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Hello, I hate the Antichrist.
Grocery store increased smoked salmon prices again, $2/oz.
>got filet from fishmonger
>brined in 1/3 cup salt, 1/3 cup brown sugar, 1qt water overnight
>jurry rigged a cold smoke generator with a hotplate and an old pan filled with hickory bits.
>put it in the Webber
>it actually maintained smoke and 80 degrees the whole time
>6h later got hungry and pulled put picrel
Anons, it's the most delicious smoked salmon I ever had.
Entire thing cost me $20.
What are you smoking anons?

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I’ve been thinking of curing some salmon since I don’t have a a smoker, I love me some cured and/or smoked fish bros

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>Hello, I hate the Antichrist.
I also hate trump

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Looks a pretty pale and wet for a 6 hour cold smoke anon.
Did you let it dry before smoking? Like putting it on a rack overnight in a cold space, even better if there's a fan blowing over it.
This develops a coating over the salmon that the smoke particles stick to ("patina"). They have a hard time sticking to moist

pic related is more or less what it should look like after a cold smoke.

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I let is dry for a couple of h in the fridge, surface was dry to touch and has a bit of a light crust feel to it compared to middle.
I'll try a longer dry anon. Thanks for the tips.
It tastes about 3x smokier than picrel, but now you got me thinking we can bump those numbers up.

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Consider picrel if you are looking for a 2-4 person smoker.
It's a very optimized product, least pain in the ass grill I ever had.
Surprisingly stable temp control.

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Ya I'm glad it still got smokey. You want it to almost be rubbery on the surface, this will ensure that it will last longer in the fridge too.

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You put a really cheap price on your labor and inputs if you think you saved any money smoking it yourself lol.

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Doing baby backs on Saturday, then wings and a frozen pizza on Sunday for the lulz

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wtf is an oz?

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>wtf is an oz?
Ounce. Just under 30 grams.

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Ain't running the smoker at work, bitch. A man's leisure time is his own to value as he pleases.

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Yes, but opportunity cost is still part of the equation even if it is leisure time.

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Buddy do you think I sat under it smoking a carton of cigarettes and blowing on it for 6h? This was about effort as making a pot of plain pasta.
Place where wizards come from.
Opportunity for what? Sit around and jerk off? I enjoy cooking and making random doohickeys. That's what I'm gonna do.
>inb4 more work

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Well if the plan is to be at home on a Saturday then you're not making any money anyway. Therefore nothing is lost. Smoking 4 lb of salmon for yourself for just $20 (retail about $100) is good savings in that scenario. No opportunity is lost because most people aren't making money on their day off.

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>Hello, I hate the Antichrist
I also hate Zelensky but do try poaching fresh salmon in beet borscht you'll thank me later

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fellow anitchrist here, looks so goddamn good anon, good work fag.

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>Saturday then you're not making any money anyway.
Dude I have a mega sweet gif that pays me to basically be on call, and I get called for an hour or two a day. It's enough for upper-middle class existence for a family of five on my single income.
I know I can make heaps more money, but I'll actually have to work then, maybe I do that once the kids are out of toddler phase.
I also don't want them growing up wealthy because every single person I know that had that growing up, turned into a massive faggot.

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>Dude I have a mega sweet gif that pays me
yeah, me too

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It's a pellicle, not a fucking patina.

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Lmao hustle and grind tik tok really did a number on you.

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kek you're right, my bad.
Have another pic

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kek you're right, my bad
Have another pic then

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seriously thought that was sliced ruby red grapefruit from the thumbnail

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Nothing wrong with iron fortification in your salmon

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Go suck off daddy Tate in jail, faggot.

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Salmon lot's of it, catch it, smoke it sell it for an outrageous price

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Thinking about how you could have been making money in leisure time means it's not leisure time. Let go

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I've never used Tik Tok, I just have a degree in economics.

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You have a degree in autism.

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>spends 4 years and tens of thousands on a BA
>lectures others about opportunity cost
I just can't

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