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You've been "on the wagon" for 3 years. You're allowed to drink as much as you like of one drink for 1 night only. What do you choose?

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really good scotch

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Water. I have free will. If I wanted to drink alcohol for the last three years I would have done so. Imagine surrendering sovereignty to an inanimate object.

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Perfect drinking window from a legendary vintage DRC romanee conti, or something ridiculous like a cognac houses oldest and finest stocks, or maybe one of those 80 year macallans.

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>for taste
bloody mary's. i got sick drinking them a few years ago so i'm still waiting to have another that won't make me think of puking
that quaffable carlsberg
>straight liquor
had some peanut butter whiskey, surprisingly 40% because it had no burn.

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Cans of stella lads m8's

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port wine

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i'd drink picrel

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The longer I go without drinking, the more I find myself disliking the taste of alcohol.

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nobody "likes" alcohol, they like what is added to it.

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The problem is that I want to drink alcohol 24/7. If I didn't want to, everything would be fine.

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Alcohol isn't strictly inanimate, the part that makes it booze is alive at some point.

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mountain dew

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>I have free will
Good luck definitively proving this assumed truism lol

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>this is what libertarians actually believer

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Nothing I could drink for one night would stop me from feeling miserable the next day when I realize I gave up a three year record of sobriety. I quit for 4 months and then drank again for about a week before I realized it was miserable. Now I don't remember any fun I had that week, I just think about how much longer I would be able to tell myself I've been sober for if I hadn't given in to that lapse of judgement.

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This, a 4 pack.

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fucking who cares

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>who put this devil inside of me, this temptation?

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>This is what librarians actually drink

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Damn, if I could get on the wagon for three years I'd stay away from this shitty drug. I hear there are good NA beers now, maybe that.

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no they dont ? they drink free hot chocolate and coffee like most of the staff do at libraries
i know because i spent alot of time there

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Yo momma's pussy, i know what your thinking "buh anon you eat pussy"
Lemme tell you OP's momma's pussy is just like the fucking Niagara Falls, the amount of liquid coming out of that soaked cunt can fill a gallon jug in a matter of minutes
Luckily she don't care about table manners, or the sheets so spilling is allowed

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>This is what non librarians actually think

Obviously they add Cocoa or coffe to hot water to hide the fact that they are drinking water
Use your brain next time

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who the fuck uses a brain a library lmao
fucking nerd

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I have a drink if I want a drink. The key is to not have 3 drinks.

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Wait? Are you at the library now?

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no im not a nerd

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Who the fuck wants one drink? That's like putting in one or two cloves of garlic.

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Ardbeg 10, 1 oz

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some sort of whiskey mixed with soda

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Well do make sure to get your electrolytes, it's what plants crave!

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I'm actually coming up on 3 years sober early next year and while the temptation to drink is always there I know that's a hole I can't climb back out of
Someday I'll fall back again and it'll be the death of me

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Komm Susser Todd.

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pisco sour

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Do you eat 2 candy bars at a time, Fatty-bo-batty? The 2nd glass isn't better than the 1st taste.
I'll have 2 if I want 2. If I have a third, I'll be wasted and it won't be me making decisions. I like doing the driving in this meat pod.

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A candy bar doesn't get me high, numb nuts.

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This is the most pathetic mindset I've ever heard of. Sobriety isn't some badge of honor you AA-brainwashed cunt. Just drink if you want to, and if you want to do other stuff with your life than be drunk all day, then go do that. A healthy white man with duties and a social life can drink when it's time to drink, and work when it's time to work. Your problem isn't alcohol, it's depression and apathy.

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I actually have been “on the wagon” for maybe a year with no drinks at all. I find drinking to be mostly degenerate now, though I was fond of mixed drinks like margaritas and bloody marys

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au contraire people love alcohol they just dislike the taste but even that can be overcome when a strong association between being drunk and the taste is made
alcohol is physically addictive an alcoholic loves the taste just like a meth addict probably likes the smell of melting plastic form a pvc pipe

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I was going to post something more thoughtful or educational, then I deleted it. Yer jus fookin stoopid m8

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>You've been "on the wagon" for 3 years. You're allowed to drink as much as you like of one drink for 1 night only.

wtf? so you've been drinking daily for 3 years, but you need advice on what to binge? literally kill yourself.

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the only wagon you are on is a wagon full of naked men

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It's true, he slipped and thought "fuck it" and drank for a whole week. Accepting that you'll make mistakes along the way assures you won't be too hard on yourself when it inevitably happens

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esl moment

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You mean OP's ESL moment? "Off the wagon" means you've quit drinking. So "On the wagon" means you're a drunk. OP is clearly drunk and doesn't know English

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Off the wagon means the opposite of what you stated on the wagon means you’re sober

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A pitcher of Cash Evans special

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I find myself typing out a post and deleting it halfway through. Let me just say that I agree with yours on this one.

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Lmao not how it works nigger.

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>Off the wagon
>1. Having returned to drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs after abstaining for a period of time.
i.e you have drunkenly fallen off the wagon, unlike a sober man who has the mental clarity to stay on

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Couple double shooters of 99 whatever right down the hatch, a pint of vodka on ice with redbull then off to "that" part of town to pick up a homeless junkie who can take me to the crack man. If we're relapsing might as well really fuck my shit up.

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Don't u mean off the wagon?

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I quit oxy at just the right time, now it's fent and I have no intention of relapse. I mean, maybe if I had surgery I'd rail a line or something for old time's sake.

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>I live to brag about a "streak"
Take up Duolingo or something, you boring cunt

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Is this b8 or a you a real mong?
>Verification not required

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my nuts kinda itch

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pear cider. the only problem would be the calories.

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girly man

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It's called perry

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Received a bottle of Glenfiddich 14 today. Am pleased.