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Fancy marzipan costs like 3x-5x as much as marzipan for baking like this, but the flavor and texture is basically the same. The almond content hovers around 55%. Why would anyone buy the fancy stuff? I don't mean the chocolate covered stuff of course (but you should make those yourself as well).

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these are marzipan petit-fours? i'd buy these in a heartbeat

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It's a block of PURE MARZIPAN. You could use it for that.

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oh, that's fucking whack. i'd rather just make my own

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Are you a Rewe shill?
Stop making Rewe Eigenmarke threads. It sucks ass

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i enjoy marzipan every once in a while. it tastes good, although not as good as say m&m's. it's not too hard or too soft. it has a unique lightness.

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idk never seemed worth the effort, unless I wanted to make some sugar-free version but that would likely taste awful.

Kvetch more, it's the first generic brand image for a block

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