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what are you drinking?

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I just had a coffee porter. And now I will have red wine. Côtes-du-Rhône in fact. Yay!

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Fullers london porter and their esb are incredible beers. Fine choice op.

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Lucky enough to live within 20 minutes of Sierra Nevada. Had a couple of pints of Celebration (+ the drippings they squeeze from the dry hop bags and keg). Now I'm sipping on some of their brandy BA ovila. It's great.

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got 50 or so cans of bud light for free so been drinking that all week

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drinking sum fuckin' blawgers

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kronenbourg for me

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Coors BANQUET. Can't afford craft beer ever since "inflation."

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dunno. One of these fuckers

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>Great lakes christmas ale
pretty based

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Be this soon. $5 each but they're the best IPAs I've had in a while. I'll keep buying them while they're still fresh.

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>Nintendo IP on the label
Brave of them

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I live in London and I don't think I've ever seen this drink

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Makin gumbo and drinkin Modelo Negra, I use it to deglaze the pan for the chicken thighs I broil and to add to the roux

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Trinity in the roux

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Wasn’t thinking and grabbed the pan handle forgetting I had it under the broiler lmao, it smells absolutely amazing though

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:( I bet that hurts, burns are so painful. Sorry that happened.

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Thank you for your concern, luckily I had some emergency burn dressings on hand. This is for a potluck at my climbing gym tomorrow so with any luck no blistering and I can still climb with the han

The recipe I go off is Isaac Toups’ Chicken and Sausage gumbo, i highly highly recommend it if you feel like making gumbo as it is fantastic

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Nintendo won't bother with them.
I've seen beers that rip off Capcom art too. Indie brewers are safe with that stuff.

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I love Christmas Ales so damn much bros

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Marke Original Oettinger pils, an original import from Germany.

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What changed? Nintendo used to put out cease and desist orders against Suicide Girls who displayed their intellectual property.

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Is there any American beer that is good other than some microbrews?

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Sam Adams makes alright beer but it's not amazing. Other than that not really but they're not horrible. Stuff like Bud and Coors aren't offensively bad. They're just basic.

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I only drink beer now as someone who used to pound handles of whiskey
Beer is the only kind of alcohol I can regulate for myself, even if I end up gaining weight, it's way better than dealing with the shakes after a typical night
Beer at the very least fills me up to the point where I feel as sleepy as if I ate a big meal
Whiskey and vodka I can keep going for days on end

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Unironically good taste. Just pounded a local brewery's double IPA crowler now onto an old reliable pils.

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They probably realized it was killing their brand image when their only saving grace next to Sony and Microsoft was that they were supposed to be the good guy video game company

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few bottles of this tonight

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Recently my parents keep this stocked constantly, to me though it doesnt taste that great

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Clean your glassware properly.

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Pretty good. Strong bitterness, the way I like my IPAs, and a nice caramel background note while remaining fairly dry.
Reminds me of a better version (to my tastes) of Bell's Two-Hearted ale.

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Why the fuck is the only place that fucking sells this fucking WAITROSE
This working class city I live in doesn't have a fucking Waitrose for miles

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That image is down the drain now, even if they stopped being so anal.

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mixing coors and grapefruit juice together :o)

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We all agree that spicy peanuts are the best thing to eat while drinking beer right?

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No - yakiniku

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I don't know how true it is but I've heard back in the day beer used to be "good" for you in the sense it was made with things like whole wheats, fruits, etc, and had vitamins and shit in it. Is that true? Is there any kind of old style ales that replicate this kind of beer? Or is that just a myth and I'm a retard?

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Did you get to try bent paddle's hefe and dunkel? Good stuff

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it's true in the sense that beer used to be marketed as a health drink.
literally everything was marketed as a health drink back then.

you'll note they only stopped doing that when the law started asking people to actually prove their health claims.

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Is bent paddle a euphemism for ya know?

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Is that even considered a beer?

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Most of this stuff that you people are posting comes across as serious faggotry.
Just get some modelos and fuck off.
Why do you need to yammer like females?

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While I enjoy Modelo, I like drinking something that isn't filled with cheap shitty ingredients and microplastics

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decent session ipa from a local brewery, proceeds go to the elderly or something

I see this one around a lot...any good?

I had some beers from these guys when I was visiting senpai in WI, solid


Spindletap is goated, this one and the one that comes in the purple can are great

finished product?

Solid IPA, they make a red ale as well which is good

Why do you choose to give your money to big corporations? Lemme guess you also use amazon prime to get whole foods goyslop delivered to you

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doesnt ring holidays in smell or taste but it's quite sippable

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just picked this up and damn...super refreshing, perfect amount of maltiness

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Came to this realization recently as well, gave up the hard liquor. Cheers anon

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Unironically PBR. It's watered down just right.

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I like that glass

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Good shit. Tired the candied pecan before?

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Bought picrel
what am I in for?

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Tastes like cough syrup.

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it was a hand me down

not unless it's like pecan pie and I didnt notice any pecan throughout the 6 pack, mostly just peach.

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Nah, they're "malt beverages"

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They taste gross imo. Why anyone thought that coriander was a good ingredient to add in these, I will never understand.

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I finally found it. 24 cans of Hamm's for under $20 at Winco. We only get it in 6 packs on the west coast, but I finally spotted a box here. Best day of my life.

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Wonder how much lead it contains. Or contained before you ingested it.

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I couldn't get Modelo's the local place was closed, but I got Buds and good enough for me. I would have liked a bottle of rye as well but the place near me seems to be closing very early on a Sunday night.

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nice. when I cant find Hamm's I have to either get Miller High Life or Coors.

it has a very slight metallic rim and it's probably from the 80's or 90's. want to say it was made in Germany.

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Add vodka or rum to it and poor it over ice. It'll probably help the flavor immensely.

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Why yes I am an alcoholic how could you tell?

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Premixed cocktails arent for alcoholics, they're for inexperienced drinkers. Alcoholics go straight for cheap beer, liquor, or wine. There's no dancing around with that shit

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an alcoholic would just get a liter of bottom shelf vodka and a 20oz bottle of sprite

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I had one of these on a plane, and it was fucking vile.

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More like you're some college age kid looking for something quick and sweet to get fucked up on. Or a suburban mother trying to seem crazy and quirky. Either way,not an alcoholic.

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The alcoholism feels special when you're making considered choices about each brew you buy instead of being like pic related

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I tried one of these a couple years ago. It was the worst thing I'd ever tasted

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All I know that Porters are my thing fo' sho'

Recently discovered these, in love.


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Weihenstephaner Dunkel weissbier

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Polish 9 degrees beer made only with malt and hop

All of them had a similar taste to Franziskaner Dunkel which I love.

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Paulaner and other unfiltered wheat beers are the closest thing I can think of. Not sure if Paulaner is pasteurized though, if it is that would take away from the nutritional content.

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Sapporo, perfect for after work sippin'

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Sleep tight, Steeler.

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not great, not terrible
wouldn't really recommend

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It's worth getting once so you can try it. Tastes pretty good but not something you want to get drunk on.

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Sleep tight, Steeler

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Fat tire amber ale. If it aint broke!

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Sapporo mentally brings me to the humid streets of Tokyo eating ramen at some tiny restaurant and wandering around the streets with a nice beer buzz going on,

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Got some of that a couple weeks ago, not too bad. I'm a sucker for peaches.

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Coors banquet is my favorite cheap beer, it tastes like trash out the can, but it's top tier in the bottle.

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Modern beers are pasteurized, like other anon wrote, they are also filtered with plastic that doesnt get cleared out entirely so as to keep longer clarity for its shelf life. Even the german Reinheitsgebot is a law that any other that can be bent and plenty of additives do not need to be written on the label.

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I just remembered. There is one Beer that isn't pasteurized. It's Miller Genuine Draft. But it is filtered. From what I remember, it wasn't worth any gut bacteria "enhancing" effects. Taste was pretty good though.

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picked up one of these for myself, I couldn't believe there were 4 beers and a nice glass for $22 canadian. good shit I will save the christmas beers for later.