicer way of say you are a fatty fatty fat fat.

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Bolognese di Napoli is better, tho.

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i prefer lamb for this than beef

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nice chili

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That looks delicious

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Yeah he basically just made a very shitty chili.

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My mum doesn't use carrot in her bolognese sauce

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>doesn't use carrot
is ain't Bolognese sauce without the complete mirepoir

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Carrots/celery/onions are a trinity base for many recipes for a reason. The carrots in particular do a great job mellowing out the acidity of the tomatoes and wine. Even if you're making plain tomato sauce you should add a whole carrot to it while it cooks, better than the cheat way of adding sugar.

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Lamb is actually pretty good in bolognese though I only ever used it with beef rather than lamb alone. It's especially good for when you don't have access to ground veal which a lot of more rural places don't.

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You should grate the vegetables or grind them up in a food processor.

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I made 4 cheese Ziti
it was like crack and used chef johns tomato sauce recipe.
mama mia.

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did you let the meat brown before adding the liquids? i can't tell.

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I made a retarded ziti. Had ricotta and just a little of some basic gouda. Bolognese leftover from 2 days ago and the pasta was pipe rigate. So basically I used what I had without running to the store

It turned out awesome, was very surprised - especially pipe rigate with bolognese, might start using that pasta in ziti all the time

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>Italian food is great but Italians are crap cooks, they never innovate, they just repeat.
>Italian food is best cooked by Bongs, Frogs or Burgers.
It's very hot and miss.
A lot of it is aimed at the tourist market and it can either be undeservingly hyped on online reviews or they don't give a shit because the customer is unlikely to return.
It's not all like that though. You just have to be careful or lucky about where you go. There's lots of places to eat in Italy. It seems to me that every second commercial property is serving food

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What’s the milk for?

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He's American

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milk in bolognese is traditional in the earliest Italian recipes for the sauce, eurotard/europoor

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It's an America thing

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I make Bolognese with beef and pork, many herbs, no milk, i finish it in the oven.

My mirepoix is 2:1:1 onion carrot celery, modern carrot is far too sweet. Half my onion is brown, half is like shalotte.
And i really cook my mirepoix, like it has to be transparent onions and beginning to caramelize.

I use olive oil and if by mince had too much fat i actually pour it into a bowl, brown my meat properly then add the bowl back in.

Fresh sauce tomatoes > natural bottle tomato > acid added tin tomato > tomato paste > salad tomato.
Salad tomato is a shit i shake my dick at.
If my tomatoes are like some acid shit rather than using milk I'll use a bit of soda, now that idea might make some people angry but i only do this when i have to and only because adding milk is a shit i shake my dick at.

Every family does it different, if you find another family you better tell me because we probably got a beef with them.

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Yo what the fuck is this, hey come on.
The mirepoix was good but you didn't cook it enough, your mince was half fat and it turned into this boiled fat shit.

Now you add enough milk to make a fuckin carbonara.
And that's half a bottle of wine what the fuck hey. You're just adding the wine to get the sear off the pot... and you didn't get no sear in the first place and now you've fuckin drowned the milk sauce.

I don't know who the fuck this chef John is but he's no Italian, we'll fuckin wack him for making this spaghetti innato

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>t. namefag who desperately tries to become straight

>> No.18822327

Celery in bolangnese?

>> No.18822610

that first pic is a pepe

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Isn't traditional bolognese tomato paste, not whole tomato?

>> No.18822954

I'm making bolognese tomorrow myself so I really appreciate you giving me a visual guide on exactly what not to do, much thanks

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>forgot the cum

>> No.18822974

That doesn’t look bad idk why everyone has a log up their ass

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When OC is posted /ck/ suddenly becomes full of experts who know how to cook. People who can cook trigger them for some reason.

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All you have to do is crop the photo a tiny bit and save it again. It will preserve the rotation info.

>> No.18823078

On my iphone I just rotate a pic sideways, save it, then rotate it back to normal and save it again. Or you can crop it. Iphones want to assume the picture’s orientation should be different for some reason

>> No.18823088

hope you crammed those carrots beforehand

>> No.18823103

>no ground pork
so close

>> No.18823119

Bolognese isn't italian.

>> No.18823436

after all...
you are the king ramesses
of your chef john bolognese

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4chan, across all boards, is full of people who don't do what they are interested in and criticize anyone who doesn't emulate the top 1% of results that they've watched on the internet.

>> No.18823469

>Mushrooms in a Bolognese?? I thought that was Taboo.
its tasty
not necessary, but it tastes well, its allowed

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>look at this thread
>horrified with the milk thinking its an american fuckup
>research a bit
>mfw it turns out the real italian sauce did indeed had milk and I never knew

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based cram poster

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Before you assholes make fun of the Campbell's soup, look at the ingredients. It's goddamn tomato paste with addons.

1 Cast Iron Ceramic pot, small
2 Cups ground beef
3/4 Cup Onion fine dice
1/2 Cup Celery fine dice
1/2 Cup Carrot fine dice
1/2 tbsp oregano
1/2 tbsp basil
1/2 tsp garlic powder.
1 tsp rosemary
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp red wine vinegar
1 tsp red pepper flakes
1 tsp fresh ground 4 pepper blend
2 Cans Whole Tomato
1 Can Campbell's tomato soup.
1 Can Mushroom slices

Over medium high heat brown ground beef in cast iron pot and reserve. Add butter and onion, working the fond off the pan into the onion.
Brown onion then add carrot and celery and mix. Sweat mixture unti soft. Blitz one can of tomato to sauce consistency and add to pot, bring to a
boil and reduce heat accordingly, cleaning bottom of the pot with spatula. Cut second can of tomato into bit sized pieces and add. add spices and vinegar.
stir and bring to a strong simmer and cook for about 45 minutes. Simmer until a thick sauce consistency with a sweet flavour developing in the tomato.
Add soup, mushroom and ground beef and stir until thoroughly mixed. Spatula darkening sauce from the sides of pot and mix in.
Cook for another 30 minutes.

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>they never innovate
>everybody has their own recipe for the same dish
fucking pick one, doofus

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Grate the carrots and celery (discard strands).
Use a mixture of available meats consisting of beef, pork veal, and some sausage (mild or hot).
Cook all moisture out of the veggies and meat until you hear a crackling sound and the meat gets a bit crusty.
When you are done adding the tomatoes and other liquids, bake it uncovered for 2-3 hours occasionally removing the grease that comes to the top and then stirring.
This will carnalize the tomatoes and concentrate the mixture by reducing the liquid.

(the pot cleans up easily)

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Nice carcinogen stew.

>> No.18824458

>This will carnalize


>> No.18824470

>1/2 tsp garlic powder.
>not fresh garlic

For real though, basil, oregano, and rosemary seems a bit overpowering for bolognese, at most I just do a bit of fresh sage and parsley. Maybe some ground nutmeg and bay leaves. Also if you're gonna add mushrooms might as well use fresh and saute them a bit

>> No.18824473

I didn't think it was necessary to say, but for the culinarily challenged people:
You of course are not stirring in or eating the burnt its on the sides.

>> No.18824520

yo how long is a nutmeg good for once you start shaving it open?

>> No.18824712

based esl poster

>> No.18824756

itt we find out that the retards who keep calling chili spicy bolognese don't know what's supposed to be in bolognese either