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What's your favorite widely available beer? Think: visiting a small town dive bar.

For me, it' s Miller High Life. Champagne comparisons are silly but it's surprisingly refreshing.

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Is Yuengling considered widely available yet?
I heard it's hard to get West of the Mississippi but it's definitely widely available in the East. Out of all the big companies Yuengling was always my favorite.

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Definitely widely available on the east coast.

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the classic
that shit is like pure alcohol i mean what would happen if you just poured a 40 of steel res on a camp fire? would the whole fire just light up? or would it just put it out?

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Grew up in IL and it wasn't even available there, tried it for the first time last month in Florida and I absolutely get the hype. Otherwise I am also going with High Life or Hamm's for nostalgia's sake. Coors Banquet is an honorable mention.

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i want to say carlsberg or peroni but i haven't seen them on tap, heineken is similar (worse) but available everywhere, but i can get a 6 pack of peroni from walmart or carlsberg from any Total Wine, ABC, or Leukens in the area

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>that shit is like pure alcohol
i think you'll be fine as long as you don't pour actual liquor on the fire

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Not sure how widely available it is but for me it's Kona Big Wave

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The first ice-cold yuengling is great, but it's not strong enough to keep drinking.
I usually go with Sam Adams, slightly higher ABV and more flavorful, when I want a basic American lager.

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Alcohol wont burn unless its 57% concentrated

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We just got it in Texas a little over a year ago. Pretty good.

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If you poured room temperature vodka on a fire, it would extinguish the fire. You need to warm alcohol up before ignition to get it to flame.

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>What's your favorite widely available beer?

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Getting drunk: Asahi Super Dry
Enjoying with food: Suntory Premium Malts

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Back when I lived in the UK, it was Kronenbourg. Now it's this. My stomach hates me after I go on a binge but Bia Hoi is refreshing, light and dirt cheap.

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tastes like every ipa i've ever had
for some reason this shit is lower abv than kona longboard

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Coors Banquet and Guinness are the only mainline beers that don’t taste like cat piss to me desu

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EASY fucking clap.

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It's widely available I believe, as my first beer I drank a six pack of it during a village festival when I was 11, great memories - I wish beer/liquor still did what it did when I was a teenager, I usually only drink with meals or in good company now

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Lived in California, Nevada, and Utah pretty much my entire life and have never seen it once, but I want to try it.
For what I can get normally it's PBR and Guinness for special occasions

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Before my alcoholism progressed to the point it is now where I slam a fifth of cheap whiskey/rum, it was either MHL (glass bottle) or Coors Banquet. Mickey's was up there too, but as easily found down in the South.

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It is much more available in the South now as well. I'm in Louisiana and started seeing it around 2017, I guess they were testing the market. Now it's everywhere. If I'm not mistaken, the company aligned themselves in support of Trump and a lot of folks around here started drinking it. I think it's pretty good. I never tried the Black&Tan or whatever it's called.

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Budweiser or Hamm's for me. Coors Banquet is acceptable too.

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stones are unironically better than anything else coors makes

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What is your fav beer for driving, guys? I'm looking for some road beers for a car trip

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Budweiser, because it's cheap and has no taste.

There are about 30 drinks I would go to before alcohol if I wanted to drink something for taste. And even then the worst wine tastes better than the best beer.

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anything light, low-hoppy so your breath isn't as detectable

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blue one is gross but the green one is one of my favorite piss beers

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>even then the worst wine tastes better than the best beer
even mid tier wine will give you worse hangover than good beer.

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I tried this, even though it's cheap it hits the spot

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Warsteiner for me
Tastes great, can buy it anywhere, not too expensive and often a crate (20x0,5l) gets sold for under 10€

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I gotta look for that again

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fosters is easily the nicest australian beer. compared to tooheys new its the fountain in eden