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Why do so many people complain about cleaning up dishes when these things exist?

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my apartment doesn't have one and does not allow one to be installed without violating my lease

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those barely work and are a huge waste of water

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running a dishwasher uses less water than filling a standard-sized kitchen sink on one of its sides

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There are counter top ones and mobile ones that exist. They don’t need installation like your traditional dish washer:

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i've looked into buying one and just feel goy'd to be honest, the countertop ones are just as if not even more expensive than a traditional dishwasher
definitely still considering it as it doesn't look like i'm moving any time soon

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what? how big is your sink? it'd take like 10 times more water to fill up a dishwasher than an average sink

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not when i wash them. and i don't need searing hot water for 95% of dishes.

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Not if you're trans

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I have a countertop one, I like it if you’re one person you should have no problems. I run it once every 1-2 days. Makes cooking much funner now since I don’t have to clean.

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average dishwasher uses 15 litres per cycle, average kitchen sink holds 20 litres (14 x 16 x 7)

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You get charged $2-$4 per 100 cubic feet of water here in muttlans, that 740 gallons. It takes like 5c in water to run a dish washer. Why are you coping so hard.

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It would be easier and cheaper to replace your dining table, sink, and both dishwashers with a single large tub people could eat over. When you're done, gently set your dishes in the tub and the slowest eater hoses everything down. First person to wake up the next day has to put away a tub full of air-dried dishes.

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Jesus fuck, why is /ck/ filled with poors?

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