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You'll never find her.

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I don't want this anywhere near me.

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I'm dating a new girl and we're clicking very well bros. I think I finally found her.

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I'm happy for you, anon, but don't get too far ahead of yourself and scare her away.

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Who is she?

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>blue eyes
(((who))) on earth could be behind this?

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I know enough to not let these feelings show outwardly but I'm a human being so I can't help but think them.

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It's good that you have that awareness. I hope things go well for you.

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Thanks fren. You as well

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Every time that ad used to come on TV I was filled with pure rage
I went through 4 TVs during that period
I'm still trying to take legal action against Grubhub for it, so far no lawyers have taken the case

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that horrible grubhub ad

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I haven't had a gf in 4 years

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At least you've had one at all

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Fuck her right in the pussy

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I haven't had sex in 2 years ;_;

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I haven't had sex in my 26 years of existence

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Literally just get a hooker
Sex feels pretty good
You don't wanna miss out on that

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have sex bro

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Did you meet on tinder?

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She approached me in a coffee shop.

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This anon isnt me >>18686403
We met on Hinge

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don't tempt me with a good time

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The funny thing is by the time that pic was taken it haven't even been 2 months since the outbreak happen. Brits quickly lost their shit.

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They were all jarhead retards.

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I haven’t in 57

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your 57 year's old brow'sing this board? lmaoo

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>Being a Jarhead
Negative, Raptorman. Jarhead is used for Marine's, not some faggot ass brits. The Marine's are just Faggots.

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OK. They were young retarded faggots who wanted to nut. Happy?

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I made it with a kid over thxgvng. Not even blood related. I am a old 50s fart so that will last me a few years. Not a young buck anymore.

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Nice i'm also fucking a girl off hinge
she's not the one but she has ENORMOUS FUCKING TITTIES
these are not even pornstar big, they are like the pornstar from weirdly big boob porn big. it's amazing, i have never had so much fun in my entire life
shes N U T S bad crazy though in gross ways

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Gross how

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Preteen just budding veiny tits are the best.

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big boobs dont count if shes fat

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Big tits get in the way and is a good indication that the kid has become too old for any kind of sexual activity

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>the kid

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Sorry, I meant a child or barely pubescent not the barnyard animal.

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Like I'm back in 2020

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it's only just dawned on me she was meant to be asian, the blue eyes make that really unclear and I thought she was meant to represent people with Down's Syndrome

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I still can't believe people use these services. I get maybe the one off time when you're too drunk to drive to McDonald's... but people regularly order food with these and double the price of their meal because they are that lazy?

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Someone did. She's pregnant after all.

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Architecture thread?

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Obviously she's sucking logs from Andy Sixx' asshole

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is that king assripper?

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What the hell happened to nymn

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>The men need raping, Jim.

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What the hell do you eat to get built like that?

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Grindr, shes mtf

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If you kill her before it sours you'll have the happy memories with none of the heartbreaking ones.