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What do you think about instant ramen?

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I think it's criminal to let a sexy lil thang like you post up here all by your lonesome self. Why don't you let daddy share some of his manly magic and baby, we can make a hot thread all of our own. Whaddya say, sugar?

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I'm a racist, but the cheapest wypipo brands are gross
the more pricy ones made by chink-chongs are quite good every now and then

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They're ok as a fun snack now and then

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only if its from japan/korea/china etc. unless im just craving degenerate food, then i might break out the top ramens

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>cheap af
>interesting texture
>sodium bomb
>eat with recycled Chinese takeout chopsticks to feel like an authentic hikikomori while watching pirated anime
>feeling so cultured and cosmopolitan
What's not to like? I could even add fresh meat and vegetables if i wanted, like the package suggests. Or even an egg, like in my nipponese cartoons!
>but i never do

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tasteless, bland trash
any pasta or rice is superior
the only reason for eating these is laziness and poverty

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>any pasta or rice is superior
yeah i'm sure yellow rice is better than ramen

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Cheap/western ones are meh - only good with some additional veggies. They are just noodles with cheap bouillon.

The real Asian ones are light-years ahead and can be really, really good...

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>instant ramen
>insutantu ramen

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>calling instant noodles "instant ramen" while calling other people "weeb"

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anutrtional garbage that retards who can't manage their finances nor their health consider to be "cheap" food

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well yeah, of course
this shit is just rice flour

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who are you quoting?

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In Canada, good instant noodles has gotten ridiculously expensive. I've changed to just buying bulk dried noodles and mixing the sauce myself.

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I eat these once or twice a week at work. They're pretty good but I'm scared to eat too much of it, don't want to get sick of them.

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>I don't know how to prepare ramen, therefore it's bad

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